• Familiarity with the main causes of forest degradation in the Indian Himalayas, characteristic ways of solving problems. Consideration of ways to measure the degradation of forests managed by local communities and the Uttaranchal Forest Department.

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  • Analyzing of new configuration of power authorities in the countries of modern Europe by determine the cause of current system transformation, as well as the main tendencies of its development in the near future. The theory of democratic government.

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  • Problems of listening as a type of speech activity for students of non-linguistic educational institutions. Characteristics and stages of the audition. Creation of conditions for the removal of lexical, grammatical and phonetic difficulties of perception.

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  • The formation of the legal culture of the person as a row of objective and subjective factors. The necessity of creation the moral basis of the legal culture of the society and of the person. One of the efficient instruments of the legal education.

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  • Analysis of approaches to definition and interpretation of the notion "financial results". The need of formation of information data environment. Model of information security management system data on financial results with a phased implementation.

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  • Exemplary systems for studying of three-dimensional growth and differentiation in vitro. Spheroid formation in spinner flasks. Spheroid formation on agar overlay. Formation of multicellular aggregates under different conditions of microenvironment.

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  • Analyze of importance of strategiс planning in higher education in European Union countries and investigation of concept, types and advantages of the usage of benchmarking in the development of the strategies of higher education public policies.

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  • Tissue Paper and its properties. Space and weight characteristics. Carrier and type of aircraft for transportation. Limitations by sizes, weight and loading on the floor. Calculation of number of bags that we can put into one box. Manipulation signs.

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  • Работа написана на примере произведения ГИ де Мопассана " Наше сердце" на французском языке. Formes non-personelles du verbe. Formes non-personelles du verbe dans l’oeuvre de Guy de Maupassant ‘Notre coeur’’

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  • Characterized of the main modern directions of hospitality develpoment, namely hospitality providing guests hotel industry and hospitality providing entertainment and catering. Analysis of the features classification of European national cuisines.

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  • History of the base and the rule of "Formula 1" - the world championship for circuit racing on the Open-wheel car. Grand prix: free rides, qualification, race, World Championship and the Constructors Championship. Main characteristics of fireballs.

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  • The problem of modernity as the subject of a continuing debate that revolves around three issues: rationality, subjectivity and the democracy. Jurgen Habermas and Michel Foucault are major figures in this debate. The main tasks of democratic theory.

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  • It's impossible to comprehend Foucault's politics without understanding concept of resistance. Contrary to the claims of those who asserted that Foucault's notion of a power paralyzes, his notion of resistance supports a wide range of political action.

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  • Eurasian Economic Union, the purpose of its activities. The idea of a new joint currency, proposed by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The projected economic impact. The signing of the agreement on the establishment of the Customs Union.

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  • Determination of the cognitive approach its performance in its interpretation of the discourse. The study of frame structures in the German literature. Analysis of the functioning of the frame structures, denoting appearance of a person in the novel.

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  • The interest toward Francesco Casetti`s work, stimulated by a detailed review by Roger Odin. Casetti`s position in the forefront of contemporary international film theory, representing the position reached by the latest theoretical and semiotic work.

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  • The concept of franchising, an analysis of the main trends of modern development of franchising in the world. Key aspects of the use of franchising and the development prospects of this form of business in Ukraine, the characteristics of its shortcomings.

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  • Some questions which can be used as a starting point to a commented analysis of the Francophonie. An innovative phenomenon in the North-South relations. The French-speaking ideal between heritage of the French revolution and cultural interbreeding.

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  • The problem of free will and determinism, the question of destiny, the God's Essence and Attributes in islam. The Treatment of Mutakalimun (Theologians) Schools, of Medieval Scholars (al-Ghazzali and Shah Wali Allah). Modern Scholars' Treatment.

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  • The author's conception of the freedom of the will is neutral with regard to the problem of determinism. Person is the singular form of people, membership in a biological species. The distinction between a person and a wanton is as illustration.

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