• Consideration of measures to protect the population from emergency situations, it is a timely warning about the danger of the situation, which developed as a result of its implementation. Informing about the rules of conduct in emergency situations.

    (562,7 K)
  • The competitive industrial production like one of the basic conditions of high achievements in socio-economic development of each region. Characteristics of the main ways which promote regional authorities to raise competitiveness of enterprises.

    (257,5 K)
  • Schematic of one simple form of Marinov motor. Torque Formulas. Analysis for Arbitrary Magnet Cross Section Shapes. Torsion Balance Measurement of Torque. Schematic of torsion balance used in presentlyreported torque measurements. A balance calibration.

    (199,5 K)
  • Major occlusive disease of the arteries, a major risk factors of atherosclerosis. Classification of diseases according to Fontaine-Pokrovsky. Features of obliterative endarteritis. Branches of the posterior tibial and the anterior tibial artery.

    (3,1 M)
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    (95,5 K)
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    (18,8 K)
  • oe, coc ee paoo cce, , . oao-epac o-cacoc pao cce. paox cce cpa cacoo pa.

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  • The history of Old English and its development. The Old English Substantive. The Old English Adjective. Examples of Celtic influence in place names. The Old English Pronoun, Numeral, Adverb. The Old English Verb. The Old English Auxiliary Words.

    (671,1 K)
  • History of creation Olympic and Paralympics games. What games were played original Olympic games and that play today. What is the sports for invalids? Comparison of these kinds of competitions, the analysis of features and development of both games.

    (17,1 K)
  • The electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor for a system of charged particles and its "gauge renormalization". Classical electrodynamics after "gauge renormalization". The momentum of free and bound EM fields. Proper mass of electron and Poincare stresses.

    (217,5 K)
  • The Italian system of numeration of propositions. Account of Peano's Logical Symbolism. Russell's "Logic of Relations". On Finite and Infinite Cardinal Numbers. Connect of the proposition. Combinations and Permutations, the class of infinite numbers.

    (1,0 M)
  • Methods of investment attractiveness assessment, investigate the impact of the number of enterprises in the Baltic States on their gross domestic product. Development of productive forces in the region. Amount of capital investment in the Baltic states.

    (86,6 K)
  • Search of the Dirichlet series with zero abscissa of absolute convergence. Study of asymptotic equality features. The convergence at different points. The role of the Dirichlet series in number theory. The behavior of the three-dimensional function.

    (426,2 K)
  • Characteristics of the main principles of construction of cubic maps and base points. Planarizations, their common properties. The proof of the theorem determine a cubic, quadratic and normal forms of planarizations. Complex and real classification.

    (624,1 K)
  • Clustering algorithms for very large database used in image processing and video. Search for groups (classes, clusters, segments) of the objects surveyed in the analyzed information arrays. Multidimensional vectors forming a traditional data table.

    (337,3 K)
  • Characteristic of a KrullSchmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

    (355,2 K)
  • Determination of p-groups with nilpotency class 3 where all proper subgroups have nilpotency class less or equal 2. The necessary and sufficient condition for finite p-group to be a minimal group of nilpotency class 3.

    (127,2 K)
  • The study of the diffusion of salt water in the soil of Lapidusoia and Verigin. Calculation of leaching rates. Initial and boundary conditions for salt distribution. Analysis of the influence of gravity, pressure and soil resistance on water filtration.

    (32,3 K)
  • Legislative regulation of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus. Theoretical analysis of the concept of "freedom" in modern legal science. Contradictions between the norms of law and review orders. The direction of the Belarusian citizens.

    (9,3 K)
  • Pragmatic peculiarities of the English advertising, the purpose of which is to sell products. New ideas and methods, broadly using the innovative approaches of information providing. Lexical and terminological features of English advertising language.

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