• The influence of the value of trading partner countries, increasing the distance between them on the level of trade. Transport costs, tariffs as constraints of trade between countries. The modelling of trade flows and the paradox of the "border puzzle".

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  • An investigation into the downward trend in global stock markets: a case study of the Nigerian stock market. The history of stock trading and trading associations. Stock markets, market crash, financial crisis in emerging markets and the results.

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  • Вoccтaнoвлeниe экoнoмики Япoнии в пocлeвoeнный пepиoд, анализ ее современного состояния и дальнейшие перспективы, исследование динамики. Внeшнeэкoнoмичecкaя cтpaтeгия исследуемого государства. Poccийcкo-япoнcкoe тopгoвo-экoнoмичecкoe coтpудничecтвo.

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  • Assessment of the extent of Poland's influence in the EU's Eastern policy since the beginning of the 21st century. The prevention of new barriers on the Eastern border. Relations with Ukraine and partners with which it collaborates in many areas.

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  • Consideration history formation of the European Union, which has been the most advanced and successful alliances of the independent countries. Studying and characterization of what made European governments act against their cautious political interests.

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  • Globalization as a factor in international migration. Political and economic instability of Ukraine. Formation of migration flows in Ukraine. The reduction in the number of economically active population of Ukraine, the situation on the Labor market.

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  • Задачи и функции PR-службы в государственных органах и в органах местного самоуправления. Практика деятельности государственных и муниципальных служб по связям с общественностью. Задачи деятельности отдела прессы, телевидения и радио, рекламы и брифингов.

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  • A study of the economic nature of the world commodity market. The definition of modern trends of its functioning. The analysis of phenomena the interaction of which forms the priorities for the development of trade flows in the context of globalization.

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  • Studying and analysis of global trends allow in international tourism with reference tourist industry to the most promising industry. Review and characteristics some of the features a rapid growth of shadow economy comparing to the official business.

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  • Analysis of the European Union's strategy to the Baltic Sea Region for strengthen cooperation among the states for environmental improvement and more efficient energy use. Study of the trends of environmental and energy efficiency of Baltic Sea Region.

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  • Studying history of the industrial group Samsung, one of the monsters of the modern economy, which began the colonization of the Korean. Industries that characterize the work of Samsung including a huge selection of products: from toasters to aircraft.

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  • Transnational corporations is a most powerful economic and political entities in the world today. Role of TNCs in the world economy and trade. The dynamic development of corporations in the fifties of the twenty century. Indicators of the activities.

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  • The development of the Russian and the Chinese economy. Analysis of the growth of trade between countries in trade patterns. Energy issues Russian-Chinese economic relations. Incompatibility of Russian economic policy with genuine economic integration.

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  • Analysis of the impact of Western sanctions against Russia at the European and the domestic economy. Changes in the consumption basket of Russians as a result of the crisis. Description of the causes and consequences of the devaluation of the ruble.

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  • At present, EU member states have a different level of social and economic development. These are countries advanced in development as well as economically backward. The social and economic development of Ukraine in comparison to other EU member states.

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  • A brief information on the state. A political system. The supreme bodies of the power of the state: their formation, powers, structure. The basic political parties. Model of economic development. Import and export of goods. The international rating.

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  • Research and characteristics of the transition of volatility with one stock market on another market of China, Korea and USA. Consideration and analysis of specific features of the opening and closing hour of China, Korea and America stock markets.

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  • Consideration of directions of development of the Polish food sector in the European Union (EU). The role of preferential investment loans and EU assistance funds in increasing investment in agriculture and accelerating the modernization of farms.

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  • The book written by Kishore Mahbubani, which is shaped within the explanation of the rise of Asia that some people would consider as sudden. The Author goes back in the past, to bring objectivity and causality in this new phenomenon for much of us.

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  • Canada has a diversified etymology, history, european colonization, Canadian Confederation, Government and politics, law, foreign relations and military, provinces and territories, geography and climate,economy, demographics, international rankings.

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