• The treatment of fractured teeth can be complicated. This case report describes a case of crown-root fracture of a left lower first molar in which endodontic treatment and rapid orthodontic eruption of the tooth made good prosthetic restoration possible.

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  • Random generators for cryptographic applications. Evaluation criteria for the principle design. Multiplication in binary extension fields. Time simulations and spectral algorithms. Limits on the maximum clock frequency of pipelined architectures.

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  • The security challenges of ubiquitous computing. The study side channel attack methodology. Hardware to solve sparse systems of linear equations over. Symmetric ciphers: side channel attacks and countermeasures. Attacks on asymmetric cryptosystems.

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  • Protection from disclosure to unauthorised persons integrity. Maintaining data consistency. Assurance of identity of person or originator of data non-repudiation. Conventional encryption: uses a shared key. Digital Signatures and especially their use.

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  • Block cipher modes of operation and data transformation for asymmetrical algorithms. Standardisation in cryptography. Trust models in public key cryptography. Cryptographic standards for the World Wide Web. People who play a role in cryptography.

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  • The problem of protecting information by transforming it, precluding its reading an outsider. Cryptographic methods of data protection - special encryption, encoding or a conversion. Architecture, devices and addresses applications of cryptography.

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  • Arithmetic and number theory in C and C++. The fundamental operations in programs. Modular arithmetic: calculating with residue classes. Addition chains and windows. Cryptographic application of exponentiation. A modern the data encryption standard.

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  • The book is organized into three parts. The first part covers private-key cryptography. Chapters 4-9 concern the main topics in public-key cryptography. The remaining four chapters provide introductions to four active research areas in cryptography.

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  • The crystal structures of the ternary intermetallics Ce3Pt5Al and Ce3Pt5Al2 from single crystal X-ray diffraction data. Pearson symbol in the triclinic space group. The coordination packings of centered polyhedra. Structures of the new intermetallics.

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  • Vector computers, main memory background. Multilevel caches, a typical memory hierarchy. Core memory, semiconductor memory, DRAM. Fast hit times via trace cache. Increasing cache bandwidth by pipelining, non-blocking caches. Merging arrays example.

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  • CSS (каскадные таблицы стилей) — технология описания внешнего вида документа, написанного языком разметки. Преимущества и сферы применения технологи CSS. Особенности CSS оформления веб-страниц. Способы включения CSS в HTML, различные блоковые модели.

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  • The article examines the peculiarities of feminist discourse in Maria Concepcion by the American writer Katherine Anne Porter, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize (1966). The author’s gender worldview reveals the combination of contradictory tendencies.

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  • The Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Champs elysees as the main Parisian treasures which are most popular among tourists. Characteristics of the castles in the Loire valley is made in the Renaissance style. The geographical features of the French Riviera.

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  • The early civilizations in Iranian plateau and their beliefs, customs and culture of that period. The Zoroastrian religions of ancient Iran. Culture and beliefs of the first residents Iranian plateau. The beginning of Mithraism and Zarathushtrism.

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  • Accounting for cultural values and beliefs when studying the process of historical economic development. Colonial origins hypothesis, Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson. Understanding of the ransplantation of European legal and political institutions.

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  • The significance of protestant ethics in the formation of a capitalist society. Value of ethical guides for religion and society development. Influence of the reformation on elements of the culture of capitalism. Understanding M. Weber's protestantism.

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  • Basic features of philosophy of the German philosopher, composer and theorist of music of T. Adorno. Research of Adorno of "authoritarian personality" as social-psychological pre-condition of fascism. Contradiction of tendencies is in a mass culture.

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  • Artistic and Cultural Life in Britain. Inigo Jones and Christopher Wren, their attachment to the culture. Westminster Abbey. The Tower of London. The Chichester Theatre Festival. The National Musical Instrument of the Scots. British Drama Theatre Today.

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  • Term culture of India. The History of India's culture. Attires in Indian culture and values. Family is about joy and sharing. Folk music and tradition is the rich heritage. Indian monuments and languages. Traditional Indian Clothing. People in India.

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  • The elements of the culture of ancient immigration Ireland's and influence more recent Anglicisation and Americanisation in a culture life of country. Legend of the Leprechaun. The island of Ireland fields as single international team in most sports.

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