Biofield, the power system of the body

Analysis of features of the power system of organism. Essence of concept is a "biofield". Life as continuous process of absorption of energy of different kinds and different values. Biological aspects of influence of the electromagnetic fields on a man.

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Biofield. The power system of the body

biofield organism electromagnetic life

Entry Everyone thought about the problems of the mysterious and the supernatural. Each of these questions have their answers. Throughout life, these answers may vary. It depends not only on the life experience of everyone, from fall to his share of turmoil, but also on knowledge. Unfortunately, knowledge are not equally shared in equal measure. This is true for our time because we still do not fully recover from the effects of control over the publication of true knowledge. Many intellectuals are puzzled: how to combine knowledge and belief? They were reared in that faith is the enemy of knowledge, but knowledge does not require faith. Not everyone can understand all the sciences of the original sources and a correct view on all these issues. This is a very time-consuming and difficult. In addition, relevant literature is often lacking. This literature on the most soulful matters, but there is no single semantic web, in which all these questions would be strung together, and getting to understand their place in a single picture of the world. This is understandable, since it requires consideration of the modern scientific questions from different fields of knowledge (cosmogony, biology, physics, parapsychology, religion and so on). Proper understanding of the world should be. For now, the picture of the world is not open, even by half. In nature, met a huge number of phenomena that scientists are unable or unwilling to explain. Silent about them, and therefore lost a piece of a whole, unified. But there is a small community of scientists who specifically study such mysterious and, at first glance inexplicable, phenomenon.

After all, is still not known how some people can predict the future, read people's minds, and so on. The results of such scientists as a wide range of readers are not provided. In my work I want to open the curtain a bit on the mysterious phenomena. For my work I chose the topic: "Biofield. The energy system of the organism. The aim was to describe the hypothesis of scientists on this subject, as well as proving their facts. Were also expressed their thoughts and views about physics and bio-field evidence, which does not pretend to be true. This is only my assumption.

The term "biofield" The notion of "aura" was introduced AG Gurvich. However, what it means. They talk about the electromagnetic fields of radio fields, the gravitational field, the field of nuclear forces and so on. Meteorologists say the temperature field, pressure field and even on the field of wind speeds. So, he said the word "field" we have not yet determine its physical essence. We only distinguish that this substance has a field character. By adding the word "field" the word "bio" we determine that this substance is associated with biosystems. Thus, the term "biofield" has not determined. We do not know what it is filled and what is its physical essence. Researchers can not fix something that may in some degree be related to the biological field. It should be clear that some one manifestation of biofield may not spatially coincide with the other part of it. It should be emphasized that scientists have not measured the full extent all human biofield. They do not even realize that they should investigate and how to get the result. The question remains very difficult. Therefore, most scientists reject the existence of biofield

They enrolled in a number of biofield itself unscientific mysticism. But should not always believe such statements. Everyone probably knows a great scientist, as Lavoisier. So, it is a signatory to the Paris Academy of Sciences of the document, compiled in 1772, which states that "... a rock falling from the sky is physically impossible." It is about meteorites. After this document had been thrown pieces of meteorites from all European museums. Science has lost a lot after this withdrawal of the French Academicians. Let's try to understand, with what scientists have suggested the existence of biofield. Previously, people are often concerned by the question, what living is different from non-living (or dead). Were set up hypotheses that were reduced to one simple conclusion: in vivo, particularly in man, there is some "vital force". It has been different. In the religious beliefs of the mention of some vital substance called the soul. Here is the first feature. Despite the different religions are, in all of them there is a mention of the soul. The soul is invisible. There are practical cases, confirming the existence of the soul. There are many stories about people staying out of his body. People say that they are "separated" from his physical body and come as it were, between life and death. Scientists mostly miss these facts, as an incredible lie.However, in confirmation of truth of these stories can bring a number of facts. Very often, astral travelers, tell us these facts, which could no longer find any where. For example, a person in clinical death and then tells about all attempts to revive him with incredible accuracy. In almost all cases, people talk about some "silver cord" connecting the physical body with the astral.They feel that the return to the body is possible only when the link is not broken. Uncommon observation of his body from the outside. So at Monro and Muldoon was developed the ability to leave his physical body. A large number of psychics convinced of the veracity of this phenomenon. There were also virtually any evidence of the theory of biological field, in particular, such evidence are photographs Kirliyana. Based on these facts, it was assumed the existence of a man of some substance which Gurvich called biofield. Composition of bio-field has not yet been installed. It is suggested that in the biological field includes a wide range of radiation. And as a result of this challenge to scientists to "catch" this radiation and study its physical meaning. But here there is a trick. For "catch" the radiation may not apply to biofield. Researchers must understand that they are looking only at best, an integral part of bio-field, but not all of it. Before turning to the study of biological field should say that this notion is often used interchangeably, although it may be that these words signified entities unrelated to the biofield, and are independent of the living organism. Frequently used terms such as the astral body, etheric body (though that word is usually denoted by the human mind), soul (spirit), the aura.Here, I sometimes will use them as synonyms biofield.

The energy system of the organism. Consider the power system of the body more. The American scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote that life is a continuous process of absorption, transformation and movement of energy of different kinds and different values. This process is directly linked with the electrical properties of living matter, and specifically with its electrical conductivity. Electric current is the orderly movement of charged particles. The carriers of electric charges may be electrons, ions and holes (in semiconductors). Just for semiconductors is characterized by extrinsic conductivity. When you add in the semiconductor crystal atoms of other elements of its conductivity increases. The properties of semiconductors are very interesting. They are very sensitive to light, heat, radiation, and so on. If, for example, the semiconductor light falls, then its conductivity increases sharply, as electrons from the valence band of "detached" from the nucleus of an atom and provide the electronic conductivity. Living matter is very similar to the semiconductor. However, there is a very fundamental difference. In the macromolecules of the living energy of only a few electron-volts, whereas the binding energy in solution or liquid crystals is about 20-30 eV. This property is very important because it allows for high sensitivity. Conduction electrons, which pass from one molecule to another due to the tunneling effect. In protein and other biological objects are very high mobility zaryadonositeley. In the system of carbon-oxygen and hydrogen-nitrogen bonds electron (excited) by the tunneling effect is moved throughout the system of protein molecules.Since the mobility of these electrons is very high, the conductivity of the protein system is high. In vivo and by ionic conductivity. Education and the separation of ions in living matter by the presence of water in the protein system. Depends on him the dielectric constant of the protein system. The charge carriers in this case are hydrogen ions - protons. Only in a living organism all kinds of conductivity are realized simultaneously. The ratio between the different conductivities varies depending on the amount of water in the protein system. The less water, the less ionic conductivity. If the proteins were dried, the conduction electrons. In general, the influence of water not only in that it is a source of hydrogen ions and thus provides the possibility of ionic conduction. Water plays a more complex role in changing the overall conductivity. The fact that water is an impurity donor. It supplies the electrons (each water molecule breaks up into a proton (nucleus) and electrons). As a result, electrons fill the holes, so the hole conductivity decreases. It decreases a million times. Subsequently, these electrons are transferred proteins, and the situation is restored, but not completely. The total conductivity then still remains 10 times smaller than before adding water. You can add to the protein systems, not only donor but also acceptor, which would lead to increased numbers of holes. It is established that such an acceptor is, in particular, chloranil-substance containing chlorine. As a result, the hole conductivity increases so that the overall conductivity of the protein system is growing a million times. Nucleic acids also play an important role in living organism. Despite the fact that their structure, hydrogen bonds and so on are different from those and in biological systems, there are substances (non-biological) with essentially similar physical properties. In particular, this substance is graphite. Binding energy they have just as for proteins, small, and conductivity is high, although several orders less than in proteins. But the electrical properties of amino acids in general, fundamentally the same as the properties of proteins.

But the amino acids in the living organism and possess properties that proteins do not possess. This is a very important properties. Thanks to them mechanical effects in them are transformed into electricity. This property of matter in physics is called the piezoelectric. In the nucleic acids of the living organism thermal effect also leads to the formation of electricity (thermoelectrics). That and other properties determined by the presence of water. It is clear that these properties vary depending on the amount of water. Using these properties in the organization and functioning of living organisms is obvious. Thus, the dependence of the conductivity of the illumination based action rod visual retina. But the molecules of living organisms possess and electronic conductivity, as well as metals. Electrical properties of protein systems and nucleic molecules appear only in the dynamics, only in a living organism. With the onset of death electrophysical activity very quickly disappears. This is because the movement has stopped zaryadonositeley.

A comparison of electrical properties of the protein and amino acid systems with semiconductors may give the impression that the electrical properties of some and the other the same. It's not quite true. Although the protein systems of a living organism, and there is electronic, and the hole, and the ionic conductivity, but they are linked more difficult than in the inorganic and organic semiconductors. There are simply summed conductance and obtained the total, the final conductivity. In living organisms, is the arithmetic addition of conductances unacceptable. Here 1 1 (2. Nothing strange about that. This suggests that the conductivity are not independent of each other. Reciprocal their changes are accompanied by processes that alter the overall conductivity of a more complicated law. Therefore, referring to the electronic (or other)conductivity of protein systems, add the word "specific." processes that determine the electrical properties of living are very complex. Simultaneously with the motion of electric charges, which determines the electrical conductivity, act on each other and electromagnetic fields. Subatomic particles have magnetic moments, ie they are magnets. Because these magnets interact with each other, the result of this action is a fixed orientation of these particles. Always molecules and atoms change their status - they carry out continuous and stepwise (discrete) transitions from one electrical state to another. Getting extra energy, they are excited. These transitions have an impact on the mobility zaryadonositeley in a living organism. Thus, the effect of electromagnetic fields alter the motion of charged particles. With these zaryadonositeley transmits information in the central nervous system (CNS). The signals in the CNS to ensure that the whole body as a whole, are electric pulses. But they are subject to much more slowly than in technical systems. This is due to the complexity of the process. The body responds to the action of some external action only after he had received information about this impact.

The response of the organism is impaired because the signals of the external influence spread slowly. Thus, the rate of protective reactions of the living organism depends on the electrical properties of living matter.If you are outside electrical and electromagnetic fields, then this reaction is even more retarded. This was found in laboratory experiments and in studying the effect of electromagnetic fields during magnetic storms in living systems. By the way, if the reaction of a living organism to external stimuli was many times faster, then people would be able to protect themselves from many influences, from which he now dies. Today, people still do not know all the properties of the complex electrical conductivity of living matter. But what is clear is that it depended on them are fundamentally different properties that are unique to living things. For disclosure of the nature of electrical phenomena in living organisms is necessary to understand the meaning potential of biological systems, biopotential. Potential energy is a possibility. To detach an electron from the hydrogen atom, we must overcome the forces that keep him in the atom, that is, the necessary energy to carry out this work. The energy of elementary particles measured in electron-volts. The energy spent on the separation of the electron from the nucleus of an atom is called the ionization potential. For hydrogen, it is equal to 13 eV. For the atoms of different elements it has its value. In living substances binding energy in molecules is 0,01-1 eV. In the non-living molecules 30-50 eV. Measure the ionization potential in biological molecules is very difficult because of the smallness of the minimum values of the electron energy.

Therefore, it is better to characterize not absolute values (Electron-volts), and relative. You can take the unit ionization potential of water (ie, the water contained in biological systems). Now we can determine the ionization potentials of all other biological compounds. Here is one more subtlety. In the hydrogen atom has only one valence electron. Therefore, its ionization potential is equal to unity. If the atom and molecule is more complex, their electrons have different energy possibilities for the separation. In such cases, the ionization potential attributed to the valence electrons, ie electrons with the lowest binding energy. In biological systems as a result of a certain distribution of electric charges are electric fields, so at the expense of the Coulomb forces may be the attraction and repulsion of electric charges. Energy characteristics of the electric field is a potential difference (?(). potential difference in biological systems (Biopotentials) is very small to 10-6 eV. The value of biopotential is a clear indicator of the bio-system or its parts. It changes if the body is in a pathological state. In this case, change the reaction of a living organism to environmental factors. Electrical properties of biological compounds is determined and the speed of reaction of a living organism as a whole and its individual analyzers at the effect of external factors. From these properties depends on the speed of information processing in the body. It was estimated by the electrical activity. Bioenergy phenomena at the level of elementary particles are the basis of the principal functions of a living organism, without these features life is impossible. The energy processes in the cells (the transformation of energy and complex biochemical metabolic processes) is only possible thanks to the participation of the electrons. Biopotentials closely related to the electrical activity of the body. Thus, the electrical activity of the brain characterized by a spectral density biopotential and voltage pulses of different frequencies. It was found that human bio-rhythms of the brain characterized by the following (in Hz): . Delta-rhythm - 0,5-3 Hz; . Theta rhythm - 4-7 Hz; . Alpha rhythm - 8-13 Hz; . Beta rhythm - 14-35 Hz; . Gamma rhythm - 36-55 Hz. There are, though irregularly, and some rhythms with greater frequency. The amplitude of the electrical impulses of the human brain reaches a considerable size - up to 500 mV. Someone familiar with electronics, he knows that the transfer of information and its processing is important not only repetition rate and amplitude, but also the form of pulses. How are these impulses? Their characteristics suggest that they can not create changes in ionic conductivity. In this case, the processes develop more slowly, ie, they are more inertia.

These pulses can be generated only by the motion of electrons whose mass is much smaller than the mass of the ions. The role of the form of electrical pulses can be understood on the example of the effectiveness of cardiac defibrillation. It turned out that the efficiency of recovery of the heart depends on the shape of the pulse supplied to the electric voltage. Is important and its spectral density. Only when some form of pulses is restored normal movement zaryadonositeley in a living organism, that is, restored normal conductivity, which allows the normal functioning of the organism. In this method, electrodes are applied to the human body in the chest. But the electrical impulses in this case are not only directly on the heart muscle, but also on the central nervous system. Apparently, the second path is most effective, because the ability of the central nervous system effects on all organs of the most extensive. Teams all bodies come through the central nervous system most quickly, because its electrical conductivity is much higher than the conductivity of muscle tissue and circulatory system. Thus, the return of the organism to life happens, if it is possible to restore the electrical properties of living matter, or rather the specific motion of electric charges with those features that are inherent in living systems. Crucial to the life and functioning of living organism have exactly the electrical properties of living. This is confirmed by such facts. Established that if a man suddenly act annoyances, the resistance of the human body to electric current changes abruptly. It is crucial that unexpected external influences may have different physical nature. It may be a bright light, and touch a hot object, and message people unexpected, important for its information. In all cases the result is the same - the electrical conductivity of the human body increases.

This change depends on the strength of the external factor. But in all cases the increase in electrical conductivity occurs very rapidly, and its restoration to normal values - much slower. The rapid change in electrical conductivity can only occur through email. Consider the impact on the rights of external factors (electric current). The implications of this impact depends not only on its magnitude, but on the state of the human nervous system at this time. Death under the influence of external factors coming in, if disturbed electrical CNS. If under the influence of external factors zaryadonositeley movement in the cells of the brain is disturbed, it is complete or partial cessation of feeding cells with oxygen. Of course, this question is very complicated. Already established that the electrical conductivity of different organisms and different systems in a living organism is different. Bodies that have most quickly react to external stimuli, have the least inertia conduction - electron and electron-hole. Now consider the energy system of the organism. There are views of various scholars that the body receives energy, which ensures its functioning as a whole, as well as all its constituent parts.

Charges of energy can have both positive and negative signs. In a healthy organism has a balance of positive and negative elements of energy. This means the balance between the processes of excitation and inhibition. When the balance between the flow of positive and negative energy violated, then the body goes into a disease as disturbed the balance of excitation and inhibition. The energy from the air comes in various organs and systems through a energoprovodyaschuyu system. To understand the work of the body more correctly seen not uzkoanatomicheskie bodies, and certain functional systems. Each functional system receives energy from the air through certain channels the energy of motion on the surface of the skin. These channels are called meridians. Each body consumes energy, which flows through a particular meridian. Meridian is divided into two parts: the first produces energy trapping (skin), while the second brings it to the body. This is reflected in the title of meridians: Meridian hands and lungs. Each meridian is working effectively at a certain time of day. This established the principle of acupuncture. Communications of the brain with the human skin is proved. One evidence of this - galvanic skin effect.

This effect is the appearance of an electric pulse on the surface of the skin after any event. So have the effect of all living organisms, including plants. There have been many interesting experiments. One of them had experience with the plant and oysters. By the vouchers plants attached device, registering electrical impulses. At random time oyster fell over in a saucepan of boiling water (this was done with a special device that would eliminate the possibility of telepathic contact, scientists and plants). The plant, which "saw" the death of oysters, gave an electrical impulse in all tests.

Experimental data on the biological field. Modern science has proved that apart from the physical body of man and all living organisms have biological field. This is not just a field that emit various organs and body systems. This field, which contains all the information necessary for the development of the organism from the moment of its inception. Biofield has some features not typical of all other known fields and phenomena. This will be discussed later. Consider the radiation, which scientists have found, and which may or precisely related to the biological field. Since cell division (mitosis) related some radiation, which discovered and measured AGGurvich. He called it "Gurwich. It was found that if by this radiation reach other cells, then their mitosis increases, ie, stimulated their growth. In consequence, the radiation and other researchers have experimented (Laboratory AG Gurvich was safely closed). The experiments were repeated Gurvich in 1928, Denny Gabor, who In 1971 became a Nobel laureate in physics. Gabor carried out his experiments in the laboratory group Siemens in Berlin together with his colleague T. Reuter. But it goes mitogenetic radiation has not measured the devices, although the results of his actions were evident. The fact that the force, the intensity of this radiation is very weak.Therefore, available at that time measuring devices were not able to measure it, to feel. But the years passed, and instruments developed. In 1954, the Italians L. Colli and U. Fatchini able to measure Gurwich rays Gurvich.

Their intensity was too small. It turned out to be only 10 - 100 photons per second per square centimeter. For comparison, the intensity of normal daylight more than a billion multiplied by a billion times. Such weak emission control all processes in the plant world, yes indeed, any animal, too. After this study Gurwich rays has increased significantly since it became possible to register them. Such studies are intensively conducted in Japan, the U.S. and here in Russia. We have dealt with their daughter Gurvich, AA Gurvich, SV Konev, G. Popov, T. Mamedov and V. Veselovsky. That our scientists have found that this radiation is recorded in all studies of animals and plants. At the same time in different species it has been demonstrated with varying force (Intensity) and has a different intensity distribution of the frequencies (Wavelengths). Specialists such a distribution is called the spectrum. They have shown experimentally that in cases where the studied biological system (animal, plant, and so on) starts to wither away, then mitogenetic radiation increases sharply. I should add that by this time the radiation AG Gurvich became known as "bio photons, ie light, generated by biological systems. They showed that with the onset of death biosystem bio photons disappear. At present, specialists are considering several possible mechanisms of formation of bio photons.They draw attention to the fact that after the oxygen in living organisms significantly increases the flow of photons. This is due to oxidation processes during the production of energy from glucose and oxygen. This produced energy-matter in the form of adenosine triphosphate.Established that the 1011 processed oxygen molecules released only one bio photons. BioPhotonic emitted and other processes.

Thus, they are emitted in the reaction of lipids with phosphates, oxygen, iron ions. BioPhotonic emitted during phagocytosis. In this polimorfonukleaza and other phagocytes radiate bio photons. The sources of bio photons can also be components of proteins, the nuclei of cells of the body, as well as the DNA molecule. What is the role of bio-photon emission? The physicist Fritz Ponn and biologist Walter Nagle believe that photon radiation regulates the frequency of metabolism of cells and creates nerve impulses. Moreover, this radiation, passing nerve impulses throughout the body, provides the necessary for the existence of the body rhythms, ensures synchronization of vital body processes. The efficiency of bio photons in biomolecules in 1040 times higher than the same efficiency of conventional photons. Curious results of research carried out by the S. Myuge. As a substance, which was to enhance its growth under the influence Gurwich rays, S. Myuge used a certain strain of yeast that have been selected Gurvich. They are especially well react to bio photons. His experiments Myuge follows. The square cell filled with agar yeast cells. On top of them possessed seedlings of two varieties of onion. The idea of the experiments was that would monitor the growth of yeast under the influence of the radiation emanating from the seedling onions. Word of the rays and radiation in general are not good, probably need to talk about the field, which occupies a certain volume. Yeasts were clearly emerged is the space around the seedling. Yeasts were given an opportunity to make this space visible to the experimenter.

This was enough to cover all the place, where the yeast with the different parties. Under such a scattered light amount of well-drawn, already up to this point occupied by yeast. The whole process of filling the growing space of yeast takes about two days. As shown by experiments? It turned out that each time the amount of radiation, defined in shape and size of yeast, exactly correspond to the shape and size, which reached the seedling onions by the end of its growth, that is the end of the growing season, when he becomes an adult bulb. Thus, about two days it was possible to tell which bulb in shape and size will grow out of this germ. Once the yeast occupied volume is very strange, bifurcated form. When this seedling planted, it grew and became mature bulb, its shape was exactly like the form of yeast, it has been bifurcated as combed his beard in two parts. It is clear that one can not say that this radiation is the aura, but the fact that it is associated with, or is part of it, no doubt. After all, it incorporated information about the plant, which should grow. Naturally we can assume that this radiation are determined not only the shape and size, but other quality properties. That is why in the name of the radiation Gurvich and introduced the concept of "genetic". Here we talked about plants, but very curious that when people have amputated a body (hand, foot, and so on), the aura remains unchanged, all of it remains in place. Also biofield since his birth is in shape and volume of an adult. If we consider the physical nature of mitogenetic radiation, it is likely an ultraviolet radiation.

This conclusion was reached because of the fact that this radiation passes through the quartz glass, like ultraviolet radiation. It would be a way to tell here about the experiments with such radiation, which held VPTreasurers and his colleague, MP Mikhailov. Their results are contained in several books, but their sensationalism widely discussed in scientific periodicals. These results were recorded as a discovery. Its essence is as follows. The experiment took two tissue cultures (two sets of living cells) and placed in isolation in cells separated from each other by quartz glass. The radiation from one chamber could do to another cell through a quartz glass. The idea of the experiments was to influence the cells in a cell and to investigate if this is in any way affect the cells in another cell. The results were striking. When cells in a cell damaged by a virus or sublimate, the next cell the cell that is "seen" and began to play the same thing: the cells appeared with the same symptoms cytopathological process, which, as in the first row should have to die. Actually in the second chamber, where no one and nothing on the cells are not influenced, the cells were killed in the same way as in the first chamber, where they are maimed and killed sublimate and viruses. Academic VP Treasurers had to shrug and say: "Facts can not be explained with a recognized, well-known position of modern science." It is clear that there was a non-contact interaction of cells, exchange of information between them, despite the fact that they are separated from each other, placed in different cells.

Quartz glass chambers separated not by accident. For more Gurvich found that Gurwich rays pass through the quartz. But to conclude from this that there and here we are dealing with ultraviolet radiation, as they say, in pure form, probably not worth it. AG Gurvich was trying to find those characteristics of ultraviolet radiation (frequency, phase, amplitude, and their combination - the spectrum), which would have replaced the mitogenetic radiation, but nothing came of it - everything was not so easy. Studies of radiation of living organisms was performed, and other scientists. For example, researchers from Krasnodar Kirlianami spouses (or Kirliyanami) was established setting, allowing not only to record the emission rights, but to see them. It was patented by them in 1949. Installation was very useful, allowing to observe the change of some physical phenomena around the human body during the change of his emotional state. Scientists were quick to call received at the same glow "bioplasm, although not yet established the properties of this phenomenon, at least those that would give reason to call it the plasma.

And generally in all the experiments a large toll in the fact that physicists do not know biology, but biologists do not know physics. Refers to the true, deep knowledge, not just knowledge. Therefore, there are pervasive and vseisklyuchayuschie final findings and conclusions, and terms are born, which picked up anything not understood in this lyudom like journalists and popularizers, and then restore the truth is very difficult - everything is hackneyed, well-known, requiring no doubts. And in fact it is still unknown. But back to the experiments. The method, which created the installation Kirlianov, is that recorded the behavior of any object when it is placed in the high-frequency currents. It emits visible light, which can be fixed on a normal film. You can make a movie about the changes that occur near to human skin as its emotional state. Revealed Kirlianom radiation. Consider the history of the installation Kirlianov. In 1939, repairing the apparatus of electrotherapy in the research laboratory in Krasnodar in the Ukraine, the Russian engineer touched his hand to the bare electrode. The resulting shock was accompanied by an outbreak of them, as in a neon lamp. However, another version of this case occurred not in itself Kirlianom, and with his patient. One way or another, but Semyon Kirlian wanted to know what would happen if this outbreak to put light-sensitive material. Together with his wife, Valentina, he as electrodes installed two metal plates and one of them has strengthened film. By placing his hand between the two plates, Kirlian switched on the electric current. In the photo development around the toes was visible luminescent aura. Continuing experiments with lots of organic matter, Kirlian discovered a similar effect. In the experiment with fresh cut flower appeared spark. Around the wilted leaf was no sparks, no glow. The strangest thing was that the picture torn out sheet also revealed torn part. This setting allows poslezhivat for some electrical characteristics of human skin. In this setup, his research, VN Pushkin. VN Pushkin, set himself the task of using this facility to find out how to change the glow of human skin during the transition of its state of mental peace to the state of any psychological activity. This activity VN Pushkin was stimulated by the fact that the subjects gave the job to solve various problems that required them to certain intellectual strain. In a series of such experiments, forty subjects offered or multiply two-digit numbers, or build them into a square.The subjects were not mathematicians, and so this task was not easy for them.

Photographing luminescence fingers on the installation, which took place before the start of work on the task, and in the course of this work, showed that 28 out of 40 changed the nature of the glow, and most of them glow has not increased as researchers have believed, but rather , decreased.This glow is called shine no accident. It is characterized by the presence of bit-rays, as in the natural northern lights. So, it turned out that with increasing voltage ntellektualnogo number of such rays decreased. The researchers concluded that "the transition to a psychological activity leads to a decrease in the glow of the skin in high frequency. This phenomenon scientists call a high-frequency response of the discharge. The physical nature of the high-frequency emission has not been fully elucidated. It is more important to gain a fuller figure out how it relates to the functioning of body systems, with a change in its regulatory-energy process. These studies were performed using rheograph. Doctors commonly use rheographic attachment to a cardiograph. Using the method rheograph reontsefalografii registered blood supply different parts of the brain. The fact is that when the blood flow in the cerebral vessels, that is when they surge. Changes the resistance to electric current medulla, which is located between the electrodes device. Therefore, the possibility of pulsations of cerebral vessels.

Conducted by rheograph studies have shown that the intensification or emergence of mental tension and change shape ripple wave at rheograph: this wave becomes more flat. Physicians understand that this is a clear indication of increased tone of cerebral vessels. It is this change in pulse wave was registered in those subjects who were intellectually strained in dealing with the above tasks. It was also clearly found that the reaction between the high level and blood supply of the cells of the cerebral cortex (cerebral hemodynamics), there is a clear link. This was manifested as follows: human skin in high frequency reduces its emission at precisely the moment when increased vascular tone of the brain, caused by mental stress. This confirms the fact that there is unity in the various elements that make up the regulatory-energy system. If there is a direct link - from the brain to the skin, then there should be a feedback: from the skin to the brain. It is important to learn how to manage this communication, manage processes in the brain, and hence the whole organism. This acupuncture. From acupuncture to electropuncture one step. Commit it helped AL Chizhevsky. He began to study acupuncture in terms of charge transfer. It became obvious that under the action of a needle inserted into the biologically active point, there arise and accumulate electric charges. It is in these charges and concealed the secret of medical acupuncture, it is necessary only that the oscillation frequency of bioelectric currents was chosen accordingly. Developing the ideas of AL Chizhevskogo, J. Kalmor showed that "skin is an organ of absorption of cosmic radiation, the quanta of which combines with the internal energy exchange, determine the entire power base of the body.

The assumptions of scientists about the meaning of aura. Modern science has proved the existence of living organisms is not only the physical body, but also the bio-field, which stores information about the whole organism. Any deformation of its impact on the body immediately. Analysis of the processes associated with the biofield, held a Ph.D. from the Institute of Philosophy of Belarus, AK Manet. The structure of the human biofield is not a discrete differetsirovannoy. According Maneeva: "In the biological field as an integral quanta of discrete-differential structure is excluded by a path type of its structure. Thus, it is excluded and the possibility of biochemical and physiological processes inherent in a discrete real level of the organization. Synthetic type structure biofield as essentially holistic and excludes current of selected items of a lower order provides an opportunity and the realization is reflective-reflective nature of information processes, the reaction caused by quantum coherent biopolevogo to any action, adequate range of sensitivity "biofield".

The essence of what has been said is that to ensure that the holographic nature of the biofield can only wave, the field structure. This structure is a continuous or continual. If the biological field would consist of individual (discrete) elements, then carry out their functions they could not. Indeed, in discrete-real structures - gas, liquid, muscle - impact from the outside is transferred gradually from one part to another. And in the biological field everything is different: for any impact the entire system instantly responds. Speaking of the field, we can speak about quanta of the field. Speaking about the biological field, we can apply the term biopolevoy quantum. Acquired information is also recorded in his aura as a kind of addition to genetic information.Contact information from the same biofield can be assumed that during the process of the inorganic phase formation Biosystems among the simplest type of field formations could be formed subject to the same entropy dynamically stable continuum system, the information superstructure that has been genetically preskriptsiey. Mechanisms of human memory can be based only on the basis of biofield. AK Man writes about it this way: "The facts of the phenomenal stable storage of information of images of various events and phenomena in the past decades in a person's memory and even the latest recovery after severe post-traumatic amnesia or other can be interpreted as evidence that the information carrier Biosystems is a sort of no entropic superustoychivaya system.

Considering that its function is not a physiological nature, characteristic protein of education and awareness-reflective nature, the essence of psyche in general and in particular of thinking we see in the functioning of the biopolevoy system in unity with all the subsystems of the body (including the brain) . A group of scientists involved in modeling mental activity, concluded that, regardless of conditions of absolute zero temperature of the human body "mentality can not be done using conventional molecular mechanisms and must be linked with specific mechanisms, or special particles, which are not subject to molecular statics . Material substratum mechanisms of mental activity must be sought or below the atomic-molecular level, is not among the known particles, or above this level, too, is not among the known forms of matter in motion. " All of these criteria actually satisfies internally continuous biopolevoy quantum: it is really difficult to distinguish any subsystem interactions, although virtually infinite number of degrees of freedom continuous-field facility makes it the most complex system. The presence of biofield rightly conclude on the whole range biopsifunktsy living organism.After all, the reality of the other fields are judged by their appearances, influences on those or other physical system. And if the radiation field are already independent of the source of existence, but this does not prevent them to carry all the information. It is also possible and the existence of bio-field radiated by a living organism, after the death of the latter. It can store information about the whole body, on which you can recreate it. Is also possible to increase the intensity of radiation biofield, with the possible appearance of the image. Perhaps it is because there are ghosts.

Hypotheses and reflections on the biological field. Is there an aura, really? This issue is very complicated. There is evidence of the existence of a substrate, but the aura is still not accepted by modern science (except for a few people conducting research in this area). Let's try to answer this question. Consider the observed Kirlianami radiation. Luminescence is observed when you make a living substance in the high-frequency currents (glow seeks to record on the film). Due to what can be obtained this "effect Kirlian? Between the electrodes is a high-frequency electromagnetic field - the quantum energy electromagnetic radiation (Planck's formula). Under the influence of this radiation the body emits light. This light, most likely, is ultraviolet radiation. But the body emits continuously. After contact with living matter in an electromagnetic field of high frequency radiation intensity increases as the energy of this radiation is larger by the amount of electromagnetic radiation and is sufficient to detect it on film. Consider the end of life of living organisms.

With the death of the body the energy decreases as the heat leaves the body and ends the movement. Then the formula of Einstein, where, it turns out that the mass of the body decreased. Due to what happened is the change in mass.Perhaps, as in the theory of biological field, the body has left a certain substance. Its mass is low. We now turn to the duality properties. If all the elementary particles are both waves. And this is proved by passing electrons through a narrow slit, resulting in the screen for a slit diffraction pattern is being drawn. If so, then the body is a huge number of point sources. And why the duality properties applies only to elementary particles. If the organism as a whole radiates, it can be represented as a particle. But its mass is large, and hence the frequency of radiation is very large: So with the help of conventional physical methods can not detect the biological field. Now consider the paranormal nature of man. For example, telepathy. How can it be linked to the biological field. Maybe so. If everyone around the body there is his aura, it is possible bio-interaction of different people. Biofield different organisms may differ on certain characteristics, such as frequency. So the scientists proved that the greatest telepathic compatibility observed in identical twins. In such organisms, bio-field will be most similar, if not identical. So as a result of the interaction of bio-information from the brain of one organism can pass into the brain through a different aura. This method of transmission is very interesting and can be of great practical importance. Consider the phenomenon of telekinesis (moving objects by thought alone). How can people move objects by thought alone. This requires a fairly large amount of energy. From Planck's formula turns out that radiation should be enormous frequency. It will be comparable to 1034 Hz. Because in order to lift the body mass of 1 kg requires energy of about 1 G. On a scale of electromagnetic waves is obtained, that this radiation is more than gamma radiation. On the other hand, the energy is directly proportional to the intensity of the radiation. Therefore, increasing mental strain intensity of radiation biofield, the person can move objects. It is possible that this is wasted energy of the organism as a whole, including the physical. That is why mediums after sessions completely exhausted.

Now let us return to the essence of bio-field and some details. Known presence in the body "lump" of energy - the chakras. That excitement of our chakras do some yoga in India. It is possible that the chakras and is the source of biofield. In the Chakra energy comes from outside. There are some processes, after which this energy is radiated in the form of biofield, already containing the genetic information. Chakras are seven. In particular, one of them is located in the area of the coccyx, the second near the solar plexus (their arrangement resembles a spiral), two are located on the back of his neck and forehead.Perhaps in each chakra gathered information about certain systems in the body in the amount of the same general picture is obtained of the living creatures.

The problem of bio-field is very important not only for physics but also for the whole of science in general. Disclosure of secrets biofield can serve as the beginning of the creation of the special sciences and technologies. This discovery may contribute to new technology transfer and storage of information. How to create a computer technique was the beginning of the information revolution, so biofield can open some other means of information transfer. Also, the disclosure of the problem biofield may, as a start a chain reaction to the discovery of some paranormal properties of a living organism, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and many others. With the help of bio-field and on the basis of its technology people will be able to uncover the secrets of life and death. Perhaps the open way of life extension, and, perhaps, of immortality. Biofield be able to unite the various phenomena and laws into one. Mankind can learn the overall picture of the world. Until then it remains a mystery aura that still do not want to admit in science.


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