• Основні питання щодо визначення офшорних зон та компаній, причини їх виникнення, функціонування. Їх загальна характеристика, а також основні переваги й недоліки. Розповсюджені схеми ухилення від оподаткування за допомогою використання офшорних компаній.

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  • Понятие капитальных вложений, методы их анализа, преимущества и недостатки. Информация, необходимая для первичной оценки и отсева инвестиционных предложений. Номинальные и реальные денежные потоки. Стратегия и риски принятия инвестиционного решения.

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  • Электронные средства платежей. Виды товаров и услуг, для оплаты которых клиенты используют "электронные" деньги. Технологии взаимных депозитов с помощью системы TrustBay. Преимущества "электронных" денег по сравнению с оплатой пластиковыми карточками.

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  • Покупай только то, что можешь перепродать. Никогда не покупай под давлением. Спекулируй на собственности. Не упускай свою прибыль. Советуйся со своим банкиром. Покупай, когда цены падают, продавай, когда цены растут. Постоянно держи деньги в обороте.

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  • Description the three indicators: the mutual funds cash ratio, the short interest ratio, and the odd-lot ratio and their behavior during the 1955-1970 period. Examining the simultaneous relationship between three stock market indicators and stock prices.

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  • Development and formation of indirect taxation in Ukraine as a whole and widespread form among universal excises. The role of indirect taxes in the tax system, direction of adaptation of domestic practice of indirect taxation to the European experience.

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  • The role of debt in motivating organizational efficiency at the enterprise. Evidence from financial restructuring, leveraged buyout and going private transactions, the oil industry. Takeovers in the oil industry. Free cash flow theory of takeovers.

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  • Learning the Budgetary Code of Ukraine. Providing the stowage of projects of estimates on the centralized measures which are carried out directly by managers. Description the types of estimates: individual, the erected and on the centralized measures.

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  • Analysis of foreign experience of legal regulation of the formation, management and servicing of government debt obligations. Optimization of Ukrainian debt policy. The mechanism of solving the problems of external and internal public debt in Ukraine.

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  • Determination of the degree of maturity of the Polish venture market and demonstrated the success of firms that secured venture support for such funds. Statistical material on the number of such firms, the volume of financing and types of divestiture.

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  • The model of stimulating the crediting of fixed assets of the processing industry of Kazakhstan. The analysis of their impact on lending and key determinants of credit risk. Basic principles and elements of the model, the recommended interest rate.

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  • The study the significant factors of bank selection criteria in Malaysia: people influence, communication technology, convenience, personnel, easy process, variety, service quality and cost. Differences in banking conditions for demographic classes.

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  • The review of banking sector of the United Kingdom (AAA/Stable/A-1+ unsolicited ratings) under updated Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment (BICRA) methodology. Peer BICRA scores. Analysis of government support of banking system in United Kingdom.

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  • Determination of the Employee Profit Contribution. Projection to the Employee Cash Flow. Possible application and interpretation of the results. Hierarchy of indices of the potential perspective "employees". Berliner Balanced scorecard Approach.

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  • The objectives of accounting. The separation of the management functions: planning, coordination, communication, controlling. The main advantages and limitations of budgeting. The types of budget: unlimited, production, cash, budget of sales, purchases.

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  • Identify the trends of short-term investment and momentum in the Taiwan stock market. The causes of abnormal profits and their relationship to the behavior of investors in the market. Modeling the turnover of profit and the ratio of transactions.

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  • Building the continuous linear model of international trade. Follow-up with given the rules of the contractual relationship continuously in time, commodity-money flows between the participants. Better planning of contractual relations and their control.

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  • Introduction to the concept of net present value. The study of the major differences between investment decisions and decisions on funding. The study of the essence of efficient capital markets. The content of the six lessons of market efficiency.

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  • The concept of the corporate governance. The difference between financial and non-financial firms. The corporate governance in microfinance organizations: methodology, description of variables and making hypotheses, modeling, explanation of results.

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  • The level of financial markets’ development, accessibility of credit resources. Summary statistics of parameters of interest, split by export status. Typical overlap plot for most of model specifications. Firms that have the potential to start exporting.

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