• Georg Lukacs History and Class Consciousness is one of the few authentic events in the history of Marxism. Notion Engels of "dialectics of nature" was crucial for the rejection of the "reflection" theory of knowledge of "dialectical materialism".

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  • Introduction to the biography Hosny Mubarak, who has inherited from Sadat almost monarchic mode isolated in the Arabian world and wallowing in external duties. Contemplation of the hard tasks, which worth today before the president of the Egypt.

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  • If I were president I would have make certain that everyone has equal and fair treatment in our society. Human capital. Free education in universities. Improving the health care service in the country, I would pay the allowance for the birth of children.

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  • Language is the way we interact and communicate so, naturally, people use the means of communication to try to shape attitudes. The Reagan administration had what was called an Office of Public Diplomacy. Only in the United States do people fear Iraq.

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  • Regime liberal internationalism. Post-positivist reflectivity theorie. International society theory the english school. Inherent bad faith model in international relations and political psychology. The value of political realism and neoliberalism.

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  • Two short tracts in which Locke argues that the power of the civil magistrate should be absolute. Explaining the connection by reconstructing Locke's critique of religious politics, which reveals that absolutism and toleration are the same in principle.

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  • Феномен політичної культури в тоталітарній державі. Політиколінгвістична трансформація слів Lingua Sovetica. Куркульство як перешкода для соціалізму. Культ особистості чи культ і особистість. Трансформація слів Lingua Sovetica в пострадянські часи.

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  • Lustration as the political form of legitimization of the new state regime. Basic rules of the political rituals of purification. Political system of Czech Republic and Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The policy totalitarianism in Russia.

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  • Traditional view point political science is the study of state and government. Scope of political science according to traditional point of view. Distinction between political theory and political science. Its aims and objectives, functions and content.

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  • The key approaches to determine the correlation mechanisms of ideologies. The mechanisms determining the process of ideologies’ formation. The stages of lawmaking which are crucial for the process of the correlation between legal and political ideologies.

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  • Political characteristic of Bin Laden as A Saudi Arabian millionaire and a militant Islamic leader in the war to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. The horrendous terrorist attacks on Tuesday 11.09.2001 like something quite new in world affairs.

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  • Determination and history of origin of politics and political science. Constitution, as major and basic политико-правовой normative act. Political system of Great Britain of the USA and Ukraine. Concept of democracy. Basic political leaders of the world.

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  • Дослідження специфіки популяризації країни через революційні події, а також особливості популяризації конкретних публічних осіб на революційних подіях. Забезпечення промоції у засобах масової інформації. Імідж України в світовому інформаційному просторі.

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  • Изучение роли PR-служб и СМИ в формировании положительного имиджа публичного политика. Характерные особенности традиционных, легальных и харизматических лидеров. Рассмотрение примера формирования имиджа Путина перед президентскими выборами в 2000 г.

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  • This paper is an attempt to make a contribution to research of a new phenomenon protest publics, which has shown its worth especially during the Arab spring. Actors and Factors of Political Changes in Russia and Turkey. Protest Publics in Turkey.

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  • The concept of the meaning and purpose of the Doctrine Reagan. Creation of the American president in the doctrine of foreign policy of the United States in February 1985, as well as the positive impact of small governments in the process of formation.

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  • It is not self-evident that the subject of national goals is worth expending breath on, since the decisions that matter are really decisions about policies and programs, and too often the larger stated aims of these enterprises are purely rhetorical.

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  • The anti-Semite belongs to a type of humanity who has a very specific cast of mind. Essence full civil rights for every concrete person whatever his race, color, or creed, not because this person is a human being, but because he belongs to society.

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  • Identification of the features of the activity of the European Union is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. Investigation and characterization of the essence of brexit. Analysis of cons of leaving the European Union.

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  • Characteristic features of the modeling speech portrait of Winston Churchill, A. Merkel and I. Tasmaganbetova. Analysis of political speech texts of these politicians. Learning basic verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating world politicians.

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