• The properties in Homeostatic systems. System instability, Striving for balance, Unpredictability. Examples of homeostasis in mammals. Regulation of homeostasis. The blood plasma. The main function of platelets. The main function of erythrocytes.

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  • About the most famous zoo in the world. The first true zoo in France, the modern zoo near Hamburg, the San-Diego Zoo, zoological garden. The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. The Animals Of Eurasia and Americas - leopard, monkey, birds, etc.

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  • Mutational selection. Citologicheskaya stability of inbrednykh lines of corn. Inbrednaya corn, as possible source of receipt of aneuploidnykh and poliploidnykh gametes. Meaningfulness of research for the institute of selection of vegetable cultures.

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  • Influence of Cu2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Cd2+, Al3+ and Cr6+ on the pigment synthesizing yeasts Rhodotorula glutinis 1333. Yeasts ability to lose pigment under different heavy metals concentrations. The certain metal concentrations’ presence in the medium.

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  • The keratin fibers contain small amount of the lipids which are in free state. The content and composition of internal lipids in sheep’s wool with different defects. The content and composition of internal lipids in sheep’s wool with different defects.

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  • A natural source of hyaluronic acid, humour rabbit vitreous. Regeneration by inhibition of cell differentiation. Morphology of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and NT2 cells. Expression of Oct4 and Sox2 genes. Cell surface antigen expression.

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  • The identification of a protein from human cell extract which specifically interacts with the apurinic/apyrimidinic site. Characterization of the features of the process forming the Schiff base-mediated adducts which electrophoretic mobility depends.

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  • Проявления гельминтоза, обусловленного мигрирующими в коже или во внутренних органах личинками не свойственных ему гельминтов животных. Кожная и висцеральная формы болезни. Продолжительность патологических явлений. Инвазия яйцами нематод животных.

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  • The allometric models of microbial community respiration and production provide a complementary method for understanding the metabolic balance of the upper ocean. Latitudinal Variation in Plankton Size Spectra along in large areas the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Functions of the liver in the body. Distribution of erythrocytes and bile secretion. Release of hemoglobin in blood plasma. Synthesis of plasma proteins. Industries of the hepatic portal and central vein. Lining of endothelial cells. Storage of nutrients.

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  • Information about the brown long-eared bats in Luhansk region, to consider the prevalence, typical habitats and analyze morphometric peculiarities of the species. The presence of a stable local population of the brown long-eared bats in Luhansk region.

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  • Клонирования кДНК белка GMLK из листьев винограда сорта Пино Нуар. Выравнивание аминокислотных последовательностей клонированного белка MAST2HP и белка GMLK. Экспрессия полученного конструкта в гетерологичной системе: в культивируемых клетках Vero.

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  • Brief introduction to the basics of learning memory at the psychological level and current understanding of memory at the molecular and cellular level. Particular emphasis will be on the hippocampus and its role in declarative and spatial learning.

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  • Metchnikoff's life. A Biographical Note. Metchnikoff's Autobiographical Retrospection of His Phagocytosis Hypothesis. Harmony and Disharmony - Metchnikoff's Metaphysics. The Concept of the Embryonic Layers. Metchnikoff's Early Opinion of Recapitulation.

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  • Transcription and Gene Regulation. Recombinant DNA Technology. Nucleic Acid Manipulations. Eukaryotic Viruses. Bacterial Genetics and Bacteriophages. Molecular Evolution. Cell Communication. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Chemoheterotrophic metabolism.

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  • The development of diagnostic females Mordellid Beetles of the genus Stenalia Mulsant with the new species-specific trait outer morphology - female pygidium. General characteristics of the range of data beetles - in Central and Eastern Palearctic.

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  • Cat - the best animal. Various shapes and sizes of cats. Love for cats. The differences in the habits of cats and dogs. Cat - a great hunter in the world. Cats that live in our family. 7 cats that lived with my grandfather. Affection cats to humans.

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  • Wild animals: horse, cow, dog, cat, fox, wolf, tiger, bear, elephant, panda, bee which can swim, run, fly, sing, jump, understand commands. The animals which live in Kazakhstan: zebra, rabbit, cangaroo, giraffe, wolf, fox and other animals of state.

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  • Increasing attack of the principle of natural selection for any number of assumed faults. The accusation of tautological reasoning. The purpose of the theory: differential reproduction, hand of nature. Miscommunications on testability. Determinate form.

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  • Finding rare in Ukraine anamorphic fungi Discosia circaeae Lobik on Circaea intermedia Ehrh. and Robillarda vitis Prill. et Delacr. on Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch. Description morphological characteristics, geographical distribution, taxonomy.

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