• Consideration of the negative impact of stress on the human body. Basic rules of taking care of their physical and mental health. The importance of exercise, healthy diet, lack of bad habits, avoiding anxiety routine. The need to protect the environment.

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  • Interpretations of notions "health", "healthy way of life", "culture of health", their research. The healthy way of life as a cultural tradition of society, which is widely spread in many countries of the West and the East, their cultivation in Ukraine.

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  • Heat transfer of phonons with a generalized model of Landauer-Datta-Lundstrom. A quantitative description of the transport processes for any size resistors in ballistic, quasi-ballistic and diffuse linear modes. The crystal lattice thermal conductivity.

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  • Improving matching techniques constructional and technological parameters of the installation with the modes of its work taking into account the features of the resonator. The changes in the dielectric parameters of raw material during the heat treatment.

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  • Heavy metal fans as a "subculture of alienation" with its own standards for achieving authenticity within the group. The musical subcultures of heavy metal and punk. A following of the heavy metal music in the countries beyond the United Kingdom.

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  • Why do companies hedge the different proportion of their production. Significant variation of companies' behavior means. The factors that determine hedging activities. The financial distress costs reduction and optimizing of investment financing.

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  • Philosophical reflections on the art of Heidegger: changing aesthetic paradigms of art to an event, or performance. Art artifact as a component of a comprehensive experience of art, engaging, and combinatorial activity of the perceiving subject.

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  • Heidegger writes that metaphysics is in decline and is approaching its end, as the earth informed by metaphysics has become desolate, as is evident from the events of the last century. This decline marks the oblivion of Being as the truth of metaphysics.

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  • Results of phenological observations of the growth and development of Jerusalem artichoke in soil and climatic conditions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Potential possibilities of culture. Jerusalem artichoke as a valuable fodder, food, medicinal culture.

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  • Підхід до хірургічного лікування пацієнтів з виразковою хворобою шлунка і ДПК з огляду на присутність і тривалу персистенцію інфекції Нр в шлунку і можливість виникнення та прогресування дисрегенераторних змін в слизовій оболонці шлунка у хворих.

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  • HELLP-синдром как редкое осложнение в акушерстве, возникающее, в III триместре беременности, на сроке 35 или более недель. Содержание тромбоцитов в крови. Генетические дефекты ферментов печени. Основные этапы развития синдрома при тяжёлой форме гестоза.

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  • Классификация HELLP-синдрома на основании лабораторных признаков. Аутоиммунное повреждение эндотелия, гиповолемия со сгущением крови и образование микротромбов с последующим фибринолизом как этапы развития HELLP-синдрома при тяжёлой форме гестоза.

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  • Гемолиз, повышение уровня печеночных ферментов, уменьшение количества тромбоцитов. Осложнение гестоза и угроза жизни матери и плода. Перинатальная смертность при Hellp-синдроме. Возможные причины развития заболевания. Изменения в системе гемостаза.

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  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow one of the most popular of modern poets. He first sought the road to public honors by pursuing the beaten path, time out of mind the highway. Many of his juvenile poems were originally published in the United Literary Gazette.

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  • Brief biography living of the famous English science fiction writer 20th century Herbert George Wells . The main topics concerned with his work as a journalist. Recognition of his work after his death. Analysis of his most famous work "The Invisible Man".

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  • Learning the biography of Herman Melville, who after the publication of Moby Dick, was seeing positive reviews of his works in England and America, because readers captivated by his authentic story telling of exotic adventures and he wrote other works.

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  • Philosophical approach to phenomenology in work that centers around technology. The content of the eclectic school "experimental phenomenology" with bridges and hermeneutics pragmatism Instrument development of intermediary between man and the world.

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  • A philosophical-anthropological analysis of hesychasm reveals its essence and meaning. There are determined basic criteria of hesychasm: quietude; the practice of inner prayer, catharsis of mind and heart; bodily techniques, aiming at union with God.

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  • The realization of a 2-d narrow gap IR-FPA on a Si-substrate containing the active addressing electronics: A 96x128 array with 75 µm pitch for row-by row electronic scanning and parallel read-out of the line addressed. Photovoltaic sensors in the layers.

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  • The heterologous expression of oxygenase and glycosyltransferase genes, changes in antibiotics production, resulting from post-PKS synthase tailoring gene expression in streptomycete strains. The potential of genes for generation of bioactive metabolite.

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