• A history over the centuries of women’s subjugation. Afghanistan’s social development. The rapid reforms to improve women’s lives and position in the family. The second era of intense women’s reform. The testing grounds for the future of hybridization.

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  • Determination by Aristotle essence of substance. The relationship between essence, universal and individual are the crux of the problem of knowing. Doctrine of knowing - human knowing involves a movement from observation through inquiry to affirmation.

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  • Characterization of Otway-Rees and Needham-Schroder Protocol. The main smart Deals of suggestion by Butler Lampson. Analysis the table shows well-known properties: the goal of each protocol, the type of cryptosystem used, shared key or public key.

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  • The History of Gillette company, its market environment in India, competitors and consumers. Analysing of targets and elements of marketing strategies and segmentation. Essentials of marketing mix. Feature of product, pricing and promotion strategies.

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  • Consideration of the Shannon's mathematical theory of communication as the technology processing of information. Problems associated with the transmission of messages: eliminate redundancy, perform coding and messaging communication channels with noise.

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  • The task of organizing Britisch's findings into a coherent presentation. Historical and aesthetical spirit of Britisch's investigation. The fundamental questions of the British theory of Art Education. Sound knowledge of modern psychology of perception.

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  • The concept of corporate social responsibility. Тhe model used to measure socially responsible activities, instruments of evaluation. Assessment of state, assessment of impact and influence, assessment of response. The measurement for socially аctivity.

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  • In monetary policy the choice is shifting from money supply to interest rate and nominal GDP targets. The perspective is that by maintaining the aggregate demand, recessions could be avoided. The revived of Keynes's model of GDP through Krugman's stance.

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  • Economic analysis of time series. A Markov model of trend. Forecasting and present value calculations. Markov Trend in levels, logs. Estimation, filtering, and smoothing. Stochastic specification, filtering. Maximum likelihood estimates for U.S. GNP data.

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  • New patterns of display of transversal of Doppler effect in nonrelativistic case at the multi-wave concerted sounding. The feature of MDLL as independence of frequency of Doppler signal on the output of QD from a wave-length the emission accepted EM.

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  • Description the three indicators: the mutual funds cash ratio, the short interest ratio, and the odd-lot ratio and their behavior during the 1955-1970 period. Examining the simultaneous relationship between three stock market indicators and stock prices.

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  • Art like a reflection of reality in artistic images, creative activity. Characteristics of the aesthetic conceptions of Vira Vovk at art through the lens of epistolary heritage. Intellectualism - an essential feature of creativity of this poetesse.

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  • Recently, a new wine grapes produced by generative breeding are being introduced into commercial cultivation. The use of selected varieties of grapes grown in Ukraine for the genetic connection and analysis of the consistency of their breeding scheme.

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  • Consideration of the history of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. in the XIX century. The Missouri Compromise. The end of slavery was going to be a bigger challenge than America was ready for. Each area had their own opinions concerning slavery.

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  • Changes of structural and power parameters of molecules of Laevomycetinum, conditioned by adsorption. Descriptors of biological activity of Laevomycetinum are energy of НВМО and length sanctify O hydrogen - H.O in the propanediol fragment of molecule.

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  • The recent application of the principles of quantum mechanics to cryptography. Now possible to construct cryptographic communication systems which detect unauthorized eavesdropping should it occur, and which give a guarantee of no eavesdropping.

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  • The dimension reduction as a way to overcome the errors of the measurement when dealing with vector data in high-dimensional spaces and as a modelling tool of map. A techniques for dimension. The implementation of neural's networks for these techniques.

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  • The quantum theory of a free real scalar eld as one of the few quantum eld theories that are exactly soluble. The classical structures as relevant for quantization and is used for constructing the Schrodinger representation in the general case.

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  • Opening of determination of suggestion in English and analysis of his structure. Structural elements of suggestion and his decline are in modern English. Methods of decline of suggestion by the abstract of control of syntax and model of decision tree.

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  • Ecological and economic effects of this widespread introduction of strong acids into natural systems. Combustion of fossil fuels that produce waste by-products including gases such as oxides of sulfur andnitrogen. Effects on surface water quality.

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