• Biographical aspects of life Leonardo da Vinci – italian painter, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer. A most famous works of the artist. Picture "The Last Supper" is on the wall of a chapel in Milan.

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  • Brief biographical sketch of the life and creativity of the famous Italian artist and scientist of the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci. An overview of some of the most popular pictures taken its place in the world culture and art of the Renaissance.

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  • Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci - an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. Mona Lisa as the most popular artist's picture.

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  • Determiation of the leptin level in blood serum of obese women during the third trimester of pregnancy as compared to healthy pregnant women. Сorrelating the leptin content in in blood serum of obese pregnant women with the severity of their disease.

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  • The theory of speech acts is partly taxonomic and partly explanatory. It must systematically classify types of speech acts and the ways in which they can succeed or fail. It must reckon with the fact that the relationship between the words being used.

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  • For Levinas, an individual behaves on two different levels. On the ontological level, the ego is a consciousness that aspires to understand the world. On the ethical level, the ego “faces” that which Levinas calls the Other, transcendence, or God.

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  • The phase shift how a result of the self-inductance of the current loops within the conductor. Levitation of conductors in an oscillating magnetic field. The studying phenomenon the self-inductance of an aluminum ring from measuring the vertical force.

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  • Обоснование существования комплекса регуляторов внешнеэкономических операций, отличного от национально-правовых систем. Международные коммерческие договоры. Внедрение в правовое пространство торгового сотрудничества негосударственного регулирования.

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  • Определение места, занимаемого lex mercatoria в системе регуляторов правоотношений на международном финансовом рынке. Нормы, структура элементов lex mercatoria, регулирующих взаимоотношения участников международных финансовых рынков, перспективы развития.

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  • The most exciting enigma of the Poe’s works. Lexical and phonetic stylistic devices in the poems "The Raven", "Ulalume" by Edgar Allan Poe. The stylistic analysis of the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and the stylistic analysis of the poem "Ulalume".

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  • Neologisms as a linguistic phenomenon. Stylistic classification of the english word-stock. The status of hacker slang as a linguistic and socio-cultural phenomenon. Ways of forming a hacker slang and style hackers use in written and spoken language.

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  • The status of hacker jargon as a linguistic and sociocultural phenomenon, its lexicological, stylistic, and phonetic features, the most significant ways of forming. The pronunciation keys to the jargon. The style hackers use in written and oral speech.

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  • The history of the peculiarities of American English. Lexical features differences in the American and English vocabulary. The differences in the American and English pronunciation. Features and differences between American and British spelling.

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  • Letter writing - is an essential part of communication, an intimate part of experience. Business letters thought lexics correspondence: a sampling of contract phrases, foreign esoteric words, some words against passive. Examining English business letters.

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  • The Cartesian product of copies. The set of all nonnegative real numbers. The algebra of polar operators (poles). Definition of a binary operation. Polarized elements, extension of the algebra of poles to the whole plane. Classes of equivalence.

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  • Lexicology, its links with other branches of linguistics. Semiosis, types of signs, features of linguistic signs. The word as the basic unit of the language. Philological topology. Synonymy and its sources. Social, stylistic, regional variants of English.

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  • Units of Language and forming of the packed words. Classifications of English mixtures. Basics ways of word-building. Criteria of semantic derivation. Classifications of borrowings to according to degree of assimilation. Local variety of English.

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  • The function of lexicology in connection with other subjects of linguistics. Its basic units in the science of language. The most important characteristics of the word. His purposes in human communication. The methods used in lexicological research.

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  • Studying of an English lexicology. The aim of the course is to teach students to be word-conscious, to be able to guess the meaning of words they come across from the meanings of morphemes, to be able to recognise the origin of this or that lexical unit.

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  • Subject matter of Lexicology. Types of Lexicology and its links with other branches of linguistics. Meaning and context. Causes of semantic change. Definition of polysemy. The difference between homonymy and polycemy. Classification of antonyms.

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