• The Abbey Mills Mosque, also known as the London Markaz or Masjid-e-Ilyas, is a proposed mosque and Islamic centre. The mosque would be built by Tablighi Jamaat (a Muslim missionary movement) near of the London 2012 Olympic Park, public relations.

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  • Intense increase in new words as a result technical and scientific inventions. Analysis subject to individual terms of the network. Methods of word-formation in English. Study of types of abbreviations used in internet communication and types of acronyms.

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  • Детализированная и эффективная бизнес-модель хлебопекарных предприятий потребительской кооперации. Стратегически важные товары, выводимые на занятый сегмент рынка, их объемные выражения и параметры, характеризующие стабильность сбыта или потребления.

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  • Activity Based Costing-аналіз факультетів східноєвропейського національного університету імені Лесі Українки за надходженнями від плати за навчання магістрантів першого курсу. Загальне поняття про співвідношення Парето. Аналіз доходів бакалаврату.

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  • Aberdour Castle is located in the village of Easter Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. History: origins, 16th century, the later Earls, final decline; description. Aberdour Castle is now in the care of Historic Scotland, and is open to the public all year.

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  • Astana is the capital and second largest city (behind Almaty) of Kazakhstan. It is located in the north-central portion of Kazakhstan, within Akmola Province, although it is politically separate from the rest of the province, which has its own capital.

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  • The opportunities of the GeoGebra dynamic geometry environment. Capabilities of the system for creating drawings, tables of experimental data and their application in conducting research work. The examples of solving some elementary geometry problems.

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  • The roller of the belt as the most important parts of the conveyor, being subjected to continuous stress both during operation and in stopping periods. Causes and weight percentage of failures due to fatigue. Sealing system with simple labyrinth.

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  • Sufism in Sharaf Khanum's divan. Sufism as a integral part of Islamic culture. Sharaf Khanum's poems dedicated to Uveys Karani, Yazichizadeh Muhammed and Yazichizadeh Bijan. Expression of love in the poems for Abdulqadir Gilani who founded Kadiri sect.

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  • Analysis of trends in search of directions and priorities for processing electronic documents on the Internet. Technical principles of building an information retrieval system and use of the linguistic processor and neural networks for solving problems.

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  • Defining features of the motion of moving the controls in vibroudarnogo qualifier. Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of processing of minerals. Creating an analytic function, which could describe the trajectory of the mass center of the rink.

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  • Features, specifics and main advantages of teaching subjects at the International Finance faculty in English. Characteristics and differences of English mathematics from "Russian" subjects. The importance of maintaining discipline in English classes.

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  • Equations of the dependence of the rotational and orbital movements of the planets. The possibility of terrestrial photosynthesis when the angles of rotation of the Sun and the Earth are equal through the resonance of the particle-wave mechanism.

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  • Abraham Lincoln is 16th president of the united states. Early life and ancestry the future president. His young manhood. Lincoln's election to the congress. Disillusionment with Politics. Life in the White House. The status of slavery in the USA.

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  • A. Lincoln as the 16th President of the United States, his basic achievements are in a policy. Description of activity of A. Lincoln’s on post-modernism of president. A role of the known politician is in national history of the United States of America.

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  • Поняття та етапи управління базами даних. Характеристика об’єктів системи управління базами даних Access: таблиця, запити, форми, звіти, макроси, модулі. Структура таблиць, типи, призначення і властивості полів. Робота з майстром створення бази.

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  • Study of features of lysergic acid diethylamide opening. Characteristic aspects of cornflakes in the United States. Analysis of the background of the invention of the pacemaker. Characteristics based on the version of the discoverer of anesthesia.

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  • The balance sheet, income statement, ompany financial statements. The balance sheet. The statement of cash flows. Consolidated statements, disclosure and auditing requirements, measurement principles, asset value, asset cost, problems of measurement.

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  • Principles of financial statements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and characteristics of their types: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Stages of a preparatory work on reporting. Governing bodies and control, labor staff in agency.

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  • Examination of the characteristics of the offender, taking into account the process of realization of criminal liability. The revealing the contents of the personal characteristics and their significant impact on the realization of criminal liability.

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