• Аналіз інформативності визначення рівня L-аргініну та сполук оксиду азоту в якості додаткового тесту оцінки ефективності терапії інтерфероногенами хворих на гострий гепатит. Виявлення змін рівня L-аргініну у крові, залежно від етіології гепатиту.

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  • Решение задачи Коши для жестких систем дифференциальных уравнений. Исследование (m,к)-методов решения жестких задач, в которых на каждом шаге два раза вычисляется часть системы дифференциальных уравнений. Построение (4,2)-метода максимального порядка.

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  • Tasks of physical and mental labour. The macroeconomics of labour markets. Types of unemployment. Definition, value and consumption of labour power. Association of workers in a particular trade, industry, or plant. The use of collective bargaining.

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  • Analysis of labour law and its impact on the labor market flexibility. The value of legislative acts adopted by the EU for European countries. The nature of geographical and occupational mobility of labour. Description of the activities of the Union.

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  • Расположение лабораторного журнала, стенда на рабочем столе компьютера перед началом выполнения работы. Прямые измерения напряжения на выходе источника переменного напряжения. Упрощенная схема магнитоэлектрического вольтметра и соединения приборов.

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  • Conversion of sea water into fresh water by vacuum distillation. Working principle. Cross-section of the camera of the distiller N1 REX. Installation and basic equipment. Complete information and documentation accompany. Alfalaval Freshwater Generator.

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  • Estimating the number of conduction modes can, their evaluation. Analysis of the model for the mean free path for backscattering. Calculation of near equilibrium thermoelectric transfer coefficients. Setting the differences in voltage and temperature.

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  • Language and lexicon. Key features of a language. Four levels of language structure and processing. Role of language processing in cognitive psychology. Real meaning of language. The identifiable words that are used in verbal communication are.

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  • The study of second languages, mainly for the purpose of translation. A history of language teaching methodology. Language acquisition is as the referenсе to the natural assimilation of languages, by means of intuition and subconscious learning.

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  • Analysis of linguistic personalities of participants in parliamentary debates on the basis of description of communicative peculiarities of the construction and deployment of their discourse. Its four main types: knowledge, desire, duty and opportunity.

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  • Language units, polysemy, homonyms, synonyms. Metaphor and metonymy, phraseology, russian borrowings, etymological doublets. Germanic borrowings (Scandinavian, German, Holland), lexical meaning - notion, word - meaning, antonyms, archaisms, neologisms.

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  • Consideration of the concept of language universals, the distinction between absolute and statistical dependence samples from a universal language. The correlation between voiced fricatives is an absolute implicational universal. Lexical universals.

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  • Statements of fact that anthropology is based on the psychological delusion. Characteristics of the linguistic model of culture. The Meaning of connectionism: cultural knowledge can be organized in logical sentential characteristic form of the language.

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  • Bayesian hierarchical models for data analysis in this context. At the first stage of the model, survival times can he modelled via the Cox partial likelihood, using a justification due to Kalbfleisch. A questionable parametric assumptions are avoided.

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  • A refugee camp is a temporary settlement built to receive refugees. The refugees of concern to UNHCR are spread around the world. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, who place special focus on working alongside poor women.

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  • Проявления гельминтоза, обусловленного мигрирующими в коже или во внутренних органах личинками не свойственных ему гельминтов животных. Кожная и висцеральная формы болезни. Продолжительность патологических явлений. Инвазия яйцами нематод животных.

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  • Study of the history of origin of the basic concepts of optical resonators and lensguides, development of new concepts and still further knowledge in this area in the first decade of the laser era. The technical aspects of optical beams and resonators.

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  • The allometric models of microbial community respiration and production provide a complementary method for understanding the metabolic balance of the upper ocean. Latitudinal Variation in Plankton Size Spectra along in large areas the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Laurence Sterne - Irish-born English novelist and humorist, author of "Tristram Shandy", an early novel in which story is subordinate to the free associations and digressions of its narrator. He is also known for the novel "A Sentimental Journey" (1768).

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  • Why did I choose the theme "lawyer in sphere of trade". About what I want to talk in my academic research. Steps that I will undertake in order to become a lawyer. Trade lawyer his activities, where he can work Important qualities for trade lawyer.

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