• The study of rare events decays. Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. Measurements of radiation penguin rare decays. Features integrated luminosity measurement. Assessment of the level of radiation to the inner workings of the silicon tracker.

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  • Innovative endodontic material - Dual cured sealant resin. Evaluation and comparative analysis of radiopacity and rheological properties of the sealant to the RS are currently available. Key obturation materials and technologies. Root canal filling.

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  • Основное предназначение дисковых систем RAID, причины создания. Преимущества RAID: позволяет увеличить производительность, позволяет увеличить объем. Анализ структуры подсистемы RAID, принципы работы. Характеристика консультативного комитета RAID.

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  • The representation of narrative space and temporality in Blade Runner. A consideration of question of identity and history, of the role of simulacra and simulation, and of the relationship between postmodernism, architecture, and postindustrialism.

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  • The influence of technological factors on the formation of properties of finegrained concrete. Rapid hardening concrete, modified with complex chemical admixtures, for prestressed precast hollow core slabs produced by continuous extrusion forming.

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  • The theory of rational choice. The most common philosophical interpretation of rational-choice theory conceives of it as a psychological theory. The formal of mathematical properties of the agent's preferences. Psychological explanations of phenomena.

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  • Rational Rose в отличие от подобных средств проектирования способна проектировать системы любой сложности. Развернутое представление о проекте в сочетании со средствами документирования. Кодогенерация. Обратное проектирование имеющихся систем.

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  • Protocols for Rational Secret Sharing. Rational secret sharing, in the model of Halpern and Teague. Removing the Dealer. A protocol for completely fair secure function evaluation, in which all players receive output. General Secure Function Evaluation.

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  • Raw milk quality is essential and is closely monitored, quality standards. Microbial contamination of raw milk. Sources of Microbial Contamination as detected by Bacteriological Procedures. Causes of high bacteria is result a combination of factors.

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  • Consider the contribution of the American philosopher John Rawls in the question of human rights and the principles of justice. Philosophical problems of moral justification. Features of analytical Marxism and the Marxist critique of liberal justice.

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  • Разработка устройства, выполняющего функцию преобразования сигнала. Выбор и обоснование схемы построения RC-генератора. Энергия незатухающих синусоидальных колебаний. Мостовой RC-генератор Вина со стабилизацией амплитуды с помощью лампы накаливания.

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  • The concept of the meaning and purpose of the Doctrine Reagan. Creation of the American president in the doctrine of foreign policy of the United States in February 1985, as well as the positive impact of small governments in the process of formation.

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  • A critical study of Midwest Studies in Philosophy. The unfortunate legacies of positivism. Blackburn discusses four "intellectual practices". Understanding and truth conditions. Dretske offers a theory of intentionality for those propositional accjcudes.

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  • It is not self-evident that the subject of national goals is worth expending breath on, since the decisions that matter are really decisions about policies and programs, and too often the larger stated aims of these enterprises are purely rhetorical.

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  • Received pronunciation - the instantly recognizable accent often described as "typically British". Broadcaster’s choice. RP: a social accent of English. The sociolinguistics of modern RP. Regional and social variation. New dialect and accent regions.

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  • The Evolution of Received Pronunciation. The origin of Received Pronunciation and its definitions. Received Pronunciation and Non–Received Pronunciation: similarities and difference. Changes in the standard. Regional Non–Received Pronunciation accents.

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  • The distinct directions of studies of L. Wittgenstein - the publication up into the 1970-s of his posthumous papers as books has provided ample material for renewed complications in all areas of discussion among philosophers specializing in his work.

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  • Plants are a source of biologically active substances. Using modern genetic engineering techniques in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Examples of advanced systems used to obtain some valuable natural products - artemisinin, paclitaxel and scopolamine.

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  • Research and characterization of the most common used solar cells which are based on silicon technology. Determining width of the space charge region and quantum yield of solar cells. Influence and analysis of recombination losses on efficiency.

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  • John Rawls's A Theory of Justice marks a turning point in the most recent history of practical philosophy, for he restored long-suppressed moral questions to the status of serious object of philosophical investigation. Political liberalism Rawls's.

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