• Almost in every culture in the world there is a celebration of thanks for rich harvest. The American Thanksgiving began as a feast of thanksgiving almost four hundred years ago. The traditional foods and dishes: roast turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie.

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  • Description of Pilgrims sailing to America from Plymouth, England, in 1620. Analyze their first winter in the New World and the first Thanksgiving Day. Studying symbols and traditional menu of Thanksgiving dinner, the recipes of Native Americans dishes.

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  • The founders of the Findhorn garden and the community. Cooperation with human vegetable kingdom. Incredible conditions in a garden for fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs. Interaction between humans and the universe, to create a paradise on Earth.

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  • The history of ornamental gardening may be often considered as aesthetic expressions of beauty through art and nature, a display of taste or style in civilized life, an expression of culture's philosophy. The historical development of garden styles.

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  • Historical development of the photographic art as a means of artistic expression. The idea of projecting images using the camera obscura and the implementation of the first captured image. The use of "documentary" pictures. Form of fine photo-art.

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  • The main films in the cinematography, where the characters were mermaids. Analysis of the mermaids images, with both the external and the internal side. Comparison the positions of filmmakers with their national consciousness in different countries.

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  • Stonehenge as first and the most famous monument used for astronomical observation. Castlerigg Stone Circle as one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain. The construction and history of the Avebury complex and Rollright Stones.

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  • Amazing libraries the world, historical and modern. National Library of Belarus in Minsk, ontains the largest library of publications and the third largest collection of Russian books outside its territory. Greatness of Stockholm Public Library.

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  • Learning English tradition of celebrating New Year, Christmas , Easter , Thanksgiving , Valentine's Day , Halloween , St. Andrew "s Day, Mother's Day and Memorial Day. The analysis of the characteristic differences holiday customs in the Great Britain.

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  • A conception of technology that pertains to the routine, automatic, mass production of multiple instances of the same product, the question of relation of the relation of art to technology. An era of mass art, artworks incarnated in multiple instances.

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  • Determination of the geographical position of Kazakhstan. Consideration of features of conducting of the economy, agriculture, industry, manufacturing. foreign policy action features. The establishment of the modern trends of development of the Republic.

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  • Films could improve self-esteem in teens quite good. It was claimed that when people study cinema, they study themselves. Films can help them to deal with life issues. Cinematherapy could be used to assist the client in beating goals and guide to self up.

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  • Riches, complexity, uniqueness of mricn cultur, forses that shaped it, imprtd trditins. Dvlpmnt f Mss Mdi, mricn cultur as dfin pttrns f lif in th Unitd Stts. Trditinl mricn cuisin. Histry f ductin in mric.

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  • Thomas Gainsborough as one of the most delightful, spontaneous and naturally gifted of all English painters and draughtsmen. Childhood and youth of painter. Using by Gainsborough some of his sketches of mountain scenery for the little show box.

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  • The first Dutch paintings came to Russia in the early eighteenth century. The artistic merits of the Dutch canvases in the St. Petersburg collections of the time were, generally speaking, not very high. The history of painters awakened patriotism Dutch.

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  • The description of English, Scottish and Welsh traditions, associated with historical facts, parliamentary, court and state ceremonies, university life, popular holidays. Analyze of pageantry and other colorful ceremonies, that are part of everyday life.

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  • As intellectual history, "Mastery and Escape" provides background by connecting modernism to XIX century philosophy. The modernist convictions about human nature and about history. These expert studies in some of the key figures behind Eliot's modernism.

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  • Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. Kyiv is the capital of our country. It stands on the river Dnipro. There is a legend that three brothers Kyi, Shchek, Khoriv and their sister Lybid founded the city. The historical places of interest in Kyiv.

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  • Study the basics of composition and thematic diversity of artistic methods in the paintings of the great Russian painter and architect Victor Vasnetsov. Structural analysis of the most famous creations, created by the historical and folk painting.

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  • Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853 - July 29, 1890) is generally considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt, though he had little success during his lifetime. He is regarded as a post-impressionist, rather than an impressionist. Life and Work.

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