• The general definition of an adjective as parts of speech and its research both with theoretical, and from the practical point of view. Definition of use of an adjective, its syntactic functions, positions in the offer, and grammatical specific features.

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  • The definition of term "adjective" and the characteristic of adjectives from grammatical point of view. The role of adjectives in English language. The ways of translation of english adjectives into russian. Reflecting modern trends in linguistics.

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  • Analysis of the development of the institution of the administrative agreement as a source of administrative law and the form of public administration. The nature and main features of the participation of people in the management of legal relations.

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  • Характеристика базовых возможностей программы Adobe InDesign CS3, изучение ее графического интерфейса и назначения основных управляющих элементов. Создание векторных иллюстраций для публикаций. Упражнения по работе с текстом, графикой и изображениями.

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  • Возможности Adobe Photoshop: описание доступных палитр, правила сканирования, импорта и экспорта изображений. Основные функции и действия в программе: выделение областей, использование контуров, рисование и редактирование, выбор цветов, каналы и маски.

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  • Рассмотрение характеристик растрового изображения, программных средств реализации растровой графики. Описание способов передачи цвета пикселей. Изучение сферы применения, возможностей, инструментов Adobe Photoshop. Приведение примеров монтажа изображений.

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  • История Adobe Photoshop. Различия между Adobe Photoshop и Corel Draw. Анализ интерфейса программы и особенности изображений в программе Adobe Photoshop. Работа с текстом, каналами, фильтрами и цветом. Охрана труда при работе с электрооборудованием.

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  • Modernism as a multifaceted phenomenon. The opposition between modernist procedures and inclusive postmodernist practices. A separation of technical and aesthetic needs. Modernization ability to turn difference into equivalence, to make objects fungible.

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  • Suggesting a typology of musical listeners, Adorno invites readers to refine his proposed schema and to apply it to their real-world observations. This study inquires into the nature of this body of information. The culture consumer and expert listener.

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  • The theoretical bases lactic acid adsorption at the mineral and carbon adsorbents. Influence of acidity on equilibrium and speed of absorption. Sorption facilities of zeolite to lactic acid in the static conditions. Adsorption capasity of adsorbents.

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  • Short record of 7th international scientific-technical conference. Main topics of Conference’s program. Oil and gas processing, petrochemistry and coal chemistry, chemmotology of lubricants and technical liquids, ecological aspects of refineries.

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  • Centroids and Moments of Inertia, and Center of Mass. First Moment and Centroid of a Set of Points. Kinematics of a Particle. Dynamics of a Particle. Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Equation of Motion for the Mass Center.

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  • Encryption standard adopted by the USA government through a competitive Advanced Encryption Standard. Evaluation algorithms for the various platforms. Cryptographic analysis and its properties. Testing of individual algorithms. Algorithmic version of AES.

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  • Now it is difficult to imagine any area (field) of activity of the person where the help of computers is not in demand. An exit on the market of the new manufacturer of processors under name AMD - Advanced Micro Devices. History of development of company.

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  • Results from the application of dental CT in endodontics. Dental computerized tomography examination of the maxilla in a case of extensive periapical lesion. Dental CT in the diagnosis of periapical lesions and pathologic conditions of the jaws.

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  • Consideration of book presentsways, him разнородностей in statistical models on the different levels of analysis, successive theoretical structure that places the models of lids as decision elements in a race between a steganography and steganalysis.

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  • Basics of Contemporary Cryptography for Information Technology Practitioners. Codes for Error Detection. Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptography. Arcs, minihypers, and the classification of three-dimensional Griesmer codes. About the code equivalence.

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  • Signature schemes and anonymous credentials from bilinear maps. Asymptotically optimal communication for torus-based cryptography. Paradigm of hybrid encryption scheme. Pseudo-signatures, broadcast, and multi-party computation from correlated randomness.

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  • Faster explicit formulas for computing pairings over ordinary curves. Secure authentication from a weak key, without leaking information. Towards a game theoretic view of secure computation. Concurrent composition in the bounded quantum storage model.

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  • Rotational Rebound Attacks on Reduced Skein. Improved Generic Attacks on Unbalanced Feistel Schemes with Expanding Functions. Conditional Differential Cryptanalysis of NLFSR-Based Cryptosystems. Constant-Size Commitments to Polynomials and Applications.

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