• International human resources management like the most vital topic in the world economy now. Basic sights at firm strategy in personnel selection at an exit on the new market. Description of method of competencies, used by the American company.

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  • Создание и использование форм в WWW для получения отклика пользователя на предоставленную информацию, сбора данных о нем. Особенности работы фреймов. Задание фреймовой структуры. Подготовка содержимого фрейма. Вложенные и множественные кадровые структуры.

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  • Специализированные HTML-редакторы. Текстовые процессоры. Создание одиночных Web-страниц. Стандартный подход к изготовлению документов. Краткая характеристика HTML-редакторов, и компаний-производителей. Профессиональная разработка сайтов. Векторная графика

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  • Технологии, базирующиеся на использовании гипертекстовых документов, предназначенных для просмотра информации на экране компьютера с помощью программы-браузера. Структура и команды форматирования WEB-документа. Использование основных тегов языка HTML.

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  • The problem of choice and individually adjusted instances of different difficulties. Individually adjusted instance of a general task for each subject in accordance with his preferences over each criterion (the experiment in Finland and Russia).

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  • Individual and social capital. Sustainability of human capital and economic growth and livelihoods. Education and training. income inequalities. Human choice and resource constraints: case study of water demand in India. Prognostication of human resource.

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  • The emergence of the concept of the "human factor" and its impact on the integrated system "Driver-Car-Road-Environment" (DCRE). Human role in the transport safety system. The need to consider the human factor in the analysis of system security.

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  • Concept and law mechanism for satisfaction of juridical needs, their main classifications. Legal aid in Ukraine. Possibilities of each of the main means of legislative regulation in meeting the requirements of the person. Characteristic of legal aid.

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  • Information-Processing Model of Memory. Computer as a model for our memory. The types of memory. Sperling’s Iconic Memory Experiment. Sensory memory. Semantic Networks. Process that controls flow of information from long-term to working memory store.

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  • The development thesis of Karl Marx`s Theory of History. Joshua Cohen`s impressive critical notice of KMTH. The Rational Adaptive Practices view of the development of the forces. Child autonomous tendency to grow up. Problem of class-specific rationality.

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  • Identifying the peculiarities of human resource management practice in leisure organizations. Investigation of adaptation processes of new employees. Study personality, personnel initiatives and their promotion to creativity in the leisure organizations.

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  • David Herbert Lawrence like one of the most controversial British author. Lawrence's approach to various forms of life in his poetry with respect to his own personal philosophies which explain the significance and symbolism of the aspects analysed.

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  • Regional wage inequality in Malaysia is still prevalent widely with more developed regions receiving higher proportions of wages compared to the less developed ones. There is a positive relationship between human capital attainment and salaries.

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  • Comparative analysis of the nature, main goals and directions, results and prospects of Azerbaijan's humanitarian cooperation with France, Vatican, great Britain, Italy, Germany. Analysis of the multilateral relations beetween Azerbaijan and Romania.

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  • Characteristics of the main directions and tasks of humanizing labor in the knowledge economy. Investigation of the relationship between moral norms, values and the level of education of personnel. The study of a person within an enterprise team.

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  • About the most famous zoo in the world. The first true zoo in France, the modern zoo near Hamburg, the San-Diego Zoo, zoological garden. The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. The Animals Of Eurasia and Americas - leopard, monkey, birds, etc.

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  • Levels of programming support tools. Elements of windowing systems. Possible software architectures. Using toolkits for objects interaction. Paradigms for programming interfaces in applications. Implementation of user interface management systems (UIMS).

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  • Requirements for users support. Approaches to user modeling. Problems of adaptive help. Techniques for knowledge representation. Implementation of advisory strategies. Demands for effective presentation. The need for system-oriented documentation.

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  • The Hundred Years War. Began the war with several stunning successes on the part of Great Britain, and the dominance for decades of British troops over France. extraordinary political concessions. The end of the conflict. the tactics of feudal struggle.

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  • Skepticism and criticism of the idea of a transcendental justification philosophy. The concept of natural and phenomenological attitude. Transcendental idealism and a statement of the problem of intersubjectivity "Cartesian meditations" Husserl.

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