• Study the farms specialized in the production of pigs for slaughter. Regional investment differentiation in polish household. The Polish accession to the European Union. Disproportions between the individual regions. The polarization of Polish farms.

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  • Analysis of the problems of the regional economy in Kazakhstan, development of recommendations to improve the situation. Proposed economic mechanism to stimulate the development of territories. Introducing of the effective model of corporate economy.

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  • Study of the peculiarities of the first Soviet encyclopedic publications on the history of the SSR, nuanced scientific positions of each of the founders /participants "REIU" general political and ideological context days of the late 1960s - early 1970s.

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  • Investigation of the characteristics of the modern dialect by studying the theory, where they spread the language and dialect differences from the standard, based on the analysis of works of linguists and phonetician, encyclopedias and speech examples.

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  • Modem shopping malls are the most recent invention in a series of commercial structures that aspired to a certain universality of its structure in the second half of XX century. However, the results of recent studies as well as a history of problems.

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  • The quantization error functional. invariant regularizers. A regularized quantization functional. The connection to the GTM. Uniform convergence bounds and hence bounds on the learning rates of the algorithm. Experiments and evaluation of their results.

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  • Clinical and laboratory examination of patients with myocardial infarction after thrombolysis. Determination of the levels of matrix metalloproteinase, tissue inhibitor of intracardiac hemodynamic status, the incidence of post-infarction heart aneurysm.

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  • The task of a government regulation of income as a component of social policy and the distribution system. Principles of income generation. Lorenz curve. Distribution of personal income in the community. State regulation of distribution income population.

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  • The article dials with the problem of legal and normative regulation of ethno-national relations in Ukrainian society. The author studied the national-specific interests of particular nationalities and ethnic groups of policy in a democratic state.

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  • The activity of the non-government organizations that take part in the providing children’s safety on the Web. Regulatory support of information safety of the children is determined as one of the priority direction of the European Union policy.

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  • Створення системи контролю і обмеження доступу в приміщення на основі безконтактного зчитування та ідентифікації радіо-частотних міток (RFID). Приховане зчитування, підслуховування. Теорія криптографії методом пар ключів - відкритого і закритого.

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  • Review the brief history of the Prut-Dniester region for two centuries, from the late 18th century to the present day. Responsibility of the Russian government for violating the laws of war and facilitating the escalation of human rights violations.

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  • Тhe short and long-run relationships between Istanbul Stock Exchange Index and some measures of aggregate real activity including GDP, treasury bills rates, exchangerates in economy. The impulse response functions and variance decompositions reveal.

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  • The innovative processes development trends in the global pharmaceutical market and the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. The reasons that lead to the development of concentration processes in the area of research and development in the pharmacy.

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  • Structure of engineering systems. A description of the statistical procedures recommended for use in reliability analysis "related" components. The choice of an appropriate probabilistic model for predicting the reliability of components of one's sibling.

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  • The problem of reliability of air navigation system operator. The definition of the operator's reliability by the means of the chosen model. The choice of a system in accordance with the requirements of recovery operator efficiency after failure.

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  • Religion in Roman histories. Frameworks of religion. Roman deities and theology. Women and religion. Cult and ritual. Vows, prayers, invocations. Sacrifice, omens and prodigies. Funerals and the afterlife. Participation in traditional religious rituals.

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  • Role of religion in modern and democratic societies, for the individual and for society as a whole. Influences of religion on governmental, business and family values and decisions in United Kingdom. Christianity and non-christian religions in Britain.

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  • The essence of extremism, its manifestation, the purpose of extremist discourse are revealed. It is justified that an important type of extremism is religious. Its signs, causes and peculiarities of manifestation at the individual level are singled out.

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  • The highlighting of the main features of the religious vocabulary in the source text of the Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons according to the existent principles of its classification. The analyzing of the vocabulary translation in the target text.

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