• Kazakh Yurt and traditional national games. Traditional holidays and entertainments. Universal merry-making, games, traditional horse races and various amusements accompany festivities in county. Kazakh dastarkhan and areas of kazakhstan besbarmak.

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  • The studying a history of development the culture of Kazakhstan. Kazakh music and musical instruments. Consideration of national games: kazaksha kures, baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu and alty bakan. Traditional customs in Kazakhstan. National dishes and meals.

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  • Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia is a country with great potential for tourism development. Russian is the only official state language. Russia's literary history. Holidays and tradition in Russia. New Year is a public holiday.

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  • The study of the history of the Celtic civilization, which for a long time prevailed throughout Europe and had a huge impact on the further development of all European nations. The origin of the Celts, their culture, religion, traditions and customs.

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  • Determination of essence of culture and cultural shock. Senses of man, changing the place of the stay, possible disorders and fears. Studies of language and traditions, help and support of monogynopaedium and friends, and also exchange by experience.

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  • The content cultural of education as a part of osvitology and discipline. The relationship of the concepts of "culture" and "education". Principles underlying the Culturology of Education. Interdisciplinary training program "Culturology of Education".

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  • Curling - participants at the two teams on the ice allowed special heavy granite shells toward the marked target on the ice. Olympic sport, which consists in the descent from the snowy slopes of the mountains and the special projectile – snowboarding.

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  • The analysis of theoretical propositions for the improving "term system of national environmental legislation". The main priority measures in the context of modern European integration on amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On environmental protection".

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  • The socio-psychological characteristics of subjective well-being of an individual, analyze its main indicators, structure, mechanisms and functional components. The formation of subjective well-being on the mechanisms of social perception and evaluation.

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  • The problem of the English language influence on the German language. The analysis of some changes in the system of the German language of the last decade of the XXth and the beginning of the XXIth centuries. Modern borrowings in German language.

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  • The current state, trends and problems of the oil and fat industry enterprises of Ukraine. The optimal use of processing capacities and retention of leading status of Ukraine in the oil’s export require solutions to improve production efficiency.

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  • Concept of bank and banking system. The current situation of banking system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Structure of total liabilities of the banking sector. Problems and perspectives of development of banking system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • The characteristics of current state of national legislation of Ukraine in respect to data protection and its adaptation to the norms and standards of EU law. The issues of personal data protection on the basis of current operating legislative norms.

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  • Confirmation of the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis for selected commodities in the long term and some of the symptoms of Dutch disease in period 2000-2016 in Botswana, Canada, Nigeria and Norway. Price as channel of resource curse transfer in the short term.

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  • Analysis laws communicative space, represented as a curse, which recorded speech formulas, models of communicative behavioral tactics. Update negative emotions and feelings to broadcast threats and their assessment, given the nature of the community.

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  • Market information for rural tourism enterprises or family agritourism businesses about the actual willingness to pay. The study investigates the influence of demographic features on consumer's WTP. Analysis is based on the independent samples T-test.

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  • Study the customers’ expectation levels of service quality in the food retail sector in the "Pick n Pay" supermarket. Features of demand management in the enterprise. Determination the service quality on stores in Pietermaritzburg area, South Africa.

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  • So many countries so many customs, an English proverb says. The English national, religious holidays, public celebrations, traditional ceremonies, traditional sporting event. The British have many traditions, manners & customs of which they can be pro

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  • Traditions of Englishmen in political, social life, in meals, their traditional holidays: Christmas, St.Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Easter, Harvest Festivals, Halloween. A several unusual traditions: "Wrong side of the bed", "Blowing out the candles".

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  • The main factors that influenced the formation of the household and cultural traditions Australians. Customs, traditions in Australia: holidays and leisure activities, customs. Ways of life in Australia: marriage, gender and children, cuisine, fashion.

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