• Learn the basic requirements when choosing a printer: manufacturer, print speed and quality, comfort of use. Types of home printers, their advantages and disadvantages. The principle of operation of multi-function devices, inkjet and laser printers.

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  • Choosing a profession for a school leaver. Gender inequality, working Holidays and career prospects. Topic: "My future profession – programmer, economist, interpreter". Youth and unemployment. What the differences in career aspirations of boys and girls.

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  • Development of a customer-oriented model that allows benchmarking of container terminals. This model takes into account the consumer's preferences regarding the importance of certain attributes of a port. Typology of consumers based on their preferences.

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  • Christmas Day in United Kingdom, in United States, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand. How do the British celebrate Christmas. Program of Christmas carols in Trafalgar Square. Background and symbols. The Christmas Stocking and Santa Claus.

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  • The results of the study epidemiological indicators of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: prevalence, incidence. Defining the role of tobacco in increasing the incidence of 15.4%. A study of the mortality rate for diseases of the lungs in Ukraine.

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  • East Orthodox churches. Russian Orthodox Church. The purposes of antireligious campaign in Soviet Union. Some actions against Orthodox priests. Use of thousand churches and monasteries as the warehouses improving the centers, "atheism museums".

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  • The first people who showed the first movies to a paying public were the Lumiere Btothers of France. The Russian film industry was now going its own way. New era in films - the “talkies”. The possibilities of the cinema were considered to be unlimited.

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  • Age-related changes in blood pressure, in heart rate. The influence of school stress on the cardiovascular system students. Blood pressure in students in a state of relative calm. The change of parameters of the cardiovascular system in children.

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  • Consideration of the historical attractions that brought famous cities of Great Britain, Edinburgh, Swansea, Newport, Brighton, Windsor, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nottingham, York, Chester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle.

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  • Understanding of civic of education. Benefits and barriers of citizens Participation. Effective Teaching of Citizenship Education in Primary Schools in Ghana. Civic education and the mobilization of political participation in developing democracies.

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  • Analysis of the theoretical foundations of cleavages theory, its evolution and application. Characteristic of the civil protests in Ukraine in 2013-2014, its causes and consequences. Study of the cleavages theory on the edge and after the protests.

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  • Ways of forming words in the English language. The typology of structural and semantic formulas and patterns. Signs of productive, unproductive and unproductive language. The rules of the division of derivational affixes into suffixes and prefixes.

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  • Factors of high efficiency of the logging company. Classification of machine systems and technological processes, recommendations for their use in various production conditions by types of finished products, at the place of processing of the work object.

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  • Classification method of graphic and text area of the image. The principles and stages of construction of the narrative function characterizing the sizes of objects in the image, can be used for training and classification using support vector machines.

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  • Development of classification method, graphic and text area of the image. Building a narrative function that characterizes the size of objects in the picture. Consideration the classification of text and graphic regions on a fragment of document image.

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  • А technology for manufacturing composite materials - flocculants-coagulants on aluminum-silicon and iron-silicon base. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the developed flocculants-coagulants for cleaning of natural water and industrial wastewater.

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  • Rhythm, tension and intonation as main aspects of a pronunciation. Ways of improvement of quality of oral speech, prpavopisaniye and audition. Work with vowels and consonants. Concept of the center of the offer. Practical tasks on a spoken language.

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  • Concept and general characteristics of bronchitis, their classification and types of conditions. The structure of the bronchi and the reasons for their inflammation. Etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, approaches to its diagnosis and treatment.

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  • The problem of diseases of the peripheral nervous system is one of the leading in neurology. The spread of the disease among people of working age. Cases of temporary disability in the peripheral nervous system. The concept of posttraumatic neuropathy.

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  • The analysis of archival medical records of patients with treatment-resistant depression for the period from 1991 to 2010. Clinical and therapeutic indicators that allow establishing the patterns for pathomorphism of treatment resistant depression.

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