• Monetary policy as a policy of the state influencing the quantity of money in circulation with the aim of ensuring price stability, full employment and growth of real production. Problem of increase of efficiency and competitiveness of national economy.

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  • Theoretical foundations of the monetary system. Concept of the monetary system and its elements. Principles of the monetary system. Money supply and monetary aggregates, inflation. Analysis of the monetary system of the Russian Federation in 2008-2014.

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  • Notion and functions, Structure, Financial, Payment Instruments of Money Market. Instruments of payment of market of money and their role are in realization of redistribution and motion of resources of money. Main segments of Kazakhstan bankrolls market.

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  • Features of the development of Kazakhstan's economy in recent years. Monetary policy at the macro level action-oriented activities of the National Bank. Strategic policy directions for the medium term predictability of policies of the National Bank.

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  • Аналіз проблем функціонування податку на доходи фізичних осіб. Аналіз податкового навантаження на заробітну плату в Україні. Характеристика розміру податкової соціальної пільги. Оцінка сценаріїв оподаткування податком на доходи фізичних осіб в Україні.

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  • Security tax police employees: concepts and principles. The peculiarities of legal regulation of performance tax police employees at present. Analyze and guarantees legal protection of the tax police. Deficiencies in the legal protection of tax.

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  • Evidence, explanation of the cost of the award. A combination of cost and momentum strategies. Working with abnormal distributions. Testing of median values for significance. Measuring the performance of built portfolios. Conducting regression analysis.

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  • Studying price discovery process in the US Dollar /Russian Ruble (USD/RUB) currency pair market. The choice of the asset is motivate by the significant change of the USD/RUB market conditions. The most liquid instruments of this market at Moscow Exchange.

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  • The sensitivity analysis and break even project. The essence of the Monte Carlo. The principles for establishing the decision tree. Characteristic features of the options to reduce and going out of business, replicating the experience and development.

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  • Recurrent taxes on immovable property in local government revenues in Poland. Differences in property tax policy at a local level, and analyze similarities between Polish gminas with the use of cluster analysisan. Adequate level of regular revenues.

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  • The reducing of regional disparities, the formation of sectoral perspectives for economic and social development of the regions, financial support to the states by means of block grants and stimulating the development of integration trends in USA.

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  • Characteristic manifestations of systemic risk in the banking sector, including its impact on activities of systemically important banks. The list of systemically important banks in Ukraine in several ways. Proposals to reduce systemic risk in the Bank.

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  • Objectives, goals and environment, the business area, sales and financial performance of Samsung Electronics. The most profitable segments in 2013. Major Products and Global Market Shares. R&D spending by Samsung Electronics and its largest competitors.

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  • The relationship between sovereign ratings and eurobond returns. Return volatility as the dependent variable, control, announcements of rating events, stationarity checks. Panel regression model. Empirical model for the Russian sovereign debt market.

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  • The contribution of scientists in the development of methods of valuation of collateral. The assessment of financial risks in credit operations. Unification and formalization of procedures for the assessment of buildings used as collateral for the loan.

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  • The problem with estimating the long range dependence. Motivation for long memory. Long memory VS structural breaks. Markov switching model. Generating the same statistical properties as the long memory model during processing with structural breaks.

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  • The role of government regulation of the financial services market in Ukraine, the causes and the necessity of delegating more powers to the regional level. Algorithm of differentiation of functions of state management in the financial services market.

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  • Factors determining the intrinsic value. The size and timing of the expected future cash flows, their rate of discounting. Required rate of return of an individual. Evaluation of common shares. Dividend-growth model (DGM). Steadily rising dividends.

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  • Providing state taxes, financing the production of public goods and redistribution of income. Dependence of the real economic growth and the level of taxation according to the undivided sample of 117 countries. The composition of the tax populations.

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  • The concept and features of the implementation process of taxation in modern Switzerland, its function and meaning. Income from capital gains. Wealth tax is levied only on the communal level, accordance with relevant tax canton and the established rates.

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