• The environmental issues that are sorted out in the Visegrad Group countries. Historical consequences which caused the problems that are to be solved as soon as possible because the damage of the environment could be destroying for the society itself.

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  • Comparison of a large economy of China with a economy of Hong Kong. Comparative analysis of the integration processes in Europe with the integration processes between Hong Kong and China. Practical aspects of trade in goods and services within the CEPA.

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  • The inherent conflict between Economics and Security. From Neorealist security theory to the Copenhagen school. Implementation of Import Substitution Industrialisation in Russia: the Political Element and the benefits of increased domestic manufacturing.

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  • Extraction of coal and other minerals in Indonesia. Investment climate in the mining sector. Regulatory regime for mining that has developed by the government. Requirements of the current Law on Mining. Contract requirements for each production stage.

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  • Control of trade between the participating countries. The mechanism of the application of special protective, antidumping and countervailing measures in trade of the Customs Union. European Economic Community. The Tokyo Round: a try to reform the system.

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  • The South Korean "state of development": the analytical discourses, the development model. The Japanese factor, the northern Korean influence, the role of China. Specificity of "soft power". Tools for promoting South Korea's foreign policy in East Asia.

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  • Analysis of the profitability of the six Russian-Japanese LNG projects emerging from the 1990's. Determining how to count the profitability of energy projects under the various types of tax regimes. Calculation of possible risks at the present stage.

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  • The evolution of the global monetary system. Currency and exchange rates, exchange rate adjustment. The role of international financial institutions in the functioning of the global monetary system. Foreign exchange market: modern trends of development.

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  • Studying the role of non-governmental organizations in theory and practice in the field of international relations and their interaction with other states. Formal features of INGOs (organizations, associations, foundations, traffic facilities, Union).

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  • Features of the International Organization for Standardization, the importance and scope. Identify potential needs for statistical methods. Characteristics of the descriptive statistics, design of experiments, regression analysis, sampling and modeling.

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  • The study of investment attractiveness of the determinants of Slovakia in competition with other countries B4. Analysis of the main factors of political and macroeconomic stability, developed infrastructure, tax system and investment incentives.

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  • Plans for a war in Iraq carried out unilaterally by America and its allies - in effect, the US-United Kingdom coalition. Extending The US administration's concerns to Northeast Asia, the world's most dynamic economic region, with ample resources.

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  • Background intervention in the far East of Russia. Japanese intervention in the far East. Policy "allies" against the Bolsheviks and Russia. The evaluation of the events based on the theory of international relations: realism, liberalism, constructivism.

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  • In the past two decades Korea has been one of the fastest developing nations in the world - both in economic and social terms. A people and history in harmony. Trends of major economic indicators. External policies for greater international cooperation.

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  • A refugee camp is a temporary settlement built to receive refugees. The refugees of concern to UNHCR are spread around the world. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, who place special focus on working alongside poor women.

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  • A multinational corporation as an enterprise that engages in foreign direct investment and owns or controls value adding activities in more than one country. ExxonMobil as successfully ranked the world's largest refiner and marketer of petroleum.

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  • The influence of the value of trading partner countries, increasing the distance between them on the level of trade. Transport costs, tariffs as constraints of trade between countries. The modelling of trade flows and the paradox of the "border puzzle".

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  • An investigation into the downward trend in global stock markets: a case study of the Nigerian stock market. The history of stock trading and trading associations. Stock markets, market crash, financial crisis in emerging markets and the results.

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  • Вoccтaнoвлeниe экoнoмики Япoнии в пocлeвoeнный пepиoд, анализ ее современного состояния и дальнейшие перспективы, исследование динамики. Внeшнeэкoнoмичecкaя cтpaтeгия исследуемого государства. Poccийcкo-япoнcкoe тopгoвo-экoнoмичecкoe coтpудничecтвo.

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  • Assessment of the extent of Poland's influence in the EU's Eastern policy since the beginning of the 21st century. The prevention of new barriers on the Eastern border. Relations with Ukraine and partners with which it collaborates in many areas.

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