• Time as musical problem. Dynamization and negation time by painting, Raumkunst. Syncretism, the vague notion of an undialectical continuum of arts in general. The pseudomorphosis toward painting, one of the key categories for Stravinsky. Language of art.

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  • The issue of legal personality of minor children in the field of information activities in the Republic of Tajikistan is being considered. They are determined by the information rights and duties of minor children in accordance with national legislation.

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  • The order and lower order of an entire function. Using the Fourier series method to study the properties of subharmonic functions. The subharmonic function in the complex plane. The finite system of rays. The class of delta-subharmonic functions.

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  • The transformation of the relativistic two-particle Hamiltonian, containing members with different parity and even-even form in the order of 1/c4. A sequence of canonical transformations with the generating functions for particles with arbitrary masses.

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  • Philosophy of Wolf - philosopher, representative of rationalism and popularizer of systematists ideas of Leibniz. Ontology as the science of the first ground of things and of human knowledge. Consideration in the ontology concept of being and knowing.

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  • The force on a macroscopic polarizable body in an inhomogeneous electromagnetic field is calculated for simple exactly solvable situations. Different approaches pinpoint possible pitfalls and resolve recent confusion about a force density in ferrofluids.

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  • The leading order Foldy-Wouthuysen Hamiltonian. The Classical theory of Fields. The force experienced by a charged-particle with anomalous magnetic moment in presence of external fields. Approaches which have been used to address the question of a force.

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  • An analysis of current legislation, law enforcement practice оf the regulation of relations in the sphere of health care, medical assistance and concluding a medical services contract. Тhe regulationthe of the relationships in the patient-doctor system.

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  • Analysis of the relationship between the target object and the object as a transcendence. Explication of the Husserl criticism of the epistemological theory of signs, from which one of the most problematic theses of the phenomenology of Husserl grows.

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  • Strength is assumed - index for materials which can take standard, calculated values. Significant dependence between bending resistance, absolute size of structural elements. The structure of the wood fibers - factor which determine timber quality.

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  • Problems presented by the attempt to translate Adorno. Associating the word "analysis" in music with the idea of all that is dead and removed from the living work of art. The music as an event in any adequate analysis of Beethoven. The "holistic" method.

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  • The mechanisms for the formation of zones of possible icing of aircraft during the flight are considered. The algorithm of radar detection of such zones, and the conditions for its use. Identification of the threat of icing during an aircraft flight.

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  • A time-dependent, force-free, degenerate electrodynamics as a hyperbolic system of conservations laws. A pair of fast waves propagating with the speed of light and a pair of Alfven waves. The upwind schemes for the electrodynamics of black hole.

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  • Determination of theoretically similar trends and differences in the periods of sports training athletes and paralympic athletes with similar qualifications. Analysis of the increased attention to the psychological preparation for the paralympics.

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  • The reasons for protection of stereotypes that reinforce the collective narcissism in Germany and rebirth of fascism. Neutralization of German cultural values. Blaming the Germans as a nation. Preservation of language and national identity in exile.

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  • Modifying the Kepler equation for the orbital motions of planets, equations of dependence of the rotation. Equality of the Sun and Earth’s rotation angles through the resonance of the wave-mechanism that determines the possibility of photosynthesis.

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  • Possibilities of applying a transdisciplinary approach to the scientific study of book culture in a multidimensional perspective. Advantages of this approach and its directions of use in conjunction with disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

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  • Гостиничная индустрия в эпоху онлайнового бронирования. Консолидация виртуальных агентств на европейском рынке. Агентства смешанного типа. Авиакомпании и онлайновое распределение туристического продукт. Модуль онлайн-бронирования для SAMO-Incoming.

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  • Виявлення шляхів активізації пізнавальної діяльності учнів, підсилення самостійності, використання в навчальному процесі інформаційно­комунікаційних технологій. Практика використання дистанційного навчання в традиційній очній формі здобуття знань учнів.

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  • American English as an essential and legitimate part of British English. Different opinions whether it is a variety of English or an independent language, differences in vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and grammar. The history of American English.

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