• Mathematical modelling methods in the processes of the formation and transmission of the signals of avionic systems. Model of the modulation processes having different initial data. Implementation of the model using the modulation system Simulink.

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  • The various aspects of state regulation of higher education. The approaches and methods of education management are determined, the disadvantages of excessive regulation are identified. The Ministry of Education, quality assurance in higher education.

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  • Aspects of teaching intensive reading students who are learning English as first foreign language. Techniques and exercises for the three phases teaching intensive reading, help teachers to stimulate students ' interest in reading literature in English.

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  • The international legal acts and obligations of Ukraine, directed on counteraction sexual exploitation and depravation of children, are analyzed, and also the problems of implementation of their requirements are probed in the legislation of Ukraine.

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  • The existence of human wants as the basis of all economic activity in a society. The usual explanation of the customer experience with the help of the law of diminishing marginal utility. The classification of goods and services into necessaries.

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  • The frequency of price changes for 350 categories of goods and services covering about 70 percent of consumer spending, on the basis of unpublished data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 1995–1997. The importance of price stickiness in economics.

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  • Some interesting facts on History of Australia, geographical situation, area, climate, animal world, big cities, industries and the agriculture. The population and political position. Dingo — Australian Wild Dog. The Strange World of Australian Animals.

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  • Features of frames as a structural mental representations of different spheres of human experience. Problematic cases of categorization, prototype effects and some of the border cases, which explains the frames. Function frames for cultural purposes.

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  • Answers to tickets in the form of thematic texts on English language courses. Describes the themes of education, tourism, the future of vocational guidance, tastes and problems of young people, environmental problems, especially language learning.

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  • The notion of weighted sharing of sets improving theorem A.I. Lahiri. Idea of gradation of sharing of values and sets known as weighted sharing. The definitions of the value distribution theory. Nonconstant meromorphic functions having no simple poles.

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  • Study of antioxidant properties and some adverse effects that can be associated with the use of P. nitida as hypoglycemic agent, used in some biochemical and histological studies. Analysis of biochemical studies of blood plasma and the lipid profile.

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  • Language learning through music. The studying of the usage of songs as tools for English Language Teaching. The analizing how language learning and music relate to each other. Using songs as audio materials in teaching English as a foreign language.

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  • Describing of a new approach to a successive reduction of attribute space dimension. Simplifing sorting multiple criteria alternatives and to diminish a complexity and labour-consumption of classification procedure. Construction of classification rules.

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  • The relationship between sovereign ratings and eurobond returns. Return volatility as the dependent variable, control, announcements of rating events, stationarity checks. Panel regression model. Empirical model for the Russian sovereign debt market.

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  • The usual interpretations of Newton's and Leibniz's view on the nature of space and the relativity of motion. A more accurate rendering of the opposition between Newton and Leibniz. Leibniz's theory of space against the representation of motion.

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  • This text is about Space Shuttle Columbia, the first flight . Columbia was the first orbiter in the fleet that originally had a mostly all-tile thermal protection system. Flights of Columbia including its final mission. Final mission and destruction.

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  • The essence of the functioning space station, as the main support person in the process of space exploration. Astronomical studies of weightlessness and its effects on people. The technological and navigational complexity of modern space stations.

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  • Pointing Control Definitions. Attitude Coordinate Systems. Rotation Matrix. Orientation of a body is uniquely specified by a vector giving the direction of a body axis and a scalar specifying a rotation angle about the axis. Spin Stabilized Spacecraft.

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  • Space tourism as the recent phenomenon of tourists for flights into space. Decreased the emphasis placed on space exploration. Russian and American programs on space tourism. Orbital flights, stations and hotels. Interest in constructing "space hotels".

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  • Метод конструктивного анализа – SPACE-анализ. Анализ стратегического положения и оценка действий компании. Факторы конкурентных преимуществ. Матрица стратегического положения и оценки действий. Графическое представление разных стратегических состояний.

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