• Attempts to prove the superiority of amperian action-at-a-distane electrodynamics. Explanation of MKS units. Asserion of the Ampere, the Biot–Savart and Lorentz force laws, difference between them. Discussing of the experimental results of the Amperians.

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  • A Generators of the Poincare Group for Electromagnetism. Derivation of the Center-of-Energy Law. Conservation Laws in the Presence of External Forces on Particles. Quasi-static Changes for Stationary Systems. Single Point Mass. Parallel Plate Capacitor.

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  • Simulation through software Agros2D progressive method of induction heating of nonmagnetic billets rotating in a stationary magnetic field produced by a stationary high coercive permanent magnets attached to the magnetic core corresponding form.

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  • Analysis of the results of irradiation of thin films of zinc selenide 500 nm thick by an electron beam and their deposition by evaporation. Analysis of the optical properties of both irradiated and untouched samples using an ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

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  • Factors that reduce the strength properties of ferromagnetic iron oxides impurities of oxides of stoichiometric composition, etc. Using Mossbauer spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction analysis to determine the effects of magnetic pulses on iron oxides.

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  • Acquaintance with the features of the influence of polymer coatings on the lifetime of carriers in silicon crystals used in solar energy. General characteristics of the conditions of magnetic and X-ray exposure, analysis of electrophysical parameters.

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  • Design of the experimental setup, depending on the time of flight fragment separator COMBAS and multi-channel recording system developed for the study of light exotic nuclei. The use of precise correlation method for resonance spectroscopy collapse.

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  • Direct and unambiguous experimental evidence for the magnetic force density. Schematic representation of the experiment, a pen-dulum deflected by a magnetic force. Magnetization of a typical ferrofluid. The table of data of the employed ferrofluids.

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  • The aerodynamic properties of the wing (drag, lift-to-drag ratio and induced drag) were investigated experimentally. Two forms of nonlinear equations of lift curves. Flow visualization in observing the influences of tip vortices shed from the wing tips.

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  • Terms irradiation reactor VVER-440 in the presence and absence of cassettes screens at the periphery of the core. Distributions of functionals of the neutron flux on the inner surface and in the bulk metal reactor fuel in different variants of downloads.

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  • The effect of magnetic field on the transport of ions in plant cells are shown in the article. The interrelation between the changes in the concentration of ions in the plant cell with magnetic treatment and magnetic field parameters has been established.

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  • Формалізм рівноважної статистичної фізики неупорядкованих конденсованих середовищ, що з геометричної точки зору являються стохастичними фракталами. Статистична механіка флуктуацій фізичних полів на структурах. Оцінка гіббсівських розподілів ймовірностей.

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  • Motion along a straight line. The displacement of a particle is a vector quantity. The magnitude of the force. Kinetic energy and work. Potential energy and conservation of energy. Center of mass and linear momentum. Rolling, torque and angular momentum.

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  • Studying the behavior of active nanoparticles ensemble within the framework of canonical approach, taking into account the internal energy. Applying the anharmonic representation of the Hamilton function and analysis the kinetics of the self-assembly.

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  • Study of the history of origin of the basic concepts of optical resonators and lensguides, development of new concepts and still further knowledge in this area in the first decade of the laser era. The technical aspects of optical beams and resonators.

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  • The phase shift how a result of the self-inductance of the current loops within the conductor. Levitation of conductors in an oscillating magnetic field. The studying phenomenon the self-inductance of an aluminum ring from measuring the vertical force.

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  • A formal result of the longitudinal force acting on a moving potential. The equivalence between the adiabatic perturbation theory and the kinetic theory for the longitudinal force in the dilute gas limit. The longitudinal force. Long-ranged potentials.

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  • The most practical table for use with low altitude observations. The speed of light. The absolute index of refraction of a substance. The computing astronomical refraction. F corrective factor for variation in air density. Refrection correction table.

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  • The results of experimental studies of the magnetooptical Kerr effect of thin-film systems based on Niand V. Dimensional and temperature dependencies of the Kerr effect are shown, as well change of MOKE-loop shape at different annealing temperatures.

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  • Model of nanostructured finishing and improving surface treatment of machine parts based on nonlinear dissipative oscillator, allowing to define the bifurcation parameters of frictional force and speed of loading of the material of the surface layer.

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