• Study of the history of origin of the basic concepts of optical resonators and lensguides, development of new concepts and still further knowledge in this area in the first decade of the laser era. The technical aspects of optical beams and resonators.

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  • Laser as a distinctive type of optical light with special characteristics that combine wavelength, direction and similarity. The use of the laser as the most effective type of physical effect in medicine, especially in the treatment of skin lesions.

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  • The allometric models of microbial community respiration and production provide a complementary method for understanding the metabolic balance of the upper ocean. Latitudinal Variation in Plankton Size Spectra along in large areas the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Laurence Sterne - Irish-born English novelist and humorist, author of "Tristram Shandy", an early novel in which story is subordinate to the free associations and digressions of its narrator. He is also known for the novel "A Sentimental Journey" (1768).

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  • Why did I choose the theme "lawyer in sphere of trade". About what I want to talk in my academic research. Steps that I will undertake in order to become a lawyer. Trade lawyer his activities, where he can work Important qualities for trade lawyer.

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  • Phenomene sociolinguistique associe a l'existence de la langue basque. Diverses theories de l'origine de la langue basque en termes diachroniques, se referant aux noms de lieux historiques et des etudes archeologiques de scientifiques francais et basque.

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  • Symbole de la France. Les droits fondamentaux (la protection des droits et libertes, l'egalite, la fraternite). Le gouvernement, le Parlement, l'Assemblee Nationale. Les responsabilites du conseil constitutionnel. La politique de la France aujourd'hui.

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  • Uncooled infrared imaging arrays in semiconductors and semimetals. Thermal imaging with PbSnSe-on-Si linear arrays. Growing the IR sensitive layers directly on silicon would lead to much simpler and less expensive monolithic hetero-epitaxial structures.

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  • Leadership in public services as key to the implementation of national policies. The causes of problems in the implementation guidance of state planned policy in this sphere. Develop ways of overcoming problems in the implementation of this policy.

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  • Fixing of the current state of the genotypic diversity of lianas and biological polymorphism of leaves to establish the connection of silvestris-silvesatis-sativa. Selling of screening of wild growing of grapes with simultaneous photographing of foliage.

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  • Історія виникнення системи Lean production і застосування її на Україні. Технологія впровадження ощадливого виробництва: визначення і процес створення цінності, організація безперервного руху, впровадження принципу витягування, безперервне вдосконалення.

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  • Основні принципи lean обліку. Порядок переходу на дану систему: оцінка поточного становища та очікуваних перспектив розвитку підприємства, розробка принципів впровадження, визначення виробничих параметрів і методологія побудови економічної моделі.

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  • An overview of the full range of current knowledge about learning and memory. Capture advances in the ever-changing fields of memory, neuroscience, and cognition. Autobiographical memory, collective memory, dejavu, schizophrenia and memory and more.

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  • Studying of english language in topics: the history of the english language, higher education in Russia, in Great Britain and in USA. Student’s life at Oxford, Cambridge and in Moscow state university. Exercises and questions for learning topics.

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  • Determination of features and order of registration of the homogeneous-organized map (SOM) facilities of modern cartography. Description of function of maintainance of birth-certificate of locality on a map (VISOM). Multidimensional analysis of locality.

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  • Definition and classification, types and forms of realization of pedagogical training. Tools and training styles used among teenagers, analysis and evaluation of their effectiveness. Features and principles of organization of lessons with teenagers.

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  • The main reasons for choosing reading materials from traditional literary texts that represent "higher" forms of culture. Newspaper articles, travel and tourism and websites as one of the ways of communicative competence of foreign language study.

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  • Describing the lexicological systems of English and Ukrainian languages. Distinguishing traits and phenomena in both terminological vocabularies. Methods of word-building. Systematic relations in lexicology. Typology of idiomatic and set expressions.

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  • A computational complexity based theory of modern encryption. Generating pseudo-random bit or number sequences. Generic encryption with pseudorandom functions. Problems with deterministic encryption in general. Required properties for digital cash.

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  • Comparative analysis of the main features of the legal aid provision in Ukraine and Germany. It's proved, that the process of formation of free provision hasn't finished yet, but some progress was traced. Common and distinctive features were considered.

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