Sabit Mukanov

Sabit Mukanov as the poet, novelist, playwright, literary critic and academician of the Kazakh SSR. His collection of poems and novels. "Botagoz" and "Syr-Darya" as famous Mukanov’s works. Membership in the Presidium of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

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Sabit Mukanov

Poet, novelist, playwright, literary critic, academician of the Kazakh SSR Sabit Mukanov was born in 1900 in fresh-Gorky region Kustanai region. Only after the Octobertion revolution Sabit Mukanov able to get an education.

In 1920, Sabit Mukanov joined the ranks of the Communist Party and wholeheartedly devoted himself to the Soviet and Party robate. It is case-lived detachment CHUN (part of the special purpose), took part in the suppression of the kulak uprising in Akmolinekoy province in 1921, worked as an instructor Provincial Committee of the Party.

In the years 1922-1926 Sabit Mukanov studying rabfak in tog-dashney stopitse Republic - Orenburg, then edits a series of Kazakh regional newspapers and republican literary magazine.

In 1930, Sabit Mukanov entered the literary department to the Institute of Red Professors in Moscow, after co-torogo aktizno involved in the literary life of the republic. He wrote poems, novels, short stories and plays, mainly on topics.

His literary career began with Sabit Mukanov AGI-sponsored sgihov. In "Duma", "Lament laborer", "Death Zhumash", written back in 1918-1920, the poet have voiced on behalf of the Kazakh poor, expressing its aspirations.

The first collection of poems Sabit Mukanov released in 1926. In subsequent years, he has published separate editions pozmy "laborer", "Orphan", "Brody", "Coal - kommunizld", "Valleys Alatau", "White Bear" and the novel in verse "Sulushash.

Since mid-twenties Sabit Mukanov started writing pro-zaicheskie works. For thirty years, along with a lot of stories and essays written by them such wonderful stories and novels, as "stray", "Temirtas", "My Mektebi", "For> gadochnoe flag" (later finalized and named "Botagoz"), "Baluan - Sholak "," Syr-Darya "," Steppe wave.

Novel Botagoz "(1940) is one of the outstanding works of the Kazakh Soviet literature. At its center - the fate of the girl "azashk.i, who came to the revolution. Based on the novel was subsequently placed film.

Novel "Syr-Darya, which was published in 1948, represents one of the great works of Kazakh literature the postwar years.

Sabit Mukanov as a playwright known for plays and opera librettos: "In the days of victory" (1939), the civil war in Казахстанеі1 "Songs of Victory" (1941) on the Great Patriotic War "Golden zerio" (1941)-libretto's workers on kolhoznogb aul, "Ciocan Valikhanov" - about the life and work of the outstanding Kazakh scientist and educator Chokan Valikhanov.

Since 1923, Sabit Mukanov engaged in journalism and literature *- ratursvedcheskoy work. Of the large number of articles written by him highlights the "Place of the Kazakh epic in the system ca-zahskoy literature", "On aytysah", "Abai Kazakh-classic of the literature", "Zhambyl - the national poet of Kazakhstan", "Saken, This-fullin", "Baimagambetov Ztulin". The most significant scientific and IP-investigative and literary criticism of the writer-volume are united in the collection "From the height of the height".

In the years 1955-1957 published by the Kazakh art of the literature published in the Kazakh language six-volume collection of selected works-tion Sabit Mukanov.

During the last decade, one after another went three books evtobiograficheskogo novel Sabit Mukanov "School of life-no", deyuschego broad picture of life in Kazakhstan in the first four-ty of our century. During this time, also published his book "On-pitch", chLegendy "and others, play" Saken Seifullin ". The writer is working on a big novel in three books on Chokane Valikhanov "flashed meteor".

In 1926 and 1952 Sabit Mukonav with short intervals led Writers Association of Kazakhstan. Now he is a member of the Presidium of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. S Moukanov - winner Republican Prize Abaya, deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR.

For services in the development of literature Sabit Mukanov awarded the Order of Lenin and the two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, the Kazakh writer's books have been translated into 46 languages.

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