• Description of the mathematical model of the rubber ball with the long form of the cylinder (except the ends) with a mouthpiece. Isothermal process of inflating the ball at room temperature while neglecting the weight of the container and gravity.

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  • The blackbody radiation problem within classical physics is reviewed. Discussion of Fundamental Constants. Analysis Maxwell’s equations. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Scatterers. Wien Displacement Law and the Mismatch with the Boltzmann Distribution.

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  • The derivative expansion of the QED effective action as a divergent but Borel summable asymptotic series, for a particular inhomogeneous background magnetic eld. A non-Borel-summable perturbative series for a time dependent background electric eld.

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  • Analysis of the structure of the electromagnet. Features of the equivalent circuit of the electromagnet. Stages of the calculation of the magnetic flux and the electromagnetic force. Consideration of ways to determine the electromagnetic forces.

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  • Incompressible fractional flow for waterflood with capillary corrections. Mass balance closure for the composite solution. Composite saturation profile and fractional flow plot for radial flow. Model application - capillary pressure function calibration.

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  • Manufacture of containers for transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel. A composite of depleted uranium dioxide (DUO2) with concrete. Study of the efficiency of radiation protection DUCRETETM in comparison with the container of plain concrete.

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  • Численное моделирование пленочного охлаждения пластины с системой цилиндрических отверстий на входном цилиндрическом участке. Расчет эффективности пленочного охлаждения, возможность адаптации SST-модели турбулентности путем корректировки её констант.

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  • The model of chaotic behavior nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. Energy potential of nucleons at a constant temperature in the range of parameters. Discrete model of the energy levels in nuclei.

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  • Newton’s laws for gravitation and resultant acceleration. Modeling a two body motion analogue system. The assumption that the angular velocities involved were considerably more less than one radians per second. Using of the Lambert’s wave function.

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  • Analysis of the use of a combined solar collector for heat supply of buildings to enhance the efficiency of solar system by increasing the surface area of absorption of solar energy. The study of the intensity of the solar radiation on the collector.

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  • Possible structural design siphon micro hydroelectric power stations in terms of their effectiveness and the selection of the optimum head pressure. Gravitational constant (acceleration due to gravity). Calculation of hydraulic friction in the turbine.

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  • Nonlinear regimes of 1D parametric instabilities of long-wave plasma waves are considered for the cases when the average plasma field energy density is less or greater than the plasma thermal energy. The evolution of ion energy distribution is studied.

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  • Analysis of parameters of the impact model measuring the accuracy of orientation using the QUEST and TRIAD method. Analysis of the influence of the parameters of the measuring model on the accuracy of determining the orientation of space vehicles.

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  • Familiarization with radically different views of conceptual relativism. Consideration of ideas and conceptual schemes doctrine conceptual relativism, claiming assets of different thinkers may have different conceptual schemes in the psychic world.

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  • Review and description high reliability and security of power unit are basic requirements when the power unit maneuvering mode operation. Investigated of the power unit capacity automated control systems influence on axial offset under maneuvering mode.

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  • Description of the experimental data of the 4Не(y, pn)d reaction at the photon beam energy Еy:30-100 MeV, obtained by the streamer chamber method on a coherent beam of y-quanta. Measurement of the energy and angular correlation of reaction products.

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  • Анализ причин изменения коэффициента теплоотдачи при свободной конвекции. Свободная конвекция как движение жидкости за счет разности плотностей ее нагретых слоев. Знакомство с характером свободного движения жидкости около горячих горизонтальных труб.

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  • Анализ силы, характеризующей соприкосновение одного тела с другим. Причины возникновения силы трения. Характеристика видов трения. Примеры силы трения покоя, скольжения, качения. Особенности полезного трения. Основные последствия вредного вида трения.

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  • Призначення синхронізувальних пристроїв. Основні схеми пристроїв синхронізування з електромагнітним реле. Їх недоліки та переваги. Аналіз значень характерних напруг. Застосування реле постійного струму. Характеристика синхронізувальних діодних пристроїв.

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  • Обзор и технологии построения систем удаленного энергомониторинга, их основные характеристики. Алгоритм работы системы энергомониторинга My-JEVis, методика подключения и настройки прибора VIDA 44M. Подбор конфигурации для настройки связи с сервером.

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