• The development of information and communications technologies leads to new ways of marketing communication. The companies perception and intensity of implementation in Lithuania in comparison with Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, and Israel.

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  • Symbolic power in social space. Structuralism is social world itself and not only within symbolic systems, objective structures independent of the consciousness. A twofold social genesis the schemes of perception and social structures (social classes).

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  • The use of positive reinforcement provides a social rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities. Experiences of preschoolers with severe disabilities in an early education setting. The determinants of the mentally disabled child’s autonomy.

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  • The welfare effects of enhanced dissemination of public information through the media and disclosures by market participants with high public visibility. The importance of the timely publication of economic statistics, government and the central bank.

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  • Socialization as the process by which people learn characteristics of their group’s norms, values and behaviors. Three Levels of Socialization. What if Your Social Construction of Reality Is Not Average. Self-Concept: Who Are You. Larger Social Issues.

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  • A brief information on the state. A political system. The supreme bodies of the power of the state: their formation, powers, structure. The basic political parties. Model of economic development. Import and export of goods. The international rating.

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  • Study the phenomenon of wealth as the foundation of society as the main motive and motivation in the work of government to the community. Coverage of the main intentions in relation to wealth in Ukraine and factors of social codes phenomenon wealth.

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  • Studying the spectrum of socio-economic determinants of medical care of pregnant women in Pakistan. The average simulation time of the first treatment to the doctor during pregnancy. Groups of factors affecting the health of pregnant women in the country.

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  • Ethnosocionics is one of the directions of socionics, a young science, which was born on the boundary between psychology, sociology and information science. Socionics is based on the Jung's typology and Augustinavichjute's Intertypes' Relations Theory.

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  • A main effect of the exercise, in combination with the dietary history. The ingestion of sodium bicarbonate, the negative effects of fasting on high-intensity exercise capacity. Hypohydration - possible contributing factor to decreased exercise capacity.

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  • Chemical properties of sodium. Sodium compounds are important to the chemical, glass, metal, paper, petroleum, soap, and textile industries. History of appearance of sodium. The serum sodium and urine sodium.

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  • Methodology of assessment of losses from soils deterioration. The increase of risks of soil deterioration as a result of industrial crops cultivation. A significant deterioration in profitability at the account for restoration of soil fertility.

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  • Overview of the soil's ability to support plant growth, provide a plant habitat and consistent and consistent yields of high quality. The determination of the cornerstone contribution to fertility and fertility. Analysis of changes in compost and manure.

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  • The essence of the process of using solar energy in the areas of alternative energy. The process of generating electricity using solar cells. The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of solar energy. The use of photovoltaic installations.

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  • Synthesation, physicochemical properties of nanopowders LaPO4-LuPO4-H2O and LaPO4-YPO4-H2O. Investigation of thermal behavior orthophosphate nanosized solid solutions. Discussion results of the experiment, solubility and melting temperatures of systems.

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  • Основные улучшения новой версии SolidWorks 2012. Система управления инженерными данными SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. Работа с уравнениями в SolidWorks. Библиотека стандартных компонентов Toolbox. Модуль экологической экспертизы проекта Sustainability.

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  • Установка и администрирование SolidWorks. Индивидуальные и множественные установки на отдельных компьютерах и нескольких клиентах. Программа Workgroup PDM Viewer. Администрирование лицензий и устранение неполадок. Справка менеджера установки SolidWorks.

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  • Характеристика некоторых особенностей работы с SolidWorks. Разработка и модификация приложения SwCSharpAddin. Разработка макроса отрисовки болта. Описание этапов процесса построения шестигранного болта на основе разных подходов при создании детали.

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  • Linear Programming is concerned with maximizing or minimizing an equation over certain criteria. Mixed Integer Linear Programming: Techniques for Solving, Contribution of the Project, Solving Using Branch. Schematic for Branch and Cut algorithm.

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  • Взаємодія зовнішньо і внутрішньо оркестрових солістів в основі аналізу оркестрування. Основні оригінальні прийоми Й. Брамса: регулярні зміни густини викладення, незвичні дублювання, своєрідна динамізація репризи, неочікуванно тривале солювання гобою.

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