Geoinformation factor in run of the international conflict

The determination of the meaning and sense for international conflict interaction, caused by the geoinformational factors. The distinctive features of modern aggressive information psychological conflict and local wars and armed conflicts that it caused.

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Nina Rzhevska,

ScD in Political Science

At the beginning of the 21st century the international conflict increase was caused by the intention of the wide range of countries to pursue their geopolitical interests. The dominating of the very information aspect in terms of modern civilization features formation has shifted conflict logics from military plane to the informational one, as well as, to the sphere of business and commerce. This very moment has partly led to geostrategic great powers competition for the dominating positions in the global information space. Information psychological geopolitical concurrence subjects' competition is becoming a key factor in the formation of the geopolitical powers balance and rival geopolitical units, it breaks the common principles for formation of the new geopolitical forces centers and determines the geopolitical powers and the meaning of concurrence subjects.

There are quite many well-conducted researches in the global political science on the nature and meaning of the international conflict, providing also the origin and typical features of its subjects. However, the role of geoinformation factor in terms of rise and in the run of international conflict is still not that investigated enough.

That is why, based on the results of the conducted system analysis, we are trying to reveal the essence and sense of the international conflict interaction process caused by the geoinformational factor.

Nowadays almost all the countries of the world are the participants of geopolitical conflicts. The complete change in the geopolitical picture of the world, leading role of the global public opinion, states transferring to the informational stage of development, revolutionary transformations in terms of technics and military equipment and many other factors have changed the geopolitical confrontation's structural components.

Conflict interaction is partly the reason of the information exchange between the major and minor members of the conflict situation, and the influence of the different information factors on the conflict situation run is a great one. These factors don't have any objective, subjective and procedure limits of implementation, as well as, no certain definition. Informational pressure of the conflict members on each other is done for the behavioral correction of the sides of this conflict in order to reach their own goals and interests Лабуш, С. Силовой механизм государства в политических конфликтах ХХІ века. (2012). Конфликтология ,.1,73. The appearance of geoinformational factor among the rest of other mechanisms for political regulation or escalation of modern conflicts on their various stages of evolution is caused by information psychological technologies influence on the consciousness.

Within the period of crisis informational potential can be used for conducting the influence on the decision making mechanism of the opponent, as a flexible, but at the same time, strong mechanism to demonstrate the intentions and to inform about the national interests. Maxwell ,John W., Reuveny, R.(2000) Resource Scarcity and Conflict in Developing Countries. Journal of Peace Research, 37 (3), 303. During the conflict, while fulfilling military tasks, in order to reach physical, as well as, physiological results the informational integral part can be used as well. In the conflict period the informational policy of the state is continuing to provide national military political interests and to influence on the situation vision by the counterpart. Information psychological technologies are aimed on the conflict members' actions coordination, are used for the manipulative influence in the process of decision making and are considered to be the perfect tool of reflective interference with the very process of conflict interaction. Consequently, quality and effectiveness of used technologies can apparently influence on the international conflict result. Maxwell ,John W., Reuveny, R.(2000). Resource Scarcity and Conflict in Developing Countries. Journal of Peace Research, 37 (3), 304

The main object for the usage of modern information psychological influence technologies are undoubtedly the conflicts themselves, and also conflict relationship that are formed as a result of these very conflicts. Modern aggressive information psychological conflict is causing local wars and armed conflicts that are becoming the information psychological war indicator, its “show window” and main form of hidden processes political display. Those are usually regional political conflicts, so that world community is trying to influence the course of conflict by means of informational influence. Ожеван, М. Фронти й тили великих інформаційних війн: [Загальні інформаційні потреби та інтереси].(2001).Підприємництво в Україні,4-5,20-23.

In the modern information psychological conflict armed conflicts are plying very concise role. Information psychological war technologies are seemed to be very appealing as they are quite cheap, accessible and effective, thus, their intensive use in the political conflicts will be growing up steadily.

Consequently, the number of local armed conflicts will be also increasing, as they are playing the role of trigger mechanism in the psychological missions. This, in the long run, is leading to the increase of armed violence: the beginning of the psychological war will always be followed by the local armed conflict. Denning, D.E. (1998). Information Warfare and Security. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.

In order to change the conflict evolution course, there is a need to conduct a psychological consciousness correction of the locals in the conflict zones, clearing up or changing the former manipulative stereotypes, ideological mindsets, “anchor” associations that provide manipulator forces voluntary subordination. Ожеван, М. Фронти й тили великих інформаційних війн: [Загальні інформаційні потреби та інтереси].(2001).Підприємництво в Україні,4-5,20-23.

Cultural value factors are also of a great importance since they are regulating the information psychological technologies influence on the modern conflicts. Their essence is revealed through the usage of some certain value points that are based in the core of psychological influence of one cultural community on other social cultural groups which values can belong to the completely different civilizational tradition. Latent and gradual layering of value system of one state on the traditional state of mind of another can give a special effect and bring the manipulator-state closer to the set aim. All these things are possible due to the information psychological technologies that are implemented on the mass and individual consciousness through the mass media channels and by means of the interpersonal, inner group and networking communications between the executions. Кіпень, В.(2014) Травмована свідомість як наслідок і фактор нестабільності. (дослідження масових настроїв жителів Донецька).Аналітично-інформаційний журнал «Схід», 2, 5-9.

Nowadays mass media are one of the most effective tools of the information psychological influence on the potential conflict objects. In the modern conditions informational environment of geopolitical conflict is formed and kept up by means of the mass media activities. These days the boom of temporary electronic mass media and extra fast IT development made closer to be fulfilled such projects as complex information high level system ones. There is goal is to promote the transformation through the manipulation methodologies.

The most significant role of the world mass media as an instrument of political influence is seen in the international conflicts highlighting. In concerns the information's geopolitics, where the main instrument is “soft power”. Modern international conflicts are mostly led in the mass media information space, where there is resistance for the national and international consciousness. Next to the military equipment, their leading positions are getting communication resources, as the conflicts are backed up by the informational wars.

The conflicts with intense use of informational technologies were seldom finished with an apparent result. Taking into consideration the specific features of modern geopolitical crisis, it can be stated that mass media have the continuous and deep influence on its dynamics. During the last twenty years mass media was the reason for many international conflicts to be evoked, escalating the prejudices of the society by the information, also creating the point of view of international community on the very conflicts.

One of the integral features of the information psychological influence on the conflict is the national informational cybernetic technologies level as the subjects of international relations, independent development and approbation in the real international conflicts.

Taking into consideration the peculiarities of cyberspace, cyberattack in defiance of any state can be considered to be as a potential reason to provoke a global international conflict, including those in physical space, because in terms of global interaction of informational state structures, it is extremely hard to predict the scale and consequences of such an attack, and appropriate measures of the affected part can be disproportional because of the difficulties to identify the source and probability of the false situation assessment. It can lead to the open military conflicts with the use of traditional kinds of weapon. Ісакова, Т.О. (2014). Інформаційно-комунікативні технології. Розпалювання міжнаціональних конфліктів: досвід порівняльного аналізу Стратегічні пріоритети, 4.

It is also important to mention that the psychological influence technologies can change the most uncontrolled situation to the controlled one, and bring the members of the conflict to the meeting table. This effect can be reached by means of an appropriate conflict image creation for the nation, that will provide the weakening of the conflict run and creation of all the necessary conditions to stabilize the political situation.

So, the leading of the informational image war is spoiling the reality in mass society consciousness, and its result can influence a lot on the international conflict run. Informational conflict results have a significant influence on the decision making process of the most important political decisions in the world. Global political elite is using the informational wars results as a platform for the legitimization of its decisions and geopolitical goals realization.

To define the geopolitical factor significance in the international relations transformation and to evaluate the level of its influence on the international conflict dynamics, we have conducted a system analysis in Ukraine. We consider that the researched period is of a great importance and indicative for finding out the specifics of the informational factor effectiveness in the international conflict interaction context and its influence on the conflict result.

In times of the new global order formation and the rising tension, Ukraine has turned out be on the East and West interests' intersection, has got under the active and purposeful pressure from the both sides that were desiring to get it under their own sphere of influence. The reason is powerful economical, resourceful, demographic and military potential of Ukraine that is evoking a great interest of the modern powers to have a possible use of all these features for their geopolitical aims. The desire of countries to dominate and conduct the total control of the informational sources is escalating the conflict in Ukraine. In the background of the permanent dependencies of the global community subjects, there is a constant war for Ukraine in the ideological and cultural aspects. Nowadays Ukraine is one of the main informational action subjects, and this action is provided through the whole global international field.

As the system analysis subjects there were taken five following countries: the USA, Russia, Germany, France and Great Britain. The analysis was conducted in accordance with the following criteria: subjects' interests, subjects aims, similar aims and interests of subjects and their interests and aims contradictions.

The main interest of Russia in the given conflict is dragging it in terms of time. This has the place to be because of the appropriate informational activities of Russia that are aimed on the conflict situation escalation in our country. Desiring to deepen the splintering that exists on the social, economic, ideological political, language and on other levels of Ukrainian society, Russia is conducting an active appropriate informational ideological pressure. For keeping the pro-Russian attitudes and propagating pro-Russian position among the locals, it is providing financial support for the propaganda of the fake states DNR and LNR activities. Therefore, on the Ukrainian territory, especially in the eastern regions, there is a widespread propaganda of the DNR and LNR mass media, as well as, Russian ones, also there is pro-Russian web sources present there.

Thanks to the creation of Russia's action visible support by the locals, and psychological back up of the East and South regions rapprochement supporters, considerable part of Ukrainian citizens there consider Ukrainian government to be an enemy. The creation of the only one controlled informational space by Russia is building up a certain way of thinking of the citizens, and enables solving the conflict in a peaceful way.

The main aim of Russia is the territorial splintering of Ukraine. That is why, it is stressing on the implementation of the idea in people consciousness that there are identical differences between different parts of one state. Pursuing this objective, by means of informational manipulation influence sources is creating a background for the civil war on the Ukrainian territory. This is supported by the idea of identity between the Eastern part of Ukraine and Russia, so that caused entering of Donetsk and Lugansk regions the Russian civilization cultural space.

Moreover, Russia has convinced the citizens of the Eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea that West is the main danger of Ukraine and turned the idea of European integration and western values into a negative one. Informational work with locals enables the possibility to bring the Crimea back to the Ukrainian territories and “warms up” present conflict on the East of Ukraine.

As for the USA, thanks to its geographical position, the thread of its direct involving into the conflict is minimal. Thus, among all the Western countries, the USA is the one that is providing the most intense informational campaign among the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, doing all the possible things to make its level global. The USA is doing its best to establish the opposition between Ukraine and Russia for a long period of time that raises the tension not only between those two countries but also in the whole European region.

That is why, the main interest for the USA is prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine and its further escalation. In order to reach this aim, the USA is trying to highlight the foreign policy course of our country to reach the maximum climax of confrontation with Russia. This can be reached by means of manipulative influence on the political elite and on the formation of citizens' conflict evaluation that is beneficial for the USA. The USA is supporting the pro-European course of Ukraine and provides a massive ideological influence, including the democratic values imposition that provides strong believes about the anti-Russian ideologies in the society. The USA is trying to influence on the formation of people trustful attitude towards Ukrainian government and to the foreign policy, as well, and at the same time escalating the relations between the locals. That creates a background for the new oppositions and makes our country away of the inner dialog between the East and Central-West parts of Ukraine.

Another destabilizing factor is the Americanization of Ukrainian informational space. During the last few years there is a tendency to assimilate the USA mass media work principles, admiration and communication techniques that influences on the sense and ways of information providing. That supports the spreading of pro-American point of view on the conflict in Ukraine, thus, escalating the misunderstanding inside of the country, creating the negative attitude to Russians that minimizes the interest of the citizens to the inner state dialogue and to breaking the ice with Russia.

The main aim of the USA it reaching the maximum escalation level of Ukrainian-Russian conflict and the final change of the Ukrainian political course that is orientated on the European integration. That is why, the USA during the long period of time was creating an image of Russia as a main enemy of Ukraine and Western civilization in general, that was influencing on the transformation of this conflict into a long-lasting one.

The Great Britain, as well as, the USA is interested in the escalation of the conflict, trying to conduct its independent from the USA and EU foreign policy, having its own intentions about the Ukrainian crisis. The main aim of GB is keeping the unstable situation and escalation of tension in the society, and on the interstate level as well, staying aside from the direct participation in the very conflict. This is can be reached thanks to the powerful informational communication channels that are owned by GB, that are working all over the world, including Ukraine. That gives a chance to form the content of the informational space, increasing the number of negative messages about Russia, discrediting it, thus, escalating inner conflicts. Moreover, Great Britain has a chance to suppress Russia, creating a negative image among the world elite and influencing on the sanctions extension through the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

Unlike the USA and Great Britain, Ukrainian conflict is a serious problem for Germany. That is why, Germany is doing everything possible to keep the armed conflict within the territory of Ukraine, not to harm the Western Europe. Besides, Ukraine is a number one strategical object for Germany - by means of our country Germany has a chance to expand its influence on the Eastern Europe from one side, and to withstand the influence of the USA and GB from other. Therefore, the main aim of Germany is to turn our country into a zone of its informational influence and its expansion on the territory of Eastern Europe. One of the extraordinary aims of Germany is giving no chance to Ukraine to get the lethal weapon because it will threaten the national interests of Germany and rising the tension in the region in general. What is why, the great part of informational campaign is aimed on this.

The main aim of France is slowing down the Euro-Atlantic integration and removing Ukraine from the West in general. France doesn't want to see Ukraine in EU and NATO, that is why, not that long time ago by means of informational manipulative influence ways it was creating the thought among Ukrainians that the country is not ready to enter the EU; negative informational accompaniment of its foreign and domestic policies; not giving a chance to Ukraine to get lethal weapon. Most of the French mass media were highlighting Ukraine in the negative way, spreading the information aimed on the critics about its Euro integration intentions.

However, France, as well as, Germany is interested in the ending of the conflict in Ukraine which can make the geopolitical situation of EU member states worse. While determining the similar aims and interests, it can be stated that all the chosen subjects increasing the presence of foreign mass media in the informational space of Ukraine. The intensity of such an influence is caused by the intention of foreign states authorities and international institutes to influence on foreign and domestic policy of our country, it has political and economic backgrounds motivated by pragmatic approaches to fulfill their own national interests.

The international influence is done by means of imposing some needed evaluating characteristics, points of view and behavior rules, shadowing the manipulation ways of individual, mass and society consciousness.

Therefore, it can be stated that in the international space of Ukraine on the destabilizing background the continuous increase of international activities can be clearly been seen. As a result of political struggling with the Ukrainian nation splintering on the East-West line, there are two nominally created opposite informational fields that are getting under the control of Russian and Western informational fields. Being in the state of conflict for the getting a final result, Russia and the USA through their own or controlled sources, often tend to create their own segment in the informational space of Ukraine, carrying out the powerful and, at the same time, negative informational psychological influence on the Ukrainian citizens in the sphere of public and resonance questions, trying to extend the duration of the conflict on the undefined term. So, analyzing the last occasions, it can be referred that the informational interference in the Ukrainian conflict by the leading actor-states of foreign affairs is the one of main factors that is leading to the military actions escalation. There is no doubt that they have succeeded in destabilizing of the situation in Ukraine, last but not least, thanks to the informational destructive influence on the very conflict.

international conflict interaction geoinformational


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