• Анализ тональности текста, определение и происхождение понятия, цели, основные свойства и области применения. Подходы к классификации тональности. Машинное обучение с учителем и без, тестирование различных параметров. Классификаторы и выбор признаков.

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  • Calculation of main electrical value and determination of isolation distances. Determination of the mass of the active part of the magnetic circuit, building materials and oil. Description of the design of transformers. Calculation of the HV winding.

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  • Reforming of higher education. The main task of the clinical departments, and the Departments of General Surgery, is the formation of students' clinical thinking, sufficient volume of theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for nurse.

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  • Events held before the loading and unloading of heavy cargo, including taking into account the fact that the ship has an initial roll angle. The position of the keel when loading. The main criteria of ship stability during heavy lift operations.

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  • Parameters characterizing the development of shoots, leaves and roots in two-month plants of each studied genotype on each variant of a liquid or solid medium. Development of a regression equation describing the average value of plant development.

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  • An electronic questionnaire to increase the efficiency of monitoring the growth and development of school-age children. Place control in physical development, education of students in the school of nursing. Use of resources and the working time nurses.

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  • Development of optimization method for wind power stations using integral assessment of the object and the method of dynamic programming. The stability of the system, the percentage capacity increase. To determine the optimal structure of a wind station.

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  • Description of the main optional devices. TabletPC, processing power and hard drive. Scanner is an input device to the PC color or black and white images from paper. Basic user data: resolving power, scan speed, specifications. Printer, mouse, keyboard.

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  • Общая характеристика и объекты приложения Oracle Power Objects - современной и оригинальной системы управления базами данных. Подход к разработке баз данных, реализуемый в Oracle Power Objects. Проектирование пользовательских классов и библиотек.

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  • Determination of the main directions of modern modernization of the mechanism of innovative development of industrial complex. Evidence of the need for innovation and its focus on improving the efficiency and competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

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  • Implementation distance learning into training the specialists of practical pharmacy, based on the experience of Management and Economics of Pharmacy Department of Institute of Pharmacy. Spread of communication possibilities in the educational process.

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  • The concept, the history of gastronomic tourism. Classification, features and characteristics of construction gastronomic routes. The description of the financial indicators of tourist enterprises the establishment and development of a gastronomic tour.

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  • Description and features of hotel services, the list of requiring payment and free of charge services. Types of additional services which are given in tourist complexes of Ukraine. Organization of domestic consumer, transport, leisure services in hotels.

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  • Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization consisting of the world's major oil-exporting nations, having a goal to coordinate the petroleum policies of its members. Objective, areas of operation, means, resources of OFID.

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  • Identifying and assessing the causes of burnout among nurses working in intensive care units (ICU). Developing ways of early prevention and ways to reduce fatigue. Determining the level of burnout among nurses ICU, based on age and length of service.

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  • Surface organizational culture. Subsurface organizational culture. The company’s architecture and the organization of space. Some service places created especially for clients, the usage of the logotype, verbal and non-verbal behaviour of its workers.

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  • The study of aspects of the organizational culture of business management in the industrial district of Brazil. A technique for measurement of the elements of the organizational culture of the company. Proposals on the improvement plan strategists.

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  • The article considers the issues of organizational development as well as the efforts to arrange sources of organization so that its performance is effective and leads to the satisfaction of not only customers. And not only customers but also of employee.

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  • Advances in the organometallic chemistry of heterocyclic ligands. Unique photochemical and electrochemical properties organomanganese and organorhenium complexes of polypyridine ligands, their ability to form molecular assemblies and nanocrystallites.

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  • The textual practice of Occidentalism. The interest of sexual and discursive liberation. A gentle appreciation of E.M. Forster in the twenty-first sonnet. The sign "China" in Auden's cycle. Petrarchan Rhyme Scheme and Variations in "Sonnets from China".

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