• Етапи створення державної податкової служби України. Структура органів. Зарубіжний досвід управління податковою службою та можливості його використання в Україні. Вдосконалення податкової служби. Заходи з підвищення рівня добровільної сплати податків.

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  • Studying tax reforms and their influence on economy of the republic of Uzbekistan. Main features of tax system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The role of international organizations is crucial in improving the qualifications of the tax authorities.

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  • Background papers and theoretical aspects of financial strategizing methods. Strategy development of wholesale company. Development of anti-crisis financial strategy on the basis of Arla Foods. Recommendations for company's performance improvements.

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  • Methods of the study significant changes in the flows of financial data. The differences between chaotic and stochastic systems. Features and ways of calculating the correlation dimension of the time series. Methods and algorithms of analysis programs.

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  • Study of trends in savings activity of the population of Belarus and Ukraine in the conditions of economic crisis and post-crisis period. Identify the features of formation of rules of savings of the population in the presence of structural shifts.

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  • Characterization of the behavior of the board in respect of income which is a key issue to each shareholder. Analysis of management on the main features: quality earnings and revenues, income instability, discretionary charges and cases of fraud.

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  • Types of external sources of finance. Debt and Debentures. The basic advantages and inconveniences of external sources of business financing. Financing and support of business in Russia. And in the conclusion, some words about Government Finance.

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  • Analysis of financial activities of agricultural holdings of Pomerania and Mazury of Poland, leading accounting and having a minimum economic size. Classification of agroholdings by economic rating, algorithm for assessing their financial position.

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  • Description of the financial system in Turkey, meeting with the most famous non-bank financial institutions. Consideration of the basic forms of life insurance. Features of the three types of financial companies in Turkey: sales, consumers, and business.

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  • The financial structure, development and sustainability. The width of the financial system. Capital account liberalization. Legal, informational and transactional technological infrastructure for access and development. Terms securities settlement.

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  • Bank loans as the main financial instruments of the enterprise. Control market danger exposures within acceptable parameters, while optimising returns - one of the objective of risk management. Profitability analysis of United Company "RUSAL" PLC.

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  • Influence of inflow of foreign capital on GDP per capita in the country during 2005-2010. According to the data of 15 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Cross-border loans, direct foreign investment, portfolio investment and earnings transfers.

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  • The monetary unit of the country, which lies at the heart of the financial and credit system of the state. Seven US major currencies. Dollar, euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar. Keeping international trade.

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  • Effect of very fast credit growth to financial and economic growth. Relationship between the domestic credits and current account balances. A negative impact of domestic credits have on the current account balance. The results obtained from the analysis.

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  • The modern requirements for ensuring the effective industrial development. The Dynamics of Capital Investments and GDP in Ukraine. The capital expenditure by financing sources in 2012. The largest of budgetary provisions. Conclusions and recommendations.

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  • The principles of the functioning of financial markets in the context of globalization. Trends in capital flows in the world today. Risk evaluation in the banking sector of Ukraine. Impact of financial crisis on the living standards of the population.

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  • Analyzes the interaction hetween a firm's dynamic investment, operating, and financing decisions in a model with operating adjustment and recapitalization costs. Analyzws of impact of debt financing on the firm's investment and operating decisions.

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  • The summary of capital market history. Measuring and calculating portfolio risk. Beta and unique risk. Diversification and value additivity. Measuring risk variance - average value of squared and standard deviations from mean. A measure of volatility.

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  • Понятие и сущность IPO. Цели и задачи первичного размещения акций. Повышение капитализации компании. Альтернативные источники финансирования компании. Проблемы рынка корпоративных облигаций в России. Публичная оценка компании финансовыми аналитиками.

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  • Financial stability as a basis for the development of sectors and society as a whole. Increased attention to the mechanisms of implementation of financial stability in Ukraine. The degree of development of investment policy and the banking system.

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