• The cultural norms and legal enforcement in controlling corruption by analyzing the parking behavior of United Nations in Manhattan. A strong effect of corruption norms: diplomats from high-corruption countries accumulated more unpaid parking violations.

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  • Characteristics of corruption processes in public procurement sector. Institutional approach to study government procurement. Neo-institutionalism, the theory of transaction costs. Federal and regional level analysisof repeated government procurements.

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  • The concept of cost of capital. Composition and structure, model of cost. Cost of treasury shares. The problems of capital in the economy. Socially necessary labor costs and real costs of production. Contents of value and the limits of value relations.

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  • Criteria for customer service. Measuring service quality via customer satisfaction complaint. Customer behavior. Feature AirBaltic and Uzbekistan airways companies. Destinations, fleet, level of satisfaction of airBaltic and Uzbekistan airways passengers.

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  • Challenges and threats to food security. Characteristics of the scale of raiding in the agricultural sector, threatening food security. The need to overcome conflicts in the organizational and legal documents governing modern agricultural relations.

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  • Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the living in the city and in the country. Characteristic particular qualities of the Grodno (stadiums, institutions, colleges, palaces of culture, houses-museum), as a regional center in Belarus.

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  • Les documents sur la France, son histoire, les traditions et les coutumes. L'histoire du mouvement Olympique, l'encours des athletes de la France et de l'Ukraine. La vie et les loisirs des enfants en France. Des coins pittoresques de notre patrie.

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  • Понимание сути глаукоматозного процесса, заключающегося в повышении внутриглазного давления и развитии специфической глаукомной нейроретинопатии. Причины нарушения оттока водянистой влаги. Блокада склерального синуса и современные возможности лечения.

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  • Экономико-географическое положение Московской области, ее природно-климатические условия, потенциал природных ресурсов. Демографическая ситуация и рынок труда, экономический потенциал. Цели, задачи, показатели стратегии развития Московской области.

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  • Геологическое строение Южно-Печенгской структурной зоны. Классификация колчеданных руд по текстурным признакам, вещественному составу и в зависимости от количества сульфидов. Исследование морфологии, фазовой и внутрифазовой неоднородности минералов.

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  • The concept of "quality of life" is considered, which is studied by different sciences. It is brought that the conscious use of one's own potential and creativity gives a person the opportunity for self-realization and promotes her pleasure from life.

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  • The physical picture of the world - one of the factors that reveal the principle of creativity in the processes of self-organization and self-development of matter. The problem of creativity in the philosophical reflection on a person-world relations.

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  • Creativity of the celebrity’s public identity construction in risk discourse situation. Researched how Angelina Jolie creates her personal and social identity in her personal narrative on risk, where a narrative is understood as a personal story.

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  • The most horrible monsters and evil creatures of Celtic mythology. Bloody-Bones is a bugaboo from the childish rhyme. The legend about dreadful vampire the Dearg-Due. Monster the Banshee is a Celtic female spirit foretelling coming death in a family.

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  • The importance of micro and small enterprises in the economies of European and Asian countries. Creation of fair market conditions, convenient banking regulation and correction of the legal framework to support the growth of enterprises in Russia.

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  • The level of financial markets’ development, accessibility of credit resources. Summary statistics of parameters of interest, split by export status. Typical overlap plot for most of model specifications. Firms that have the potential to start exporting.

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  • Creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites. Stages, characteristics and deformation of creep. Mechanisms of creep. General creep equation. Dislocation, nabarro-herring, coble creep. Creep of polymers, of concrete. The molecular weight of the polymer.

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  • Сontent of criminal law protection of property in Ukraine and some countries. The direct monetary gains from crime vary with opportunities for crime, individual’s criminal skill and the secondary market for stolen goods. Becker model and its extensions.

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  • The concept of crimes against property, its types: burglary, theft, vandalism, etc. the Need to regulate human behavior, appearance law from religious sources. The media as one of the factors contributing to the development of crimes against property.

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  • The study of the problems of criminal legal assessment of the behavior of a person. The ratio of the right assessment of behavior and qualification of the crime. Legislative consolidation of the algorithm of criminal legal assessment, its stages.

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