• The Sun provides most of the energy needed for life on Earth. Photosynthesis bases. The food web. Electromagnetic Spectrum and Visible Light. Photosynthesis in chloroplasts. The location and structure of chloroplasts. Cyclic Photophosphorylation.

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  • Memory systems, hippocampal system. Neuropsych patterns in HC-based memory impairment. Memory without episodic recall: feeling of knowing. Non-episodic memory: habit system. Imaging the striatal learning system. Learning concepts without consciousness.

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  • Analysis rezultatov with bacteriophage P1Cmc1ts100 set of lysogenic strains of phytopathogenic bacteria erwinia "horticola" and of erwinia amylovora associated with woody plants. The conversion of phenotype from CMS to the CMR with authentic prophage.

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  • A leaf cell consists of metabolic compartments. The use of energy from sunlight by photosynthesis is the basis of life. Photosynthesis is an electron transport process. ATP is generated by photosynthesis. Mitochondria are the power station of the cell.

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  • Investigation of the role of poly (ADP-ribose) and the PAR polymerases that catalysis the synthesis of nicotinamide adenine in molecular and cellular processes: DNA damage detection and repair, chromatin modification and mitotic apparatus function.

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  • An introduction to basic principles of molecular genetics pertaining to the genome project. Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome. Model Organism Research. Informatics: Collection and Storing Data and Interpretation. Impact of the Human Genome Project.

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  • Learning bayesian networks from complete data. A casual view of multi-layer perceptrons as probability models. Motivation and background on phylogenetic trees. Recombination in bacteria. Statistical methods in microarray gene expression data analysis.

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  • Residue-Based Substrates and their Solid-State Fermentation by Mushroom Fungi. Types, Availability and Chemical Composition of Raw Materials. Nutritional and Environmental Aspects of Mushroom Growing. Output, Stages and results of Mushroom Cultivation.

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  • The physiological definition of respiration and its structure. Characterization of physiological changes in the process of breathing in the mountains. Features of regulation of respiration in conditions of high atmospheric pressure and in a hot climate.

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  • Raw milk quality is essential and is closely monitored, quality standards. Microbial contamination of raw milk. Sources of Microbial Contamination as detected by Bacteriological Procedures. Causes of high bacteria is result a combination of factors.

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  • Plants are a source of biologically active substances. Using modern genetic engineering techniques in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Examples of advanced systems used to obtain some valuable natural products - artemisinin, paclitaxel and scopolamine.

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  • Аналіз профілів дванадцяти ізольованих та десяти типових штамів бактерій родів Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas та Pectobacterium, патогенних для ріпаку. Вивчення генотипових властивостей мікроорганізмів. Значення ріпаку для народного господарства в Україні.

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  • Reptiles - tetrapods and amniotes: a review of the species distribution, the modern classification; economic, aesthetic, symbolic and ecological value for human; functions herpetologist. The evolution of reptiles, physiological systems of their life.

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  • Biography of Robert Koch. Education and work at Berlin University. Study of microscopic organisms. The wording of the postulates that bind a particular organism with a particular disease. The Nobel Prize for their discoveries in relation to tuberculosis.

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  • La presence de Rickettsia est associe avec une grande sensibilite du tabac bemisia. Thermotolerance et de l'expression des genes apres le stress de chaleur dans blanc de l'ailetabac Bemisia B et Q biotypes. Mutuelles de pucerons et les procaryotes.

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  • Ruppia maritima L., або рупія морська як водна однодольна рослина з родини Ruppiaceae, яка мешкає в солонуватих водоймах і мілководдях морів. Включення рослини до списків рідкісних рослин. Моніторинг популяцій та створення охоронних зон локалітетів.

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  • Metabolism of Tritiated Water during Imbibition and Germination of Jack Pine Seeds. Protein Ubiquitination in Diploid Parthenogenesis and Embryos of Norway spruce. Mechanism of Pattern Formation in Plant Embryogenesis. Hormonal Control and Embryogenesis.

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  • Features of human skin. The concept of the epidermis, its role in protecting the body against aggressive environment. Features of occurrence scar tissue. The structure of the muscular system, the concept of fascia. The mechanism of muscle contraction.

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  • Study of antioxidant properties and some adverse effects that can be associated with the use of P. nitida as hypoglycemic agent, used in some biochemical and histological studies. Analysis of biochemical studies of blood plasma and the lipid profile.

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  • Distribution of rhabdoviruses, their harmfulness to different types of plants in conditions of environmental factors. Comparative characteristics of rhabdoviruses with similar pathogens on the pileate fungi. The morphology and structure of the pathogens.

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