• This article offers insight into history, development and modern state of Chemmotology science. The main problems and tasks of the Science are discussed. The bases of Chemmotological scientific and pedagogical school of the National Aviation University.

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  • Cryptography in the Information Age. Information Protection Problems in Computer Systems. The Fundamentals of One-Key Cryptography. Substituion—Permutation Networks with Minimal Controlled Elements. Designing Fast Ciphers Based on Controlled Operations.

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  • The relationship between innovation and enterprises competitiveness, analyzing the key trends in innovative activity in Ukraine in the sector of SMB. The directions in stimulating innovative activity of small and medium-sized businesses are determined.

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  • Transition the national economy to the innovative way of development. The experience of foreign countries and the advantages from introduction of innovations at an enterprise. The importance and place of investments in the innovative-type state.

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  • Establishment of integration mechanism of interaction between educational services market and labor market in Ukraine to bring the system of education in accordance with the requirements of employers. Improving the competitiveness of the education system.

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  • Ways to solve the problems of energy security of mankind. Bringing technologies and equipment for the destruction of organic molecules in hydrogen and carbon as two source power sources. Solutions to pollution problems in the surrounding environment.

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  • Organization resource configuration - one of the most exploited areas of research concerning the pro-innovation management process architecture. The features of investments in technology transfer by Polish enterprises engaged in industrial processing.

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  • Concept and types of inquiry as a form of pre-trial investigation and components of it's. Two forms of preliminary investigation. Lines of inquiry and their features. Quest for the crimes that are not severe. Problems of judicial form of inquiry.

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  • Viewing the scene as one of the forensic issues. Law enforcement authorities in the investigation of crimes in the sphere of computer systems and computer networks. The investigation of computer crimes law enforcement officials. Inspection of the scene.

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  • Критерии развития блога в Instagram. Особенности портфолио, выбор тематики для привлечения единомышленников. Раскрутка блога с помощью акций, скидок и розыгрышей, покупка подписчиков на специальных сайтах. Основные виды заработка в сети Instagram.

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  • Определение функций и задач instagram, способствующих продвижению бренда. Исследование значения хэштегов, как отличной возможности привлечь дополнительных клиентов на свою страницу. Рассмотрение условий успеха маркетинговой компании в instagram.

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  • Design of the experimental setup, depending on the time of flight fragment separator COMBAS and multi-channel recording system developed for the study of light exotic nuclei. The use of precise correlation method for resonance spectroscopy collapse.

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  • Introduced provisions, principles and criteria of institutional theory of privatization-nationalization and assets management in economy. Analyzed proceeding from substantiation of theoretical criteria of privatization and nationalization in economy.

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  • Description of factors that determine the characteristics of the institutional environment. Analysis of systemic crisis in Ukraine. Characteristic of institutionalizing Innovation as a dynamic process of formation of economic security and state.

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  • Control of trade between the participating countries. The mechanism of the application of special protective, antidumping and countervailing measures in trade of the Customs Union. European Economic Community. The Tokyo Round: a try to reform the system.

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  • Familiarity with key development factors, the quality and efficiency of economic institutions in Serbia. The peculiarities of carrying out a comparative analysis of the institutional infrastructure of Serbia and other republics of the former Yugoslavia.

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  • The system and evaluation criteria of company employees' competence are formulated and grounded. That allows a quantitative assessment of competence for appropriate management decisions regarding the impact of development on a financial performance.

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  • Consideration of the developed criteria for the effectiveness of management services. Characteristics of the indicators of a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of management of the banking sector. Analysis of management in "Kazkommertsbank".

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  • The fundamental concept of an international integrated reporting framework. A description of problems with adequate reflection of changes in the amount of different types of capital. Integrated reporting as a mechanism of increasing business value.

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  • The mental natures of an individual's mental states and events. The theory that propositional mental-state and even kinds are nonindividualsitically individuated. Intentional mental states and events, that are individuated in terms of cognitive value.

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