• Оценка сплава и характеристик U-имплантата, отличий от зарубежных аналогов. Рассмотрение возможностей использования имплантата для межостистой фиксации после предварительной декомпрессии при лечении стеноза позвоночного канала на поясничном уровне.

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  • Оценка различий между двумя выборками по уровню количественно измеренного признака. Назначение и описание критерия Манна-Уитни. Его графическое представление. Возможные варианты соотношений рядов значений в двух выборках. Ограничения и подсчет критерия.

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  • AmBisome (liposomal amphotericin B) how the first drug approved for a treatment of visceral leishmaniasis by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.Safe and effective agents to treat such infections. Support approval for drugs to treat tropical diseases.

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  • Aspekte des Gebrauchs der Theorie der lexisch-semantischen Felder in der linguistisch-kognitiven Analyse. Lexisch-semantischen Felds "Geschwindigkeit und Tempo" in der modernen deutschen Sprache. Studieren der Konzeptionen der Felder in der Linguistik.

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  • Ubiquitous computing - filling the real world with computers. Challenging HCI Assumptions. Implications for device size as well as relationship to people. Defining the Interaction Experience. Multi-scale and distributed output. Merging Digital Worlds.

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  • In the 9th century, much of modern-day Ukraine was populated by the Rus' people who formed the Kievan Rus'. The Golden Age of Kievan Rus' began with the reign of Vladimir the Great (Volodymyr, 980–1015), who turned Rus' toward Byzantine Christianity.

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  • Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and India. Bilateral treaties and agreements. The Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation. Technical, cultural cooperation. Renewal of bilateral political dialogue between Ukraine and India at the level of top officials.

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  • Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. Kyiv is the capital of our country. It stands on the river Dnipro. There is a legend that three brothers Kyi, Shchek, Khoriv and their sister Lybid founded the city. The historical places of interest in Kyiv.

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  • Specific aspects of the analogies of the old wooden architecture of Japan and Ukraine, their convergent evolution due to the identity of the baseline development: climate, farm type of culture, beliefs animistic type. Features of temple architecture.

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  • Ultras as a preferential followers of football teams association, typically in North Africa and Europe. The use of elaborate displays and the displaying of banners at stadiums. Analysis of the formation of groups of supporters, the nature and Hajduk.

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  • Технология проектирования объектно-ориентированного программирования. Этапы разработки программных систем с использованием ООП. Унифицированный язык моделирования UML. Проектирование приложения "Магазин бытовой техники". Создание графического интерфейса.

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  • Marginalization and the South Dakota coalition against domestic violence and sexual violence. The localization of violence, ceoyjcnm tribal Law and order. Law on violence against women, visible violence and characteristics its possible consequences.

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  • Evidence the well-posedness of Fourier problems for anisotropic parabolic equations with variable exponents of nonlinearity without any assumptions on the solution behavior and growth of the initial data as time variable tends to minus in nity.

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  • Making the decision for surgery. Why the horse is prone to Colic. Veterinary management of Colic. Anatomy of the equine intestinal tract and abdomen. What’s happening to the intestine during a Colic episode. Risk factor for Colic. Important observations.

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  • Some of the Realist norms and values at the root of security thinking in Israel, and charts their inertia in Israeli policy during the peace process. The efforts of the Netanyahu and Barak governments to find a solution to the policy problem of Lebanon.

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  • Surveys recent philosophy of biology. Recent critiques of the replicator/vehicle distinction and its application to the idea of the gene as the unit of section. Recent ideas on the role of selection in evolution. General problems in the philosophy.

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  • Computational natural-language understanding and a computational mind. Description semantics as correspondence. The fundamental principle of understanding. Familiarity breeds comprehension. Dictionary definitions and algebra. The symbol-grounding problem.

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  • Definitions of unemployment and others, which is connected with unemployment. Problem of unemployment in Kazakhstan and in the world. Analysis of unemployment in Kazakhstan. Realization of Program of employment - 2020 of the Government of Kazakhstan.

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  • The essence of frictional unemployment as the time period between jobs when a worker is looking for, or the transition from one job to another. Characteristics of the main indicators of economic activity of the population of the Russian Federation.

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  • The logic of quantification. Non-standart set theories. Typically ambiguous variables. Standardized theory of types. Equate the null classes. Connections with Zermelo's theory. Functional Logic. A motive for unifying universes. Use general variables.

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