• Alan Mathison Turning - an English computer scientist, mathematician, cryptanalyst. He was highly influential in the development of theoretical computer science, providing a formalisation of the concepts of algorithm, computation with the Turing machine.

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  • Description in the works Camus violent attempts to improve society - fascism, Stalinism. Proof philosopher fact that the fight against violence and injustice is still more the violence and injustice in society. Introduction to the theory of revolt Camus.

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  • Camus' existentialist commitment issues, its interpretation and the importance of freedom for the individual and the nation as a whole. The need for positive morality for human and humane political principles for a society to understand the philosopher.

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  • Formation of aldehydes and advanced glycation and lipooxidation end products in oxidative and monosaccharide stresses. The investigation of oxidative stress parameters formation and aldehydes possibility to oxidative stress induction in rat's thymocytes.

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  • Characteristics of the active screening of the magnetic field lines of a flat three-phase power. The relationship between the beta-chain component currents and alpha-beta transformation. Reducing the width of the sanitary zone under sides electric.

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  • A lifestory of Alfred Nobel - a Swedish chemist and the inventor of dynamite who established the Nobel Prize. Many of the companies founded by Nobel have developed into industrial enterprises that still play a prominent role in the world economy.

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  • The mechanism of development and implementation of the optimal synthesis search algorithm and analysis of gas costs. Features of control using the maintenance schedule. Technological process of methanol synthesis under conditions close to optimal.

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  • Cross Country skiing. Top Ten Ski Resorts. The correct length of ski poles. Skis used for ski jumping. Carrying out of the big marathons in Europe and the North America. The fastest recorded speed for a man on skis. The fastest Alpine ski sport.

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  • Nietzsche has recently enjoyed much scrutiny from the critiques. Jacques Derrida - the leader of that movement, here combines in his strikingly original and incisive fashion questions of sexuality, politics, writing, judgment, procreation and death.

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  • Content includes topics from the theory of logistics, associations with the other activities that limit the ability to perform its role and function in a society. Analysis of the entities responsible for various elements of infrastructure security.

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  • Analysis of the distribution of polymorphic variants of genes by SNP F2 G20210A, F5 G1691A and MTHFR C677T among the Ukrainian population. Analysis of SNP alleles among unrelated individuals by PCR and RFLP analysis. Evaluation of combined genotypes.

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  • Сегментация и факторный анализ рынка шоколада Российской Федерации. Особенности развития сегмента шоколадных плиток и поведения потребителей этой группы товаров. Маркетинговый анализ торговой марки AlpenGold: проблемы бренда и направления их решения.

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  • Study of features of production a-particles with nonzero orbital angular momentum in the decay of deformed nuclei in the cluster model using the WKB. Characteristics of a-decay half-lives for set of deformed nuclei with nonzero orbital angular momentum.

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  • Linux — название Unix-подобных операционных систем на основе одноимённого ядра. Основные области применения Linux. ASP Linux и ALT Linux: описание, специфические особенности, версии дистрибутивов. Сравнительная характеристика этих операционных систем.

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  • Testing features on the basis of assessment activities and use of a language portfolio. The emergence of the competence approach, its spread in modern methods of teaching foreign languages. The reliability and validity of alternative assessment.

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  • Solar and water power. Nuclear power plants. Appropriate regions for alternative energy. Environmental problems that may have a terrible influence on the future of the world. Greenhouse effect is the emissions of different gases in the process of firing.

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  • The Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Yellowstone and Death Valley National Parks are unique places in North America. The Mount Rushmore is number one tourist attraction. The Everglades ecosystem is the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA.

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  • The history of economy of the USA in the XX century. Reconstruction through the Roaring Twenties. Great Depression through World War II (1929-1945). Social life of America in the XX century. Women gain the right to vote and racial discrimination.

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  • Introduction, theoretical part “Slang”. More about slang. Linguistic processes forming slang. Position in the language. Practical part, Do the best you can, do your research. Dictionary of youth slang during 1960-70’s. Dictionary of modern British slang.

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  • Cinema as a necessary and important part of peoples lives. New York as a movie theater capital of the country. The earliest history of films and movie theatres. The growth of the film industry, major film genres. Film Companies, Directors and Producers.

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