• Today, most political and economic analysts claim that the world got "flatter" and more globalized, but few can agree on how and why it has happened. In fact, the integration of production and technologies indeed are the measurements of globalization.

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  • Analyzes transcontinental integration as a new trend in the development of integration processes in the modern world economy. The potential for its development in the context of European, North American and Asia-Pacific models of regional integration.

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  • Interest of East Asia to natural resources, transportation routes and new fishing grounds Arctic region. The lack of unity within the Asian Arctic rehionudlya achieve common goals. Perspectives of Asian cooperation with members of Arctic council.

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  • Short overview of Finland’s economy, government budget, budget policy, budget cycle and annual budget process. The public debt and budget deficit. Crisis in financial sector of Finland. The structure of budget expenditures. Exports and import by month.

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  • The essence of European economic integration. The consequences of economic integration in trade, the consequences of Market integration of the European Union and its impact on foreign trade. Threats, challenges in the last stage of economic integration.

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  • The development of the idea of a united Europe. The EU's actions for insurance the safety and security. Economic and social solidarity of the member states, promoting the European model of society. Historic steps of creation and expansion of the Union.

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  • Based on selected papers kindly provided by the European Central Bank. Developments in the Financial Sector in Europe following the Introduction of the Euro. Economic and Monetary Union in Europe - the challenges ahead. Euro and European integration.

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  • The nature and system rules of development of the European Union. Features of the monetary and banking system of the EU, which is made up of the European Central Bank and the national banks of member-states. Characteristics of the target payment system.

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  • European Union approach on migration. Its immediate action in the lights of values. Military involvement in the crisis. Relocation and resettlement mechanisms. Challenge to human dignity and fundamental rights. Analysis of the European Union-Turkey deal.

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  • The EU security policy as part of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy. The evolution of the EU security policy influenced by external cgallenges. The principles, directions and priorities of security policy and cooperation with the NATO.

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  • Gravity model for Latvian trade in agricultural products, its use for the identification and assessment of key factors influencing trade flows. Characteristics of a positive trend of development of Latvia's total export of agricultural products.

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  • Eurasian Economic Union, the purpose of its activities. The idea of a new joint currency, proposed by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The projected economic impact. The signing of the agreement on the establishment of the Customs Union.

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  • The determination of the meaning and sense for international conflict interaction, caused by the geoinformational factors. The distinctive features of modern aggressive information psychological conflict and local wars and armed conflicts that it caused.

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  • Globalization as a multi-dimensional process. The impact of the сrisis on the global economy. Mechanisms of the macroeconomic impact of the crisis in the manufacturing sector: overview. Textiles and garments. The automotive industry, agro-industries.

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  • Review of the main problems of the world community. Consideration of competition between the West and the East from different sides, as realities and prospects and from a pragmatic point of view, based on energy balance, bipolar and multipolar theories.

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  • The environmental issues that are sorted out in the Visegrad Group countries. Historical consequences which caused the problems that are to be solved as soon as possible because the damage of the environment could be destroying for the society itself.

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  • Comparison of a large economy of China with a economy of Hong Kong. Comparative analysis of the integration processes in Europe with the integration processes between Hong Kong and China. Practical aspects of trade in goods and services within the CEPA.

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  • The inherent conflict between Economics and Security. From Neorealist security theory to the Copenhagen school. Implementation of Import Substitution Industrialisation in Russia: the Political Element and the benefits of increased domestic manufacturing.

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  • Extraction of coal and other minerals in Indonesia. Investment climate in the mining sector. Regulatory regime for mining that has developed by the government. Requirements of the current Law on Mining. Contract requirements for each production stage.

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  • Control of trade between the participating countries. The mechanism of the application of special protective, antidumping and countervailing measures in trade of the Customs Union. European Economic Community. The Tokyo Round: a try to reform the system.

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