• The chromosomal anomalies, microdeletions of AZF region of Y-chromosome and CFTR gene mutations. Genetic factor of infertility and Y-chromosome AZF region microdeletions of males with spermatogenetic failure. The frequency of CFTR major mutation F508del.

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  • Absolute value of a complex number, and conjugate complex number. Integral powers and roots of complex numbers. Taylor’s and Laurent’s theorems. Evaluation of integral of meromorphic function. Fundamental elementary functions of complex variables.

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  • Mapping the lexical structure of simple and complex linguistic units, which is a grammatical connection of words having a semantic completeness. The linguistic essence of the composite syntactic units. The classification of the subordinate clauses.

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  • Radix-22 Algorithms has been chosen to implement and the different blocks in the architecture. After implementing the blocks, the complex multiplier implementation has been done in four different approaches starting from the basic complex multiplication.

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  • Features complexation of adsorption of calixarene hydroxymethylphosphonic acid on the hypersil CN surface. Implementation the molecular modelling of calixarene hydroxymethylphosphonic acid and its complexes with tryptophan and N-acetyltryptophan amide.

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  • Review of current situation of Switzerland's banking secrecy. The study of the legitimacy of international law (the concept of Frank) in the light of empirical facts. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Economic sanctions, loss of reputation; internal costs.

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  • Speech act as the minimal functional unit in human communication, and analysis functions. Consideration of the basic problems of speech acts and compliments. The essence of the notion "speech act". Familiarity with the history of the study of compliment.

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  • The end-organ condition under the progression of hypertension. Additional criteria of target organ lesion. Correlation between morphological and functional characteristics of the cardiovascular system in patients with varying degrees of hypertension.

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  • Implementation of the "green economy" in Ukraine. Determination of measures to optimize the socio-economic and environmental state of the Kharkiv and Poltava regions. Use of natural resources on the basis of interregional and transnational cooperation.

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  • The questions of introduction of "green economy" in Ukraine are analyzed. Comprehensive assessment of Kharkiv and Poltava regions development is carried out. Measures to optimize socioeconomic and environmental state of the studied areas are determined.

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  • Analysis of the methodology for estimating the reproduction of fixed assets of an industrial enterprise, based on the methodology of the normative system of indicators. Significant reserves to improve the efficiency of reproduction of fixed assets.

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  • Consideration of microvascular reconstruction of defects of the lower jaw with a peroneal lid. Conducting reconstruction of the orofacial system, providing aesthetic and functional results. Versatility of the peroneal flap for reconstruction of defects.

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  • Characterization of features spline approximation television pictures. Rearranged algorithm spline approximation television images detailing calculation of the coefficients which gives the possibility to improve the quality of decompressing video.

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  • The types of simplification of criminal legal proceedings in foreign countries are considered. The main tendencies of formation of the simplified criminal proceedings in the countries of Anglo-Saxon legal system and the countries of the European Union.

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  • Familiarity with the basics of computer science and computer security. CompTIA Security + as an international, independent of vendor certification for information security professionals. General characteristics of the functions of the data-link layer.

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  • The value of cluster analysis to explain a number of phenomena. Consideration clustering algorithms computational intelligence, particularly based on neural networks and kernel-based learning. Review their application to five's real world problems.

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  • The use of computed radiography (CR) for the diagnosis of human body parts or organs. Unlike direct radiography: the use of x-rays instead luminfor tapes image is read via a special digital scanner. Medical applications: advantages, disadvantages.

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  • Develop a mechanism that identifies the line with Romanian chromatic words on the basis of computer technologies. The first phase of development of the dictionary meanings of poetic colors. Cooperation of linguists and specialists in informatics.

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  • Disclosure mechanisms that will help to identify lines with Romanian chromatic words on the basis of computer technology, as the first stage in developing the dictionary of poetic meanings of colors. Cooperation of linguists and computer specialists.

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  • The computer based mechanism which lead to the identification of lines with Romanian chromatic words as the first step in the process of elaboration of a dictionary of poetic meanings of colors. The cooperation of specialists from different fields such.

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