• Factors that reduce the strength properties of ferromagnetic iron oxides impurities of oxides of stoichiometric composition, etc. Using Mossbauer spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction analysis to determine the effects of magnetic pulses on iron oxides.

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  • Consideration the processes taking place in the metal pipe during prolonged use. Studing the complex physical and mechanical properties to assess the resistance to the destruction of the metal in the environment closest to the operating conditions.

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  • Overview of the federal funds futures and their use in predicting future federal funds rate and predicting future changes in target rate. Еconometric models of the predictability of the federal fund rate and predictability of the future monetary policy.

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  • Acquaintance with the features of the influence of polymer coatings on the lifetime of carriers in silicon crystals used in solar energy. General characteristics of the conditions of magnetic and X-ray exposure, analysis of electrophysical parameters.

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  • History of formation of the American variant of English language. English language-Differences of the American and British language. Modern condition of English language as polynational. Grammatical distinctions between American and British variants.

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  • Trial of the practices of Singapore, Finland and the United States regarding the formation of a system of upbringing and education in pre-school institutions, schools and universities. Study of the baby-economy as the first stage of the nano-economy.

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  • The principles of the functioning of financial markets in the context of globalization. Trends in capital flows in the world today. Risk evaluation in the banking sector of Ukraine. Impact of financial crisis on the living standards of the population.

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  • International and Ukrainian experience on the development of information and communication competency of secondary education process participants, based on research and scientific achievements of academic staff of the Comparative Studies Department.

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  • Review digital communication and traditional computer-based technologies. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Computer and network hardware and software. Features of use of information and communication technologies in modern society.

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  • Steganographic communication with quantum information. Software integrity checking expressions for robust tamper detection. Exposing digital forgeries through specular highlights on the eye. Imaging sensor noise as digital X-ray for revealing forgeries.

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  • Theory and implementation on automatic adaptive metadata generation for image retrieval. Query optimisation as part of distribution design for complex value databases. Conceptual modelling and problem solving techniques for complex narrative events.

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  • Crypto applications of combinatorial group theory. Generating rooted trees of nodes uniformly at random. Designs, strongly regular graphs and codes constructed from some primitive groups. Quantum jump codes and some related combinatorial designs.

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  • Generalization of the concept of information logistics. Determination of the structure of information logistics system in relation to agricultural enterprises. ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning System) as a system of enterprise resource planning.

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  • Bases of strategic management in Pricewater house Coopers. Ways of carrying out of audit which is adequate to business information system. Innovations in system of data which will improve return to investments into information technologies and systems.

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  • Features of the usage of information technology and management systems in business management for optimization operations of the enterprise. Practice of business management, the use a balanced approach to the information support of business decisions.

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  • Familiarity with the main types of activities of the International Association for the evaluation of educational achievement. Features correlation between academic achievements of students. The place of information technology in elementary school.

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  • Development of aggregates of embryoids. The use of proembriogenous suspensions consisting mainly of individual cells in gene transformation and selection at the cellular level in order to reduce the likelihood of the appearance of chimeric plants.

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  • Characteristics of economic and industrial development of Taiwan. Public policy and the implementation of niche on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Analysis of the Russian national innovation system. Investigation productivity shekels in Russia.

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  • Definition and characterization of basic principles of supply chain management. Research of features of logistics is about operation within a single organization. Consideration of essence of the lean management and corporate social responsibility.

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  • Bring Your Own Devices as a pedagogical principle in which students using any available gadgets. Systematic individual-personal work like an important source that means of increasing vocabulary and developing oral communication skills of students.

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