• Description of the method for solving the one-dimensional stationary Schrodinger equation. Fourier Transformation of the wave equation. The discrete energy levels. Analysis based on a quantum-well device. The functional dependence of the potential well.

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  • Интерактивные технологии в образовании (электронный вариант учебника совместно с системой интерактивного тестирования), их преимущества. Создание систем тестирования основанных на базе web-технологий. Системы online оценки знаний в современной школе.

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  • The general notion of onomatopoeia, examples and usage in literature. Onomatopoeia denoting the sounds of nature. Their direct and figurative value. Onomatopoeia produced by different objects, their examples. Common Onomatopoeia letter combinations.

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  • The semantic part of learning a word. The case of a thoughtful proto syntactician. The homophonic rule. A mission of our time, the opposite of Socrates. Contradictions between relativism and rationalism. The paradox of Cartesianism as a basis of physics.

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  • Аналіз дослідження Open Data Readiness Assessment Ukraine. Рекомендації для Робочої групи з відкритих даних при Кабінеті Міністрів України та Державного агентства з питань електронного урядування щодо забезпечення якості та доступності відкритих даних.

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  • Особливості архітектури Open Database Connectivity (зв’язку відкритих баз даних) – незалежного від постачальника механізму доступу до даних з різних джерел. Концепції API ODBC. Програма установки, стандарт SQL. ODBC в MFS-застосуваннях та для Firebird.

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  • Frequency, anatomy, classification, diagnosis, and the most effective open methods of inguinal hernia’s operative therapy in adult patients. The recommendations of the Ukrainian association of surgeonsherniologists and the European European Hernia Society

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  • Today's work and private life as one of the main characteristics of transnational cultural and economic markets. Definition and comparison of means for open-mindedness and flexibility in people with having spent more and less than two years abroad.

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  • Обзор технологии OpenMP, принцип организации параллелизма. Формат записи директив, определение параллельной области. Управление областью видимости при помощи параметров (clause) директив. Библиотека ключевых функций и информационные ресурсы OpenMP.

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  • Анализ тональности текста, определение и происхождение понятия, цели, основные свойства и области применения. Подходы к классификации тональности. Машинное обучение с учителем и без, тестирование различных параметров. Классификаторы и выбор признаков.

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  • The amount of radioactive substances released from the soil in the plant depends on the contamination of the territory, the type of soil, the supply of elements. The factors is great practical importance in predicting the accumulation of radionuclides.

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  • Calculation of the coefficients autopilot unit for homing rockets based on genetic algorithms in which the autopilot block (AB) quality parameters are considered as the criterion for evaluating the optimality of the AB. Optimality of AB coefficients.

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  • Calculation of main electrical value and determination of isolation distances. Determination of the mass of the active part of the magnetic circuit, building materials and oil. Description of the design of transformers. Calculation of the HV winding.

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  • Reforming of higher education. The main task of the clinical departments, and the Departments of General Surgery, is the formation of students' clinical thinking, sufficient volume of theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for nurse.

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  • Events held before the loading and unloading of heavy cargo, including taking into account the fact that the ship has an initial roll angle. The position of the keel when loading. The main criteria of ship stability during heavy lift operations.

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  • Parameters characterizing the development of shoots, leaves and roots in two-month plants of each studied genotype on each variant of a liquid or solid medium. Development of a regression equation describing the average value of plant development.

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  • An electronic questionnaire to increase the efficiency of monitoring the growth and development of school-age children. Place control in physical development, education of students in the school of nursing. Use of resources and the working time nurses.

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  • Tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon that exerts a influence on the development of information society and of all related infrastructure and members of the population. The state of the global tourism industry. Implementation of service projects.

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  • Development of optimization method for wind power stations using integral assessment of the object and the method of dynamic programming. The stability of the system, the percentage capacity increase. To determine the optimal structure of a wind station.

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  • Description of the main optional devices. TabletPC, processing power and hard drive. Scanner is an input device to the PC color or black and white images from paper. Basic user data: resolving power, scan speed, specifications. Printer, mouse, keyboard.

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