• The concept and features of the implementation process of taxation in modern Switzerland, its function and meaning. Income from capital gains. Wealth tax is levied only on the communal level, accordance with relevant tax canton and the established rates.

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  • An study on the ambiguities and the risk on the Russian stock market. Portfolio theory, linear relationship between risk and return and the known probabilities of outcomes. The relationship between risk and return of uncertainty intraday observations.

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  • The theory of random walks in stock prices actually involves two separate hypotheses: successive price changes are independent, and the price changes conform to some probability distribution. Implications of independence the bachelier-osborne model.

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  • Definition and justification of the process of implementation of a tax on paper documents. Characteristics of the range of subjects of taxation, procedure of calculation of financial calculation. Analysis of the implications of the introduction.

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  • Leveraged buyout transactions: definition and core characteristics. Valuation techniques in leveraged buyout transactions. Hypothesis of leveraged buyout activity. Determinants of LBO activity. Empirical research: sample and data selection, methodology.

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  • The dawn of international investing. The intuition behind diversifying across nations. International portfolio diversification benefits: Cross-country evidence from a local perspective. Returns in emerging markets. The development of the financial market.

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  • The systematic study of the theoretical principles and practical aspects of the financial efficiency ensuring the implementation of government programs in Ukraine. Eefficient using of the financial instruments for the saving resources stimulation.

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  • Determining the nature of financial leasing in Ukraine, analysis of the leasing market and identifying inhibitory factors in the development of leasing. Dispensation of the ongoing financial leasing in agriculture for the period from 2007 to the 2013.

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  • Study of the stabilization of fiscal policy through the analysis of the supporters of the New Classical Economics and the supporters of New Keynesian Economics. The conditions for the adoption of restrictive budget, especially reformatting of public debt.

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  • Arbitrageurs play a central role in standard finance. Essence and characteristic the two types of risk limit arbitrage. The first is fundamental risk. The second source of risk that limits arbitrage comes from unpredictability of the future resale price.

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  • The analysis of features of financing of the education sector from the local budgets of the Carpathian region and identification of changes in the management of the educational sector due to the implementation of the administrative-territorial reform.

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  • All corporate liabilities can be viewed as combinations of options, the formula and the analysis that led to it are also applicable to corporate liabilities such as common stock, corporate bonds, warrants. The valuation formula. An alternative derivation.

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  • Interventionist trends in financial regulation. Cases and regulatory frameworks of extraterritorial sanctions resulting in fines. Analysis of regulatory components: category, mode, and geographical scale. Components and patterns of regulatory conflicts.

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  • The concept and purpose of stocks and bonds, their differences. The issue of bonds, their characteristics and types. Features of bonds issued in foreign currency. The procedure for trading and rating of bonds. Investing in bonds and their indices.

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  • Building a strategy based on the difference in interest rates and the month forward prediction of exchange rates. Evaluation of profitability of carry trades, based on the Taylor model’s modifications analyzed for predictability by Molodtsova and Papell.

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  • Functioning of the world financial market in conditions of strengthening of global processes and emergence of new economic challenges. The essence of debt security as an economic concept. Debt securities, their linking to financial market instruments.

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  • Revealed of the essence of financial provision. Determined of peculiarities and distinctions of financial-credit activity of an agricultural enterprise. Research and characteristics of elements of the mechanism of financial provision of enterprises.

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  • Theory of warrant and option pricing. The foundations for a rational theory of option pricing. Principal difference between valuing the call option. Effects of dividends and changing exercise price. An alternative derivation of the formula Black-Scholes.

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  • The directions of development of institutional bases of monetary policy in Ukraine are investigated. The aspects of forming confidence in monetary policy are considered. External factors influencing the development of the monetary sphere are determined.

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  • Special importance is to be given to the equity of financial institutions. The Basel Committee has raised standards of capital ratios of national banks in Kazakhstan, a concept to harmonize domestic and international approaches to equity was developed.

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