• English as the world's most popular. Borrowing vocabulary on the basis of economic, political and cultural ties. French loans in modern English language. Compare dominance common dialects of a certain epoch. Analysis of French-English bilingualism.

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  • Assessment of the results of clinical genealogical and molecular-genetic observation of patients with ovarian cancer. The rationale for its role as an important step for the creation of genetic risk groups for the development of neoplasia in the family.

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  • The focus on practices, transgression. Discourse as the social scientist’s subject matter in postmodern times. Jurgen’s Habermas’s critique. From sensibility to reflexivity: contribution of pierre Bourdieu. Transgression and reflexive academic practice.

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  • Georg Lukacs History and Class Consciousness is one of the few authentic events in the history of Marxism. Notion Engels of "dialectics of nature" was crucial for the rejection of the "reflection" theory of knowledge of "dialectical materialism".

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  • The vortex motion in a superfluid or a type II superconductor is similar to the electron motion in a magnetic field. The experiments which have set the stage to the Lorentz force and the experiments of the Magnus force on vortices in superconductors.

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  • Edgar Lawrence Doctorow is a rather popular American writer and author of the novel "Ragtime". TЕhe theme of the encroachment on the rights of Negroes. Stylistic features and the novel, the main characters and their fates, the difference scenes.

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  • Mixed pattern of the paradigm enshrined in the European initiatives. Perceptions of EU governments and public opinion towards Mediterranean issues. Economic instruments that the EU developed and adopted in its relations with the Mediterranean non-members.

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  • Origins of Alaska’s Native Groups. The history of Eskimos. High Society of Alaska’s Southeast. The Northwest Coast Indians From the Russian Empire to the United States of America. By the president of the united states of United States a proclamation.

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  • A multifunctional role of most frustule structural elements and their taking part in many vital functions of the diatom single-cell organism. Some structures of frustule as velum, areola, stria are considered in the light of function morphology.

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  • The peculiarity of polygonal surface representations of piecewise linear interpolation area. Analysis of functional reporting procedures. Study 3D metamorphosis, global and local deformations. Collision detection in a variety of computer programs.

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  • The problem of constructing a system of operational dispatch management for agricultural enterprises. The choice of the functionality of the control plane, allowing to minimize the losses due to delays and poor implementation of the Executive plan.

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  • Investigation of the morphology of the horseshoe spot (HHS) with the cavity in details in several species of Planothidium Round et Bukht. The model of the HSS longitudinal section and light rays tracing.

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  • Functional Styles of the written variety of language, with calculated to secure the desired purport of the communication. Imagery as lexical peculiarities of language culture. Advertisements and announcements, language of documents and communications.

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  • The purpose and scope of use of various styles, their relationship and the main differences, syntactic and lexical features. General characteristics and forms of publicistic, newspaper, public speaking, styles of essays, political and literary articles.

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  • Major subsystems of language: functional styles, the history of their occurrence, classification and main differences. Features of individual, neutral, colloquial, literary, artistic, journalistic, newspaper style and the style of official documents.

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  • Study of the specificity of vocabulary and syntactic constructions in various spheres of human life. Characteristics of the classification of functional styles I.V. Arnold and I.R. Galperin. Linguistic features the language of the drama and emotive prose.

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  • Functional stylistics of the English language. Social influence and public opinion manipulation. Linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in the classification of functional styles. Rational cognition language and presentation of the dynamics of thinking.

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  • Lexico-Semantic Peculiarities of Context in Modern English. The essential characteristics of linguistic context. The problem of lexical and grammatical valency. The characteristic features of non-linguistic context. Textual Representation in English.

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  • Checking the basics of English grammar (tests with answers). Choosing the correct answer for each sentence: adjective or adverb; comparative adjective and comparing things. Choosing the article: a or an?; a or the? Spelling verbs. Conditional time.

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  • Geophysical methods: seismic exploration, gravity, magnetic and electric prospecting. The inverse and the direct problem in geophysics. Permanent or electric parameters of the alternating electromagnetic field. Longitudinal and transverse waves.

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