• This paper is an attempt to make a contribution to research of a new phenomenon protest publics, which has shown its worth especially during the Arab spring. Actors and Factors of Political Changes in Russia and Turkey. Protest Publics in Turkey.

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  • The concept of the meaning and purpose of the Doctrine Reagan. Creation of the American president in the doctrine of foreign policy of the United States in February 1985, as well as the positive impact of small governments in the process of formation.

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  • It is not self-evident that the subject of national goals is worth expending breath on, since the decisions that matter are really decisions about policies and programs, and too often the larger stated aims of these enterprises are purely rhetorical.

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  • The anti-Semite belongs to a type of humanity who has a very specific cast of mind. Essence full civil rights for every concrete person whatever his race, color, or creed, not because this person is a human being, but because he belongs to society.

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  • Identification of the features of the activity of the European Union is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. Investigation and characterization of the essence of brexit. Analysis of cons of leaving the European Union.

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  • Characteristic features of the modeling speech portrait of Winston Churchill, A. Merkel and I. Tasmaganbetova. Analysis of political speech texts of these politicians. Learning basic verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating world politicians.

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  • The term "extremism" in the legal and political angles. Symptoms and forms of extremist activity. Public policies for the prevention of extremism. The escalation as a form of deviant social and political activities. The problem of international extremism.

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  • Global processes of contemporaneity, influencing on distribution of international terrorism. Motivational bases of modern terrorism: tender aspect. Influence of negative consequences of terrorism and state of panic on quality of life of population.

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  • Description the cultural construction of political violence. Reveal central features of recent trends among anthropologists who investigate political violence. The relationship between collective remembering of violence and spirals of ethnic violence.

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  • The Cold War was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, proxy wars, and economic competition existing after World War II, primarily between the Soviet Union and its satellite states, and the powers of the Western world (USA).

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  • The public and state violence. The problems of clandestine terrorism. The reality that must be effaced: Iran and Nicaragua. Further successes of the Reagan administration. The uniformity and obedience of the media, which any dictator would admire.

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  • An investigation of the composition of Ukrainian civil society, of the evolution of the actual societal demands and an evaluation of the ways in which these demands have influenced foreign and domestic policy. Societal demands for economic reform.

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  • Determination of value of political idea and cultural context is in a political theory. Research of maintenance of theory of John Locke the "State of nature" as a starting point at the end of civil government. Logical construction of the state of nature.

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  • The position of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. The history of relations between the two regions, the current state and prospects of resolution of existing conflicts. Common theories of political violence in the Northern Ireland conflict.

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  • The description of collapse of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics that radically changed the world's economic and political environment. The main reasons for the collapse of the USSR. Economic factors linked to political and psychological factors.

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  • The phrase "anti-globalization movement" is a coinage of the US media and activists. Billionaires and clowns, their role in modern society. Practising direct democracy. Prefigurative politics. The role of anarchy and the establishment of peace order.

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  • The United States of America is a federal union of 50 states. The basic law is the constitution of the USA. The political system of the USA is divided into three branches: judicial, legislative and executive. The coat of arms. The Congress in Work.

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  • Analysis of the interpretation of the concept of "political anti-utopia." Synonymic terms are considered, characteristic features of anti-utopias are identified, definitions of anti-utopia according to literary, philosophical and political approaches.

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  • Liberal tolerant attitude towards Others. The central human right in late-capitalist society. The violent imposition of ethical norms. The Nietzschean motif of moral norms. Excessive intensity of life. Negative link between the Decalogue and human rights.

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  • The essence of the concept of power research. Pastoral power and its characteristic. The process of exercising power and power relations. The main components of specific nature of power. Analysis of the relations of power and relations of strategy.

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