• The development of rape-cake extract as eco-friendly volatile corrosion inhibitors. Analysis of volatiles by GC-MS. Theoretical study of molecular spatial structure, causes of the shortage of the energy and density of the extract, its key compounds.

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  • Research of a role of values and life style (VALS) in brand loyalty. An attempt to recognize the preferences and segment the readers of the English newspapers based on their psychographic profiles by using VALS. Customers Profile of English Newspapers.

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  • Analysis, evaluation of the ability of Hoplobatrachus rugulosus erythrocytes to phagocytosis of microorganisms. Increase of phagocytic activity of red blood cells of H. rugulosus to S. cerevisiae and Shigella sp. at high and low incubation temperatures.

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  • Suggesting an interpretation of Bergson's doctrine of Intuition which resolves the contradiction involved in the statement of his epistemology as found in his works. The intuition as a non-intellectual process which gives us knowledge through concepts.

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  • Prime and composite numbers. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic states. Sample factorizations. Review of elementary number theory. Some essential algorithms. RSA public-key cryptosystem. Finding squares through products. Large prime variations.

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  • Separating the foundations of mathematics from philosophy. Difference between the theory of formal systems theory and evidence. Classical first order predicate logic. Elementary and full analysis. Existing proof theory. Infinitely long expressions.

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  • This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a method to prevent intracanal breakage of endodontic files. The experimental system effectively reduced the incidence of intracanal instrument fractures and the total number of files consumed.

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  • The analysis of irrational usage of sugar beet byproducts has been performed. A number of shortcomings that have a traditional technologies of beet pulp drying. An alternative technology is based on using of forced ventilation of beet pulp with cold air.

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  • The goals and objectives of accounting procedures in the context of the maintenance, production and sales of products, goods and delivering the service are outlined. The tasks of analytical work to determine the efficiency of each process are provided.

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  • The matematical notion of set standardly explicate that notion of aggregation. Semantically intelligible from to some of our descriptions involving plural constructions and mass terms. Serve to hane description between concrete and abstract objects.

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  • Heraclitus - the founder of the dialectic. The analysis of the fragments-quotes book "On the nature". Five doctrines of the teachings of Heraclitus and their interpretation. Logos as the criterion of truth, the idea of universal variability and movement.

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  • This essay is discussing the following works by Lyotard. The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, Geoffrey Bennington and Brian Massumi; Just Gaming. Peregrinations: Law, Form, Event. The Differend: Phrases in Dispute, Georges Van Den Abbeele.

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  • Design, develop Micro Air vehicle system provides a platform to support a very wide variety of missions for the small unit. Further miniaturization of electronics and sensors these vehicles to become even smaller and to operate in complex environments.

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  • Plume model to estimate vapor pressure deficits in tree canopies during surface fires. Operational methods for predicting tree mortality from fire injury. Characteristics of fires and resulting plume-model boundary conditions used to predict cavitation.

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  • The texts of the scripture are thoroughly investigated in which the role of a woman in family is revealed. The moral consciousness and stimulation of a virtuous activity a woman in the modern world. Primary sources on the history of early Christianity.

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  • The semantic structure of English and Ukrainian words. The socio-linguistic, psychological and logical classification of semantic change. Both the lexical and the grammatical meanings make up the word-meaning as neither can exist without the other.

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  • Study the directions and trends in the modern Church and pasazerow music. Consideration of creative content, genre and stylistic peculiarities and differences of the works of composer A. Gaidenko "it is truly meet", "o Theotokos the virgin, rejoice".

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  • Представлення результатів ab initio розрахунків рівноважної геометричної будови, електронної структури та коливних спектрів для молекули аденіну. Використання обмеженого за спіном методу Хартрі-Фока (RHF) і теорію функціоналу густини з базисним набором.

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  • The Abbey Mills Mosque, also known as the London Markaz or Masjid-e-Ilyas, is a proposed mosque and Islamic centre. The mosque would be built by Tablighi Jamaat (a Muslim missionary movement) near of the London 2012 Olympic Park, public relations.

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  • Intense increase in new words as a result technical and scientific inventions. Analysis subject to individual terms of the network. Methods of word-formation in English. Study of types of abbreviations used in internet communication and types of acronyms.

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