• Примеры реакций с участием SH-формы гидросульфит-иона. Реакции получения кислот (анионов). Окислительно-восстановительные свойства соединений серы (IV). Строение анионов политионовых кислот, особенности ионной жидкости. Катионные формы теллура и селена.

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  • The birth of the "theater of the absurd" as a new trend in literature, evaluation of its contribution to the development of Beckett. An analysis of the character of the Waiting for Godot". The opposition as an structural element of the composition.

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  • Винчестер и BAD-секторы. Понятие и содержание, история возникновения S.M.A.R.T.-технологий, их спецификация и атрибуты. Виды дефектов и причины их появления, направления и этапы устранения. Журналы ошибок (SMART error log). Реализация функций S.M.A.R.T.

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  • Sabit Mukanov as the poet, novelist, playwright, literary critic and academician of the Kazakh SSR. His collection of poems and novels. "Botagoz" and "Syr-Darya" as famous Mukanov’s works. Membership in the Presidium of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

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  • Statistics increase in the total amount of information. Creating a storage cloud. Key features of its use. Consideration of the main advantages and disadvantages. Characteristic encryption and data protection. Recommendations file protection in the cloud.

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  • Дослідження деяких аспектів сучасної культури консюмеризму. Характеристика поняття sale-культури та її зв'язку з ресентиментом. Дослідження sale-культури як демонстрації практик розпродажів у супермаркетах, певної антропологічної моделі поведінки.

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  • Metabolism of Tritiated Water during Imbibition and Germination of Jack Pine Seeds. Protein Ubiquitination in Diploid Parthenogenesis and Embryos of Norway spruce. Mechanism of Pattern Formation in Plant Embryogenesis. Hormonal Control and Embryogenesis.

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  • Objectives, goals and environment, the business area, sales and financial performance of Samsung Electronics. The most profitable segments in 2013. Major Products and Global Market Shares. R&D spending by Samsung Electronics and its largest competitors.

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  • Analysis of the impact of Western sanctions against Russia at the European and the domestic economy. Changes in the consumption basket of Russians as a result of the crisis. Description of the causes and consequences of the devaluation of the ruble.

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  • Рассмотрение системы для разработки, настройки и эксплуатации систем управления производством, как в машиностроении, так и в других сферах. Определение мощности и масштабируемость платформы SCADA Infinity. Оценка надежности хранения данных в системе.

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  • Разработка программного обеспечения систем управления технологическими процессами в реальном времени. Основные функции и уровни автоматизации SCADA. Популярные SCADA-системы, имеющие поддержку в России. Основные инструменты редактора форм отображения.

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  • Основные структурные компоненты программы диспетчерского управления и сбора данных, логическая структурная схема. Особенности SCADA как процесса управления, её области применения, функциональные возможности. Роль диспетчера в управлении системой.

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  • Motivation from Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. Factorization of the Search Distribution. The Convex and Concave Lagrangian. FDA Factorizations and Region Graphs. Probabilistic Optimization and Linkage Learning. Learning Bayesian Networks from Data.

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  • Payoff function derivation. Account investors expectations and risk. The simulation scenario macroeconomic variables. The assessment of the likelihood of the scenario and parameter of the Bank. The regression analysis for indicators of the Bank.

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  • Composition and focus of the Russian rescue package. Resolution of the banking sector problems. Fiscal stimulus in Russia. Objective challenges of time. "Business as usual" scenario. The elements of the theory of business-cycles and the classical theory.

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  • Studying the system of education in Britain. Descriptions of English school syllabus. The elementary education in the Great Britain. Features of infant and junior schools. Analysis the categories of comprehensive academy, private and higher education.

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  • Formulation of a special document - Common State Standards for mathematics, according to which the state decided to teach schoolchildren. Visualization of equivalence partitions in their respective fields, domains and clusters at each level of study.

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  • Classified arrangement in the late Middle Ages, at the beginning of modern times. Systematic cataloguing in the 18th century. Remarks to the Regensburger Verbund klassifikation. Three principal elements of the classmark: location number, classification.

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  • Conception of science according to Thomas Kuhn. This paper has been entirely with refuting those arguments by which Kuhn purports to show that scientific method is not a means by which men can approach nearer to knowledge of the truth about the world.

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  • Approximations in Scientic Computation, сomputer Arithmetic, mathematical Software. Linear Systems, solving Linear Systems, Iterative Methods for Linear Systems. Linear Least Squares, eigenvalues and Singular Values, Nonlinear Equations, optimization.

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