• The Graphical Modeling and Bayesian Networks. Some Properties of Incomplete Repair and Maintenance Models. The Theoretical Advances in Modeling, Inference and Computation. Network Reliability Evaluation with Propositional Directed Acyclic Graphs.

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  • Analysis, synthesis and properties of six isomeric heterocyclic systems containing two fused rings of pyridine with different relative positions of the atoms of nitrogen - naphthyridines. Physicochemical properties and reactivity of naphthyridines.

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  • Brief introduction to alternative assessment. Features of teaching English. Implementation of the assessment in practice. Problems of language and translation. The strategies, techniques of alternative assessment in teaching English into the classroom.

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  • The method of aerodynamic condition of the aircraft on the thermal fields was developed. There are identified diagnostics the regularities of formation of temperature gradients in the boundary layer of air that occurs after damage of external contours.

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  • The root canal treatment usually fails when the treatment is carried out inadequately. The aetiology of the failure of root canal treatment, particularly in cases of well-treated root canals. Indications for the treatment of endodontic failures.

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  • Research of origin, historical development and features of language of afrikanos as one of official languages of Yuzhno-African Republic. Morphological and grammatical features of language of afrikanos. Analysis of vocabulary and dictionary of language.

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  • The connection with the fiftieth anniversary commemoration of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The interdisciplinary nature of Adorno’s writing. The negative teleology of modernity found in Adorno’s earlier works Negative Dialectics.

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  • The role of debt in motivating organizational efficiency at the enterprise. Evidence from financial restructuring, leveraged buyout and going private transactions, the oil industry. Takeovers in the oil industry. Free cash flow theory of takeovers.

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  • The methodological, technical approaches are considered to construct the agent-based model with built-in artificial neural networks. This model describes the user's behavior of electronic, distance learning in a virtual environment of one of universities.

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  • Актуальность разработки библиотек для работы с графами. Библиотека AGraph, внутреннее представление графов. Базовые средства и использование атрибутов. Поддержка различных видов графов. Ввод и вывод графов. Создание специализированных классов графов.

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  • Organised marketing of agricultural commodities has been promoted in the country through a network of regulated markets. Agriculture sector needs well functioning markets to drive growth, employment and economic prosperity in rural areas of the country.

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  • Exploration the psychological, pedagogical, methodological literature on the school education. Developing technological profile based on selection criteria of content. Theoretical justification agricultural schools as a form of profile training school.

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  • Государственное налоговое регулирование в поддержке развития фермы в США. Особенности вычисления дополнительного налога в агроиндустриальном комплексе. Функции налоговых привилегий в сельском хозяйстве. Отличительная особенность финансирования экономики.

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  • The article brings about an analysis of the problem of creating agritourism farmsteads in Poland, in terms of motivation in undertaking entrepreneurial activities by individual farmers. The farmers’ reasons were classified regarding economic motivation.

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  • Принципи запилення та запліднення буряку шляхом ізоляції рослин від навколишнього середовища. Ефективність стерильних видів зазначеної сільськогосподарської технічної культури. Стійкість гербіциду, після його поєднання із бактеріальною суспензією.

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  • Отримання рекомбінантних білків у рослинах методом Agrobacterium-опосередкованої транзієнтної експресії. Вплив екзогенних речовин (фітогормонів, метилжасмонату та його інгібіторів) і вірусного супресора сайленсингу генів на накопичення білка GFP.

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  • Место вирусов в биосфере, их эволюционное происхождение, строение и свойства. Проблемы рака в современном мире. Онкогенность герпесвирусов. Вирусы животных, растений и человека, способы заражения. Особенности эволюции вирусов на современном этапе.

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  • Environmental problem - one of the main constraints on the increase of air transport in the 21-st century. Specific features of the implementation of the state policy in the area of governance, the fight against air pollution, reduce aircraft noise.

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  • Akhtala is a 10th century fortified Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the village of Akhtala in the marz of Lori, 185 kilometers north of Yerevan. The fortress played a major role in protecting the north-western regions of Armenia (Gugark).

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  • The monuments and the exhibitions of Akshardham (Hall of Values, theatre, musical fountain, boat ride, gardens), the other features (Yogi Hraday Kamal, Nilkanth Abishek, Narayan Sarovar, Premvati Ahargruh, AARSH Centre), his history and development.

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