• Description of the method for solving the one-dimensional stationary Schrodinger equation. Fourier Transformation of the wave equation. The discrete energy levels. Analysis based on a quantum-well device. The functional dependence of the potential well.

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  • Calculation of main electrical value and determination of isolation distances. Determination of the mass of the active part of the magnetic circuit, building materials and oil. Description of the design of transformers. Calculation of the HV winding.

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  • Development of optimization method for wind power stations using integral assessment of the object and the method of dynamic programming. The stability of the system, the percentage capacity increase. To determine the optimal structure of a wind station.

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  • Разработка методики проведения p,p,T,x–измерений для гомогенных систем вода–спирт методом пьезометра постоянного объема. Построение диаграмм в различных сечениях термодинамической поверхности. Оценка изотермических изменений термодинамических функций.

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  • Опис механічного стану речовини за допомогою відомих величин тиску, температури і об'єму. Математичні критерії критичного стану речовини. Розвиток теорії з питань опису властивостей газів і рідин. Ізотерми ідеального газу в системі координат P-V-Т.

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  • Усилитель как элемент системы управления, предназначенный для усиления входного сигнала до уровня, достаточного для срабатывания исполнительного механизма, за счёт энергии вспомогательного источника. Oбoзнaчeниe бипoляpныx тpaнзиcтopoв нa cxeмax.

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  • A numerical technique has been used slove the carrier transport equations for PbSnTe photodiode configurations. The model computes the spatial distribution of the electric field, electron concentrations and the generation-recombination of the mechanism.

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  • The synergetic model of boundary friction - the system of equations for the stress, strain and temperature, describing the nontrivial behavior of the ultra thin lubricant film. The influence of shear modulus deformation defect on hysteresis phenomena.

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  • The effects of increase in photoconductivity in the macroporous silicon structures. Founding to achieve a maximum at the distance between macropores equal to the double thickness of the Shottky layer what corresponds to the experimental results.

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  • Features of the physical mechanism of hermetic sealing and storing the air cavity of large volume, based on using magnetic fluid. The use of a mechanism for creating devices of sampling and chemical analysis of gases in mines and chemical industry.

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  • Distribution of solid solution on phase diagram. Solid homogeneous feldspars. Term for albite exsolution lamellae in K-spar matrix. Examples of post-crystallization. Smoother boundaries from recrystallization. Replacement of one mineral by another.

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  • Conducting a preliminary determination of the propeller thrust and power coefficients depending on the predetermined relationship with the help of representative geometrical parameters of the blade at a certain radius. Evaluation of nonlinear influence.

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  • Rules of International Atomic Energy Agency. Present process model of nuclear facility safety management, its processes and programme for nuclear facility safety upgrading in a context of integral safety directed to existence, development of humans.

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  • Aristotle's view of physics. Consideration of Physics by Aristotle. Motion by Aristotle as the total change as the active transformation is possible in reality. Consideration of the key features of the thinking of Aristotle, list of presuppositions.

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  • Introduction to error correction and cryptography is unique in devoting several chapters to quantum cryptography and computing, thus providing a context in which ideas from mathematics and physics meet. By such topics as quantum factoring algorithm.

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  • A quantum mechanical system in different frames of reference. Linearly accelerated frame and equivalence principle. Rotating frame, coriolis and centrifugal forces. Evolution of a state vector in quantum mechanics as a kind of parallel transport.

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  • Characteristic features of lasers operating in continuous-wave or quasi-CW regimes generate a restricted output optical power, which is limited by a maximum available pump power. Analysis Raman spectrum measured for the graphene-deposited fibre ferrule.

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  • A system of Dirac equations describing the dynamics of quarks in the metric of atomic nuclei. Description of the binding energy of nucleons as a function of the quark content. Dependence of the binding energy of nucleons similar to electron shells.

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  • The study of rare events decays. Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. Measurements of radiation penguin rare decays. Features integrated luminosity measurement. Assessment of the level of radiation to the inner workings of the silicon tracker.

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  • The induction on a stationary cylindrical capacitor in the presence of a rotating magnet or solenoid is zero. In this investigation, based on the modified Lorentz force law, which complies with Galilean transformations and depends on relative velocities.

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