• A focused factory is a approach for manufacturing enterprise. The development of heuristic scheduling algorithm in step-by-step method. Nagare cell is a combination of manual and semiautomatic machine for maximum output flexibility for productions.

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  • In the article describes the current state of agent-based modeling of geographic space and spatial economic systems. It also reveals the reasons why this approach to modeling such phenomena is of particular interest. The review of approaches is given.

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  • Investigation of the phenomenon of asymmetry in the Iranian economy. The study of the effects of inflation on monetary policy. Using the model of autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity for describing of financial and macroeconomic time series.

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  • Рассмотрение особенностей информационного моделирования здания. Основные преимущества ВIM проектирования. Автоматизированная проверка модели на соответствие строительным нормам и правилам, правильности применения расценок и подсчетов объемов работ.

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  • Operationalization of the content of the economic security of hospitality entities and the formation of a compliance-strategizing model as a multi-level mechanism in the conditions of digitalization. Study of the essence of economic security of business.

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  • Study of the growth of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes from small clusters. Choice of interatomic potential as a key factor in molecular dynamics modeling. Fullerene assembly from graphite fragments. Structure evolution of reaction the materials.

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  • Banking system as one of the main parts of the economy. The credit rating which given by authorized agencies - the most popular and reliable instrument for measurement of banks’ financial stability. Modelling probabilities of the default separately.

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  • Building the continuous linear model of international trade based on the theory of probabilistic processes. Analysis of commodity-money flows between the parties to the Treaty under the given rules of the contractual relationship continuously in time.

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  • The econometric models of goods export from Ukraine and the import to Ukraine in general, their seasonal and trend components are considered. The forecast of investigated indices for III and IV quarters of 2013 is made based on these constructed models.

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  • Research a number of econometric models of the relationships between regional macroeconomic indicators of the labour market of Ukrainian economy. Evaluation of the developed models, the degree of influence factors, statistical analysis of the results.

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  • The analysis of modern approaches to forecasting of innovative development. The building of the predictive models in economic systems. The use of methodology of overcoming of temporal gap for calculating the extremum points of cycles of reproduction.

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  • Approach to the linear model of international trade based on the theory of Markov processes. Continuous model of international trade is built, in which the transition of the system from state to state is described by linear differential equations.

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  • Оцінка ефективності функціонування банківської системи на основі адаптованих математичних моделей та аналіз чутливості системи до впливу зовнішніх і внутрішніх змін. Математичні моделі оцінки й прогнозування рівня ефективності банківської системи.

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  • Discusses the possibility of modelling individual factors determining inflation, using intelligent technology based on decision tree and matrix convolution. Constructed of the simplified model of the "manufacturers demand to profitability level".

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  • The likelihood ratio test is a test used to compare the fit of two models, one of which is a special case of the other. The test is based on the likelihood ratio, which expresses how many times more likely the data are under one model than the other.

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  • The most effective model to evaluate the enterprise innovative capacity subject to an uncertainty factor is the model based on the fuzzy sets theory. The model has obvious advantages in comparison with the expert and statistical methods of evaluation.

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  • Policy countries in a situation of migration of skilled labour and opportunities for social optimum achievement. Development of a model showing the interaction between the countries in the game, where public policies impact on the socio-economic balance.

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  • Questions modeling wood figures. Construction of models under extreme conditions. Processes of heat transfer in extreme mode. Growth, heat and wave processes, diffusion. Normed spaces and lots of variety. Transformations generated by model numbers tree.

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  • The impact of futures indexes introduction on the volatility and market efficiency of the underlying assets. Investigation of the hedging of the futures. Relationship between the real estate U.S. futures index and American, European and Australian.

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  • Mathematical methods of the allocating resources: proportional and priority. Development a software product that allows adjusting the budget. Production and proper management. Modelling of information systems for managing the resource allocation.

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  • General comparison of signaling and econometric approaches, arguments for and against each of methods to predict a banking collapse. Econometric approach of banking crises' modelling. Fitting the prediction model for banking crisis 2008-2009 in Russia.

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  • Study of algorithms of processing of nonlinear signal. The definition of the Gaussian model of normal random variables. The distribution of order statistics. The absolute value of the deviation of the weighted median. A balanced set of calculations.

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  • Понятие полиномиально разрешимой задачи. Рассмотрение класса полиномиальных алгоритмов. Абстрактная модель вычислительной задачи. Операции объединения и пересечения языков. Проверка принадлежности языку и класс NP. Задача поиска гамильтонова цикла.

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  • Two kinds of delegation: partial and full delegation, in the context of both spillovers and product differentiation. Several trends of industrial organization are emphasized in this paper: strategic delegation, R&D spillovers and product differentiation

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  • Planar and spatial design diagrams and motion equations of the vehicle in the course of straight-line motion. the elastic and dissipative characteristics of elastic constraints, longitudinal slope and road profile, changes of design characteristics.

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  • Protocols for Rational Secret Sharing. Rational secret sharing, in the model of Halpern and Teague. Removing the Dealer. A protocol for completely fair secure function evaluation, in which all players receive output. General Secure Function Evaluation.

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  • Russia and the international trade system. Regulation of external economic activities. Foreign trade pattern. Volumes of Russian Foreign Trade with Countries Outside Former Soviet Union in Value Terms (without unorganized trade, in billions dollars).

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  • Description of the evolution of the volatility of the stochastic process. Behavior of stock market indices. Carry out an analysis of the "Wind Volatility Effect to the North-East". Evolution of the transformed logarithmic sinusoidal wave in time.

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  • Patterns and factors of strategic profiles of enterprises' innovation. The formation model and calculation of criteria of these strategic profiles to select the best option from a set of alternative states which a company might enter through management.

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  • Factor analysis is an analysis of influence of separate factors (reasons) on the resulting indicator by using deterministic or stochastic techniques of research. It allows you to explore the functional relationship between the general resulting indicator.

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