• The history of creation of Hollywood. Filmmaking in the greater Los Angeles area. The establishing of the first studio in Hollywood. Hollywood neighborhoods and communities, the annual Hollywood Christmas parade, classic film festival and exposition.

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  • Hollywood is a historical center of movie studios and movie stars, district in Los Angeles, California, United States situated west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Motion picture industry of Hollywood, the history of its development and current state.

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  • Skills development monologic speech of students, teaching skills their thoughts. Expanding horizons of students develop their critical thinking. Control questions after reading a short story "Cyclone". Explanations Grammar and grand total lesson.

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  • The properties in Homeostatic systems. System instability, Striving for balance, Unpredictability. Examples of homeostasis in mammals. Regulation of homeostasis. The blood plasma. The main function of platelets. The main function of erythrocytes.

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  • Рассмотрение вариантов тела, в зависимости от контекста рассмотрения, в концепции Ж. Бодрийяра. Разработка оригинальной концепции "тела без органов", используемой в искусствосфере. Биосоциальная природа феномена телесности. Природа свободы гендера.

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  • Характер гри як явища культури. Сутність ігрової концепції культури, яка була сформульована нідерландським істориком і філософом ідеалістом Йоханом Хейзінгом. Тема гри у творчості іспанського філософа Х. Ортегу-і-Гассета. Герман Гессе "Гра в бісер".

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  • Цель и функции техники, ее место в антропологии или антропологической интерпретации. "Основания философии техники" Эрнста Каппа. Технические возможности и их связь с эволюцией людей и окружающей их средой. Совместимость техники с человеческим началом.

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  • Introduction to the classification of homonyms and their sources. The definition of the concept homophones are words of the same sound but of different spelling and meaning. Characteristic features of the synchronic treatment of english homonyms.

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  • The theoretical aspects and methods of investigating phonetic coincidence and semantic differences of homonyms. The interrelations between homonymy and polysemantic words. Comparative typological analysis of linguistic phenomena in English and Russia.

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  • Homonymy is a frequent phenomenon in a language. Homonyms are words, which are identical in sound and spelling (or in one of these aspect), but different in their meaning. The Sources and the traditional classification of homonyms by A.І. Smirnitsky.

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  • Comparison of a large economy of China with a economy of Hong Kong. Comparative analysis of the integration processes in Europe with the integration processes between Hong Kong and China. Practical aspects of trade in goods and services within the CEPA.

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  • The evolution of the horse. Characteristics of horses as a species. Variety of horses and many different types of breeds of horses. Horses in the British Isles. Breeds of the eastern hemisphere. Breeds a new world. The members of the horse family.

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  • History of development of horses as a species, emergence of breeds of horses. The value of quality forage, grazing horses to their health. Owning and educating a Horse. Horse Shows. Breeds of horses which are the best for trail and endurance riding.

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  • Introduction to the biography Hosny Mubarak, who has inherited from Sadat almost monarchic mode isolated in the Arabian world and wallowing in external duties. Contemplation of the hard tasks, which worth today before the president of the Egypt.

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  • The relationship between business and society. Business ethics, the methods and purpose of normative ethics to the specific requirements of moral issues in business. Ethics benefits business as a social sub-system in a lockstep manner with compound rate.

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  • The definition of fast food, and description of the products included in it. The use of preservatives, flavors, colors, emulsifiers in these products. The negative impact of junk food on the human body. The use of modifiers in the product description.

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  • Perspective of supply and demand. All changes in economic activity and all changes in financial markets’ prices. Different way of looking at the economy and markets. Economic booms and busts. How the Market-Based System Works. Phase of a deleveraging.

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  • The differences between political theorists and philosophers. the principles of the welfare of the liberal-democratic state. Revaluation of the principles of liberalism. Abstract economic models. The strength and importance of political criticism.

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  • Сочинение на английском языке о Викторе Цое. Биография Виктора Цоя, этапы его становления, история создания его группы, реализация Виктора Цоя в музыке и кино. Последний альбом и трагическая смерть. Память о Викторе Цое у поклонников и русского народа.

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  • Philosophical looks of the German philosopher, sociologist, composer and music theorist, Adorno Theodor W. invocatory an audience to see, what hidden reports in our televisional shows and programs, covered evil-minded to support a capitalist regime.

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