• Особливості створення моделі апаратного алгоритму та моделі апаратно-програмного універсального обчислювача на основі апаратно-програмної моделі (SH-моделі). Розробка способів оптимізації характеристик складності операційних пристроїв та процесорів.

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  • Development of method of estimation by the transmitter of architecture on the stage of swimming with the refuse of receiver. Different going near the use of the surplus measurings of phase bearing with a few receivers. Use of measurings of bearing phase.

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  • Вплив неселективного інгібітора напроксену і його структурного аналога, який містить гідроген сульфід, на процеси ліпопероксидації та продукції нітроген оксиду. Відзначення гастропротекторної дії, що проявилась зменшенням площі пошкоджень шлунка.

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  • Transformation of word-groups into words involve different types of lexical shortening. Semantic extention is the appearance of new meanings of already existing words in the given language. Hacker speech, international and writing style, humour.

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  • An unlimited number of spectators watching online games with Half-Life TV. Start Half-Life to watch a HLTV game. The game in different modes: Chase Cam, First Person, Free Look, Map Overview and Map Chase. Broadcasting games, recording HLTV demos.

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  • What do people do on Halloween. Public life and background. The commercialization of Halloween. Symbols and range of objects associated with Halloween treats. Candy apples, caramel or taffy apples are common Halloween. History and haunted attraction.

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  • The humanism of Hamlet, his options to choose between right and wrong and creating his decisions using intellect. The human nature and the dignity of humanity. Hamlet as a famous Shakespearean protagonist. Using of soliloquies to articulate emotions.

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  • Понятие и сущность системы HAND-MADE, ее функции и значение в современной организации. Особенности HAND-MADE, условия, необходимые для ее реализации. История построения корпоративной системы управления проектами в Холдинге, примеры реализованных проектов.

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  • Neurologic Aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Neurologic Aspects of Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Parkinson’s Disease with Dementia. Psychological and Nonpharmacological Aspects of Agitation and Behavioral Disorders in Dementia: Assessment, Intervention.

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  • The problem of successful anesthesia and analgesia in horses operations, their reaction to anesthesia. The use of innovative products, new techniques, new drugs and new uses for old drugs. Approaches to safe anesthesia, the value of the human factor.

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  • Principles of radiography, x-ray equipment. Radiation laws and regulations of the various states, and the general practice principles that should be applied to comply with the limit dose levels. Radiation safety, preparation of the horse to radiography.

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  • Psychology and Law: an Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Legal contexts and links between psychology and law. Highlighting developments in roles for psychology and law. Methodology: Law’s Adopting and Adapting to Psychology’s Methods and Findings.

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  • Origin of Hangul as the native alphabet of the Korean language, its grammatical morphemes, traditional account, difference from the Sino-Korean hanja system. Jamo or natsori as the unit that make up the Hangul alphabet. Consonant and vowel jamo designs.

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  • The role of knowing the theological atmosphere of the mid 20h century in Europe for perception of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s theology. The shows some aspects of the theology presented by Balthasar. Biblical idea of finding a person of his mission.

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  • The puzzling difference in the surface of the two thinkers' work, in their writing styles between Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Gadamer`s project in Truth and Method, his magnum opus, as following the later Heidegger's line of inquiry prose.

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  • Study of the image of the last Romanian witch in Transcarpathia, on the line of the Ukrainian border of the river Tisza, which was inhabited by Romanians. The magical activity of the Romanian witch from Ukraine in terms of ethnographic research.

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  • Features of the health care system in the United States. General characteristics of the structure of the health system, familiarity with the features. Analysis of public health programs and financing system. Analysis of major government programs.

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  • Reviewed epidemiological, environmental state of the population. Analyzed data on provide of food and water, the level of diseases. Recommendations for vaccination, holding chemoprophylaxis of malaria, and rules of conduct, that reduce the risk to health.

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  • Role of diseases of the circulatory system in the structure of diseases and rank significance, overall mortality in war veterans. Limitation of their communicative functions due to natural involutionary processes – the hearing loss and vision loss.

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  • Consideration of the negative impact of stress on the human body. Basic rules of taking care of their physical and mental health. The importance of exercise, healthy diet, lack of bad habits, avoiding anxiety routine. The need to protect the environment.

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