• CD-RW приводы стали популярны на компьютерном рынке, однако зачастую при покупке выбор основывается на цене или фирме-производителе, а не на познаниях покупателя о том, какой привод обеспечит наилучшее сочетание цены/производительности/особенностей.

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  • The moral lessons given us by Jesus. When is an Easter? Holiday's week - Eastertide. Passion Sunday or Care Sunday before Easter. According to custom Easter egg and Easter hare. Celebrating Easter in England. Hand painted eggs in Ukraine and Russia.

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  • Аналіз морфолого-біологічних особливостей та закономірностей поширення C. avium в регіоні Українських Карпат. Питання еколого-фітоценотичної приуроченості. Вплив вертикальної зональності на ріст і розвиток вегетативних та генеративних органів C. avium.

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  • The basic kinds of sources of the right are normative legal certificates {acts}, judicial precedents and legal customs. Law "About normative legal certificates {acts} of Byelorussia". The function of Parliament - legislative, control and administrative.

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  • Семейные отношения родителей. Виды консультативной психологической помощи семье. Психология развития личности родителей и ребенка. Стили взаимоотношений родителей и детей. Факторы, влияющие на формирование родительских установок и стилей воспитания.

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  • Численное моделирование пленочного охлаждения пластины с системой цилиндрических отверстий на входном цилиндрическом участке. Расчет эффективности пленочного охлаждения, возможность адаптации SST-модели турбулентности путем корректировки её констант.

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  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) - стандарт интерфейса (связи) внешней прикладной программы с информационным сервером типа HTTP, Web сервер. Передача данных об информационном запросе от сервера к шлюзу. Вывод информации шлюзом. Содержание запроса и ответа.

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  • Successes and failures in United Nations peacekeeping operations. A feature of preventing further conflicts and disputes between countries. Analysis of the protection of human rights and the environment by unification. The work of the club is privileged.

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  • Presents similarities and differences in strategies of behavior of Ukrainian female migrants in Poland and Turkey. Analysis and study of the data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Poland and Turkey on the migration of women from Ukraine.

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  • Changes and change management practicies. The research consists in studying Project Management Office roles and functions in change management activities held in the companies. Compare the Project Management Office roles and change management models.

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  • Literature Review and Methodology. Influence of the global economic crisis on Shipping Industry. Relations between marine transportation, trade and the finance. The strategies of shipping lines operators. Approach for market strategy of Precious Shipping.

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  • Changes in the system of erythropoiesis in the comorbid course of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and urolithiasis of oxalate genesis. Influence of iron deficiency anemia of moderate severity, anemia of a chronic disease or a combination thereof.

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  • The model of chaotic behavior nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. Energy potential of nucleons at a constant temperature in the range of parameters. Discrete model of the energy levels in nuclei.

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  • Discussion of the ideas of chaos theory, determination of the importance of nonlinearities in mathematical models. Chaos and order as two opposite terms. Models with chaotic characteristics. The application of the theory of chaos in the capital markets.

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  • Sound like the result of pressure changes in a medium, caused by turbulence. Maximum permissible industrial noise levels by Occupational Safety and Health Act. Schematic of airport runway showing approach, and sideline noise measurement stations.

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  • Characterize cultural and anthropogenic resources of Transcarpathia’s tourism, briefly review the most relevant factors and significant features of their development. The authors defining the goal by means of a primary research to examine demand trends.

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  • Manifestation of inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. The emergence of acute bronchitis during a cold or flu. Characteristics of the main symptoms of the disease. Analysis of the effects of pollution and tobacco smoke on chronic lung irritation.

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  • Indian philosophy as one of the foremost eastern traditions of abstract research. Carrying out intellectual debates and arguments between different views. Maintaining India's connection with Western civilization. The influence of religion on society.

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  • Analysis of the major tasks and audit principles. The peculiarity of the concept and classification of internal financial auditing. The main types of monetary control and units engaged in it. Control measures in the framework of the material test.

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  • An analysis of demand in the semiconductor industry, covering all three phases of materials: gases, liquids and solids. The study of the peculiarities of application for solids which includes a semiconductor substrate, metal, dielectric, an organic film.

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