• Аналіз інформативності визначення рівня L-аргініну та сполук оксиду азоту в якості додаткового тесту оцінки ефективності терапії інтерфероногенами хворих на гострий гепатит. Виявлення змін рівня L-аргініну у крові, залежно від етіології гепатиту.

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  • Решение задачи Коши для жестких систем дифференциальных уравнений. Исследование (m,к)-методов решения жестких задач, в которых на каждом шаге два раза вычисляется часть системы дифференциальных уравнений. Построение (4,2)-метода максимального порядка.

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  • Образование L-форм бактерий в результате несбалансированного роста нормальных бактериальных клеток в длину и в толщину. Стабильные и нестабильные L-формы бактерий. Последствия использования антибиотиков, приводящего к образованию L-форм из бактерий.

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  • An idle verse is like a line left without a response rhyme. Analysis of the creative activity of the great fabulists Jean de La Fontaine La Fontaine and Ivan Andreevich Krylov. General characteristics of the fables "La Cour du Lion" and "The Merchant".

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  • Consideration of internal and external labor migration in the process of forming the internal labor market. Modern forms of regulation of labor migration and employment of the population. The quantitative and qualitative composition of labor resources.

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  • Research and assessment of the scope and direction of changes in labor productivity in agriculture compared to other sectors of the economy. Analysis of the process of convergence of sectoral labor productivity and its impact on economic growth.

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  • Tasks of physical and mental labour. The macroeconomics of labour markets. Types of unemployment. Definition, value and consumption of labour power. Association of workers in a particular trade, industry, or plant. The use of collective bargaining.

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  • Analysis of labour law and its impact on the labor market flexibility. The value of legislative acts adopted by the EU for European countries. The nature of geographical and occupational mobility of labour. Description of the activities of the Union.

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  • Расположение лабораторного журнала, стенда на рабочем столе компьютера перед началом выполнения работы. Прямые измерения напряжения на выходе источника переменного напряжения. Упрощенная схема магнитоэлектрического вольтметра и соединения приборов.

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  • Lacunar types terms of French origin of the Azerbaijani language. Determination of linguistic-pragmatic features of terms of French origin in the Azerbaijani language. The moments of acquisition of situational meaningful nuanced differences are analyzed.

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  • Conversion of sea water into fresh water by vacuum distillation. Working principle. Cross-section of the camera of the distiller N1 REX. Installation and basic equipment. Complete information and documentation accompany. Alfalaval Freshwater Generator.

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  • Application of science and technology for the development of production as a direction for the development of agriculture. The concept of accumulation and concentration of land, its forms. Develop rural land market together with the labor market.

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  • The analysis of reconstructing the traditions of land relations in the Ukrainian countryside. Organizational and functional assessments of agricultural production in the country. The probable implementation of agrarian reform in Ukraine, factors.

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  • Justification of the structure of means of land resource management of agricultural enterprises. Combination of tools of different groups with the aim of their comprehensive application and obtaining the greatest effects from the use of land resources.

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  • Estimating the number of conduction modes can, their evaluation. Analysis of the model for the mean free path for backscattering. Calculation of near equilibrium thermoelectric transfer coefficients. Setting the differences in voltage and temperature.

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  • The characteristics of landlocked developing countries. The export structure. Examined the constraint of landlockedness in the effectiveness of foreign direct investment on export diversification in developing countries during the period of 1996-2018.

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  • Language and lexicon. Key features of a language. Four levels of language structure and processing. Role of language processing in cognitive psychology. Real meaning of language. The identifiable words that are used in verbal communication are.

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  • The study of second languages, mainly for the purpose of translation. A history of language teaching methodology. Language acquisition is as the referenсе to the natural assimilation of languages, by means of intuition and subconscious learning.

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  • Analysis of classical educational systems and methods through their implementation in Russia by a French foreign language assistant. The role of "teaching microculture" and the ecosystem of the learning space for effective learning of a foreign language.

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  • Studying cultural approach in foreign language learning process. Essential component of language knowledge. "The fifth competence" in language mastery together with listening. Cultural approach in the history of foreign language classroom is traced.

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  • Study of the traditional problem of the philosophy of language both in the analytical tradition and in the continental one. The priority of either the objects over the sign system or the sign system over the objects. Overcoming the "precedence dilemma".

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  • Focuses on language assessment of aviation safety threats. The features of radio exchange interaction have been accentuated. The gist of "communication failure" has been examined. It has been emphasized various factors that cause a communication failure.

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  • The importance of language competences forming in the classroom in order to get a perfect acquisition of the second language. What competencies a learner of English as a Foreign Language can develop while developing communicative competence in English.

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  • The influence of language discussions on educational and pedagogical processes in Transcarpathia. Determining the variant of the literary language in the context of disputes between representatives of the Ruthenian, pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian trends.

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  • Relationship between language and culture. The linguistic identity of the nation as a means of expressing the culture of modern society and an factor in the formation of the worldview of the Ukrainian nation. The influence of world globalization on it.

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  • Verbalization of the position regarding intellectualization of the language and genre system of modern media communication, definition of actual criteria for its professional analysis. Linguistic and sociolinguistic dimensions of social communication.

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  • Diverse sample of respondents with different attitudes towards the Irish language revitalization and its potential to be used as an effective tool within various spheres of life, ensuring the language's vitality and protection from possible death.

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  • The problem of revealing the axiological aspect of the language representation of the image of Ukraine in the English mass media and ways of its rendering in Ukrainian translation. The research of translation transformations when rendering verbal means.

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  • Research on the characteristics of a democratized language as one that tends to simplify, facilitating communication in the community at all language levels, but most of all at lexical levels, as it is constantly updated and tends to a social context.

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  • This article discusses the features of the implementation of language norms in international treaties. The use of special grammatical forms and categories, syntactic structures and types of phrases. The nature of the texts of international treaties.

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