• Definition of the term "human risk". Characteristic of employer risk and some methods of its limitation. Study of social and personal, technical and economic risks. Analysis of the main sources and methods of recruitment and human risk minimization.

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  • Red Bull is one of the biggest soft drink successes over the past the years, its composition, the physical and chemical properties. The target audience, the variety of drink. Comparative description of the advantages, disadvantages with Monster Energy.

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  • The organized and well-established army nursing systems for casualties and no safe and protected institutions to accommodate and treat those who were wounded on the battlefield. The statement of International Committee of the Red Cross during Iraq war.

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  • The red wolf as a predatory mammal of the family Canidae; the only species of the genus Cuon, a rare species of canids that are threatened with extinction. The habitat of wolves. The main causes of animal extinction. The rarest predator and his guards.

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  • Two large groups of sources of uncertainty at various stages of construction of neural networks. These groups are discussed in the article and recommend action’s for their reduction have been proposed. The process of diagnostic sand prognostication.

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  • The induction on a stationary cylindrical capacitor in the presence of a rotating magnet or solenoid is zero. In this investigation, based on the modified Lorentz force law, which complies with Galilean transformations and depends on relative velocities.

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  • Consideration the vibroactivity in the refined dynamic model of the mandrel bar. An acoustic positioning system of screw-rolling mill. The study of dynamic processes in the tube. Mathematical model of vibroactivity of screw-rolling mill mandrel bar.

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  • The insolent conclusion of Rousset`s book. The suffering of the victim. The worst aspect of the suffering of the inmates - the pain furiously desired by others. The knowledge of possible pain humanizes. Exaltation as a surprising reaction of Rousset.

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  • The anti-Semite belongs to a type of humanity who has a very specific cast of mind. Essence full civil rights for every concrete person whatever his race, color, or creed, not because this person is a human being, but because he belongs to society.

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  • General description and structure of the regional banking system of Volgograd. Credit and consumer cooperative stores, normatively-legal bases of their activity. Insurance companies and their value on the modern stage. Non-government pension funds.

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  • Analysis of the European Union's strategy to the Baltic Sea Region for strengthen cooperation among the states for environmental improvement and more efficient energy use. Study of the trends of environmental and energy efficiency of Baltic Sea Region.

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  • Study the farms specialized in the production of pigs for slaughter. Regional investment differentiation in polish household. The Polish accession to the European Union. Disproportions between the individual regions. The polarization of Polish farms.

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  • Investigation of the characteristics of the modern dialect by studying the theory, where they spread the language and dialect differences from the standard, based on the analysis of works of linguists and phonetician, encyclopedias and speech examples.

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  • The quantization error functional. invariant regularizers. A regularized quantization functional. The connection to the GTM. Uniform convergence bounds and hence bounds on the learning rates of the algorithm. Experiments and evaluation of their results.

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  • Clinical and laboratory examination of patients with myocardial infarction after thrombolysis. Determination of the levels of matrix metalloproteinase, tissue inhibitor of intracardiac hemodynamic status, the incidence of post-infarction heart aneurysm.

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  • The task of a government regulation of income as a component of social policy and the distribution system. Principles of income generation. Lorenz curve. Distribution of personal income in the community. State regulation of distribution income population.

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  • The activity of the non-government organizations that take part in the providing children’s safety on the Web. Regulatory support of information safety of the children is determined as one of the priority direction of the European Union policy.

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  • Створення системи контролю і обмеження доступу в приміщення на основі безконтактного зчитування та ідентифікації радіо-частотних міток (RFID). Приховане зчитування, підслуховування. Теорія криптографії методом пар ключів - відкритого і закритого.

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  • Тhe short and long-run relationships between Istanbul Stock Exchange Index and some measures of aggregate real activity including GDP, treasury bills rates, exchangerates in economy. The impulse response functions and variance decompositions reveal.

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  • The innovative processes development trends in the global pharmaceutical market and the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. The reasons that lead to the development of concentration processes in the area of research and development in the pharmacy.

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